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The Sims 3 Generations Game Guide

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Body Hair

In CAS, you can now choose to give those Male Sims some body hair. Sorry ladies, no hair for you! 😛

Torso: Upper Chest & Stomach

Back: Upper Back, Lower Back & Full Back

Arms: Hands to Elbow Crease.

Legs: Thighs, Calves, Feet

The colors for all these different sections cannot be different. They will all be the same color you choose the body hair to be.

Male Sims with body hair can also visit their local Day Spa and Get the body hair waxed to remove it completely.





1) Nurturing – Available from Young Adults through Elders


2) Rebelious – Available for Children through Elders




Generations does not come with a new “neighborhood” ,but the game does include 9 Residential Lots & a new Community Lot known as “Romper Recreation Playground” Below you can find all 10 of these lots including their lot sizes.


lots10 lots9 lots8 lots7 lots6 lots5 lots4 lots3 lots2


To place the Community Park, select the location you want on the map, change it to a community lot (if it isn’t already) and select the lot type > “Big Park”




Generations includes the Day Care career. You sims can now run a day care from their home to earn a living.  Taking care of the neighbor’s toddlers & children is just a computer click away. You can also check the newspaper. This is a job done right in the comfort of your own home.


From your computer select “Jobs and Professions” and “Choose a profession”.  You will begin your career as an Amateur Babysitter.  Sims with the Nurturing Trait will have a better understanding when it comes to dealing with the ups and downs of childhood – and of course  – those rebellious kids!  The Day Care career has 5 levels, and with each promotion comes more responsibility and social options.

For the duration of your career, you will need to be flexible when it comes to handling emergency calls from your clients as well.  They may need a weekend favor, or a late pickup.  Make sure your sim is in a good mood and up to par! These are long days!

Your responsibilities are to take care of children everyday which you will have to befriend. Children will have to be kept well fed, clean, taken care of, and kids in school will have to get their homework done.  Make sure to keep children happy at all times.


The children who become your responsibility for the day will have many needs. Hover over the child and a small info box will pop up with how they are feeling and what they need/want.  The children are not selectable, so you will use those info boxes to fulfill their needs.   You will need to decide what you will need to do to make them happy.  Their moods vary by the minute!

Toddlers may also need to be potty trained, taught to walk, or taught to speak. This is also something you can do to make the parents much happier since they are so busy at work, they hardly have time to take care of those special needs.  Parents may also ask you to make sure their kids finish their homework after school, and perhaps teach them a few manners.  Rebellious kids may even want to “Talk about Problems” with you and help them get through those crazy times.

Make sure you make the children happy, or the parents will scold you and threaten to call social services, resulting in a revocation of your Day Care licence or a loss of clients!  If your DayCare licence is revoked, you will need to attend a “Penalty Class” at City Hall.  At the end of each day you will receive a report on how well (or terrible) you have done with your client’s kids. There are 5 levels to this career, once you become a Day Care Specialist, you are at the top of the career.



Amateur Babysitter (Level 1):

Stipend: $100/week

Work Days: M-Th

Hours: 9am-7pm

Number of Kids: 2 Toddlers


This is level one of your Day Care Career.  Crying babies and erratic moods are not for everyone. Amateurs may think a bit of tender love will do the trick, but your sim better be quick on their toes in order to take care of two kids at once.  Your sim will also receive a special uniform for the job.

Dar Care Uniform Level 1


Cool Care Giver (Level 2):

Stipend: $200/week

Work Days: M-Th

Hours: 9am-7pm

Number of Kids: 3 Toddlers

This is level two of your Day Care Career. Caring for kids will take a bit of finesse. You will need to be more alert and on top of your care taking work now that the word is getting around. This time around another family wants you to take care of their toddler, for a total of 3 kids.   Your sim will also receive yet another special uniform for the job.

Day Care Uniform Level 2


Day-Care Dynamo (Level 3)

Stipend: $300/week

Work Days: M-Th

Hours: 9am-7pm

Number of Kids: 4 Toddlers

New Social Interaction: “Tell Tale”

This is level three of your Day Care Career. Business is bustling, and even a multi-tasker wouldn’t be prepared for this profession. If you have not done so already, make sure to pick up some more toys and activities for the kids. Teaching toddlers skills (potty, walking, talking) are all something you should really start doing now.  Parents may even call and ask you to take care of their children while they are away for the weekend. Parents may even give you gifts for doing a great job!  This time around another family wants you to take care of their toddler, for a total of 4 kids.  Your sim will also receive yet another special uniform for the job.


Day Care Uniform Level 3

Good Guardian (Level 4):

Stipend: $400/week

Work Days: M-Th

Hours: 9am-7pm

Number of Kids: 5 Children

New Social Interaction: “Go Play”

This is level four of your Day Care Career. You survived a few toddlers, but are you ready to take on the children after school too?  You will have to lay the smack down on homework completion, and employ some strict caretaking with after school children.  Get ready to start working weekends!  This time around another family wants you to take care of their children, for a total of 5 kids.   Your sim will also receive yet another special uniform for the job.

Day Care Uniform Level 4


Day Care Specialist (Level 5):

Stipend: $500/week

Work Days: M-Th

Hours: 9am-7pm

Number of Kids: 6 Children

New Social Interactions: “Admonish Child” &  “Joys of Children”

Reward:  Day Care Van

This is the final level of your Day Care Career.  Are you prepared to give up some of your daily life pleasures? Being a care taker of this caliber might forfeit schedule flexibility, but the end result is certainly rewarding. You will now work weekends, take care of more children after school and even deal with the occasional problematic children.  This time around another family wants you to take care of their children, for a total of 6 kids.   Your sim will also receive yet another special uniform for the job.




Lifetime Rewards

Generations offers 9  new LifeTime Rewards and they all have great benefits!  The game has also added a great filter function, which makes it much easier for you to sort through all the new rewards.


The 9 available LifeTime Rewards available are as follows:

(Pending Image) Clean Slate – 25,000

Allows  you to start over in the world of Romance. No more reputation, no more hurt feelings.  Any reputation your Sim may have had during his/her lifetime, will be completely cleared.  No one will ever remember how good or bad a Sim’s reputation was.

(Pending Image) Above Reproach – 35,000

Any public displays of affection will go unnoticed by Sims around town.  If your Sim is a cheater or player, Sims in the town are less likely to take notice.

Age Freeze Potion – 65,000

The Purchaser of the reward, receives an Age Freeze Potion.  Drinking this potion automatically stops the Sim’s biological clock, preventing further aging.  You can always use a birthday cake to age them up if you decide to in the future.



Inheritance – 30,000

Purchase this reward to receive a handsome inheritance from a long, lost relative. The purchasing of this reward and the relative’s demise, are completely coincidental. The amount of money you inherit varies.


Hover Bed – 20,000

Ground bound beds are a thing of the past.  Purchase this reward to receive the state of the art in hovering slumber satisfaction.  This bed floats off the ground and gives a Sim an enhancement (+) in their mood status.


Motive Mobile – 45,000

Instead of taking a Taxi to get around, your Sim will be picked up and transported by the Motive Mobile.  The Motive Mobile is a state of the art vehicle designed to get your Sim from point A to point B without sacrificing comfort, hygiene or other needs your Sim has.  When your Sim drives this vehicle their needs will be refill to full and they will stay full for the duration of the drive. When they are in this vehicle, they have no motives to be fulfilled.



Super Nanny – 25,000

Day Care takers will have the voice of reason to toddlers and children.  Kids will be less likely to disobey and be easier to keep happy.


Young Again Potion – 70,000

The purchaser of this reward receives a “Young Again” potion.  Drinking this potion allows a Young Adult, Adult or Elder to return to the beginning of Young Adulthood.  This potion can also be created by discovering potions on the chemistry set. Adults with Midlife Crisis can also use this potion to go back in time (before crisis) and correct mistakes, or make things right.


Clone Voucher – 45,000

The purchaser of this reward receives a Clone Voucher.  Redeem it at the Science Facility to have a Child-Aged clone of your Sim join the household.  You cannot purchase this reward if the house in full.  (8 Sims)  When you go to the Science Facility, you will be given the choice to name your Clone.  Gender is based on the Sim who is redeeming the voucher.  The clone immediately becomes a child of the family. (Daughter, Son, Brother, Sister, Grandchild etc)



Chemistry Set


Generations includes the all new Chemistry Set.  There is no skill associated with this, but it does increase your Sim’s Logic skill.  If your Sim already has a full Logic skill, they can begin discovering potions without worrying about getting singed because of a low logic skill.  Once your Sim knows how to make a specific potion, they can always return to the Chemistry Set and create multiples of that potion.

Children through Elders can use the Chemistry Set to create a variety of potions.  You can give potions as Gifts, Mix them into a drink to consume out of a glass, or drink the potion directly from the beaker.  Sims are able to create and use 10 Different potions.


Mood Enhancer – (Level 1)

This Potion improves a Sim’s mood. (+10) Moodlet that lasts for 3 hours.


Stink Juice – (Level 2)

Stick Juice can be used to Pull Pranks on other Sims.  Set down the stick Juice and release fumes to make Sims around you throw up.  Only Teens can pull pranks with this Potion.  Sims who smell this potion will throw up and  receive a “Disgusted (-5) Moodlet that lasts                          about 10 minutes.



Liquid Horror – (Level 3)

The Sim who drinks this potion will be left horrified & scared. The Sims will have a “Horrified”  (-35) Moodlet that lasts 8hrs.


Radical Reparum – (Level 4)

Sims who drink this potion will automatically be able to repair anything that needs repair.  Teens through Elders can drink this potion.  The potion gives an “Instant Handiness”     (+/- 0) Moodlet that lasts one hour.


Bladder Flow – (Level 5)

Sims who drink this potion will notice that they will have to use the washroom…sooner rather than later!  This potion fills and empty bladder and gives a “Has to Pee” (+/- 0) Moodlet, that lasts 15 hours.



Sleeping Elixir – (Level 6)

Sims who drink this potion will be able to sleep like a rock! Nothing will wake even the lightest of sleepers with this potion.  This potion gives a “Turbo Sleep” (+/- 0) Moodlet that lasts for 8 hours.


Ghost Potion – (Level 7)

Sims who drink this potion will have all the benefits of being dead, without the permanence of death.  This potion give a “Temporarily UnDead” (+/- 0) Moodlet, that lasts for 3 hours.  When adults use this potion and “Try for a Baby”, there is a chance that they can conceive a                       ghost child during the duration of their ghostly change.


Imaginary Friend Metamorphium – (Level 8 )

This potion turns Imaginary Friends, into real Sims that can interact with everyone, and can be seen by all.  The owner of the Imaginary Friend does not necessarily have to make the potion.  They can use potions that are gifted to them, or moved to their inventory from                              another Sim.



Ninja Vanish – (Level 9)

Sims 3 choose to drink this potion, can automatically be teleported home.  Whether you’re a teen who needs to leave the scene of a prank, or just want to get home quicker from the park.  Drink this potion and BAM! you’re home.


Young Again – (Level 10)

Sims who this potion return to the beginning of Young Adulthood.  This potion can only be used by a Young Adult, Adult or Elder.  Adults with Midlife Crisis can also use this potion to go back in time (before their crisis) and correct mistakes, or make things right.


Imaginary Friend


Generations, bring in a new “Lifestate/Creature” known as the Imaginary Friend.  Imaginary friends are dolls that are given to your Sim’s infant after birth by a suspicious distant relative. Not every child will get one of these cuddly creatures, so don’t be disappointed if one of your children do not receive one.


(Note that if you make a Toddler in CAS, there is a chance they will receive one as well in their inventory when you move them into a house and start your initial gameplay)

Below is a similar message you will receive when you have a newborn in the family.  Just go to the mailbox and get the mail, and this doll will automatically be in your Infant’s inventory.  These cuddly friends come in a variety of colors.

Imaginary friend’s are quite useless until your children become toddlers.  They just sit in the crib and do nothing. 😛  Once your infant has turned into a toddler, you can go ahead and choose for your toddler to spend lots of time with the doll, so they start building a relationship.  You can change the gender of the doll by selecting it and choosing to “Give new name > Give Boy/Girl’s name”.  This will allow you to change the gender of the imaginary doll before it becomes a real imaginary friend.


Keep a high relationship with this doll during toddler years, and when it comes time for your toddler to age up, the doll will transform into a breathing living friend. One that only they can see of course! To do this, make sure they have a high relationship and you will receive notification to bring out the doll to play.  You will then see a transformation.

During your childhood years, you can grow an even better relationship with your Imaginary Friend and even have it help you around the house to clean, or even sneak a snack for ya!  Children can do anything with their Imaginary Friend that they can do with family and friends.  The interactions are endless.

Imaginary Friends grow as your Sim does.  You can choose to have them grow with you and stay invisible to others until death, or have a chance to turn them into a real Sim that everyone can interact with. Try explaining that to mom and dad! 😛


When a Sim ages into an Elder and eventually dies (or anytime before that) the imaginary friend will turn back into it’s original state – the doll.  It will stay in the house, for use to the next child that comes along and wants to play.

Turning an imaginary friend is easy and can be done at any age.  You can use the “Imaginary Friend Metamorphium – (Level 8 )” from the Chemistry Set, or your Sim has the chance of receiving an Opportunity to change them at the Science Lab.  You will need a Rainbow Gem to complete the opportunity.  IF’s brought to life have a new option when walking called “The Strut”

Once your Sim turns their Imaginary friend into a real Sim, they can then begin to have a romantic relationship and even get married!. (YA-Elders only)


When an Imaginary friend becomes a real Sim, they have an option to turn into toy form.  They still stay a real sim, but it’s like a “dress up” back into toy form.  While your Imaginary friend and regular Sim are in a romantic relationship, they are also able to try for a baby. (Imaginary friend must be in real Sim form)  One they try for a baby, there is a chance that the offspring looks like the imaginary friend Sim.

Every child is entitled to an Imaginary Doll to play with, and that doesn’t exclude imaginary friend babies. 😉 Your Imaginary friend babies can grow a relationship with their own doll, and with the option of turning back into toy form…you can have two imaginary friends! – in toy form of course. They can even be their own toy form even as adults.  Imagine having a house full of em!

Imaginary Friends turned real, will pass on just like any other Sim.  If they are in their toy form when they pass, they will be a toy form ghost.  Imaginary friend Sims if toy form can die in any manner just like every other Sim. They can also be brought back as controllable ghosts/toys from the science lab.



Gnome Families

Generations has also brought the ability for your Mysterious Gnomes to have families of their own! You can find mysterious gnomes by fishing, or even using the buydebug cheat to grab them from buy mode. Leave two of these Mysterious Gnomes near a wedding or in the house, and you will see some magic little additions appear!  Each of the different gnome age ranges has new poses and appearances, and they each prefer to appear near different objects that are suitable to them.

Toddler Gnome – Gnomes are already small, but these magical toddlers are tiny!

Child Gnome – These playful little gnomes are just a little bigger than toddlers.

Teen Gnome – These teenaged gnomes have the look of youth and rebellious teen spirit!

Elder Gnome – Gnomes past their primes, but still just as magical.

Gnome Statue – Gnomes who past their elder stages will pass away and turn into stone.


Boarding Schools


Generations has brought the ability for parents to send their children and teens to boarding schools. Although it may not make every parents happy to see their children go away, there are some great benefits for kids who attend boarding schools.  Teens will also occasionally come home to visit for the weekend, or to attend their Prom.  To enroll a child/teen in boarding school, simply use a computer or telephone.

For those of you who will miss your kids, no need to worry, they are a phone call away.  Your kids will also periodically call you to update you about what is going on and what they have learned. At any time you can use the telephone or computer and bring your child back home from boarding school.  Sometimes the school may even call you to tell you your child wants to leave, and you have the option of letting them come home, staying in school.


When you decide to enroll your child in a boarding school, you have have a wide selection to choose from, with each school helping your children learn new skills while they are away. Some skills available from these schools are also skills that may have not been taught to your kid as a toddler.

Children who grow into Teens in boarding schools will also gain new traits.  If you decide you want them to spend even their teen years in boarding school, you will have to re-enroll them once they are teens.

Every Student who attends any of the boarding schools will have a special graduation robe.

♣ Please note skills & levels may vary in your game from mine. I had them in these schools for over 3 Sim weeks. These are just some of the many skills to be learned per school.



Smuggsworth Prep School – §1,600

Skills: Writing, Chess, Charisma, Logic

– Interactions –

Dribbledine Sport Academy – §1,200

Skills: Blocks, Trampoline, Fooseball, Athletic, Handiness

-Interactions –

Le Fromage Art School – §1,200

Skills: Drawing, Club Dancing, Photography, Painting, Guitar

-Interactions –

♦ School of Art & Peace – §800

Skills: Cooking, Nectar Making, Inventing, Gardening

-Interactions: Throw “Peace” Sign”

Fort Starch Military School – §800

Skills: Homework, Logic, Martial Arts, Marching, Athletic

-Interactions: Salute”



Public Schools/Activities/Field Trips

Public Schools

Besides sending your kids off to Boarding Schools, you can also keep them close to you,  in their neighborhood public school.  Going to public school has it’s benefits for children and teens.  Children and Teens will now be able to go on Field Trips with their classmates and even sign up for after school activities to strengthen their skills and give them a head start in life.  Another great benefit for your rebellious Teens, is they can now pull a number of Pranks in their public school.

After School Activities



Generations now allows Children to sign up for After School Activities.  Children of both genders can sign up for two after school activities.  Children can sign up from a computer or their School.  Children have 2 choices for after school activities. There are special ceremonies to attend as well.



This class will focus on teaching acrobatic and elegant moves of Ballet Dance.  Soon enough a child will be able to show off their moves in their fashionable Tutu. They will also have special opportunities related to this activity they they can perform after school, in which they will also receive rewards and gifts for doing so.  Children will also have new “skills” to show off.


Level 1 – Show off Plie

Level 2 – Show off Pirouette

Level 3 – Show off Echappe



In this activity a child will focus on sharpening physical and mental developments through the art of scouting. Children will get a head start on their Fishing and Gardening skills.  They will have special opportunities related to this activity they they can perform after school, in which they will also receive rewards and gifts for doing so.  Children will also have new “skills” to show off.

Level 1 – Show off  Badges

Level 2 – Show off Salute

Level 3 – Show off Tie a Knot



Teens of both genders will be able to sign up for a wide variety of different after school activities.  They can choose as many as they want, as long as they do not conflict with a different activity after school.  Teens have  8 choices of after school activities, with plenty of skills to learn.

Teens who stick to their after school activities will also be invited to a trophy ceremony at their school a few days before Prom and Graduation.  The entire family will be invited to celebrate your Teens’ achievements.


Music Club

Teens enrolled in the Music club will learn to use various instruments and tune in sounds.


Sports Club

Teens enrolled in the Sports Club will boost their athletic skill by playing their favorite sports.


Debate Club

Teens enrolled in the Debate Club will be able to go at it with their fellow classmates and debate many topics, all while increasing their logic skill.


Drama Club

Teens enrolled in the Drama Club will strengthen their vocal cords and venture into the depths of acting.  Before they know it, they’ll be amazed at their growing charisma.


Art club

Teens enrolled in Art Club, will get a head start of drawing and painting.  Teens can express their creativity and will occasionally bring home a painting.


Study Club

Teens enrolled in the Study Club will be tutored after school on various academic subjects.  The longer your teen in enrolled in Study Club, the faster they will complete their homework.


Shop Club

Teens enrolled in Shop club will be using their hands to carve and chisel away wood pieces.  Your handiness & Sculpting skill is bound to rise in this club.


Newspaper Club

Teens enrolled in the Newspaper Club will be writing all the juicy tidbits from around school.  It is a great opportunity to sharpen those writing & photography skills.


Field Trips


Children & Teens can now attend school field trips.  On average there is one field trip a week (sometimes more) where your kids will explore different places around town. Parents will have to agree and sign a permission slip to allow their children to go. (pop up box notification) If you have more than one child/teen in the household, they may all be attending the same field trip on the same day. Children and Teens will be excused from any after school activities that interfere with the field trips.

While Children and Teens are on Field Trips you will see small notifications at the top of your screen letting your know what is going on.  Sometime your teens may be a bit rebellious and decide to stand up in the bus, and be told by their teacher to sit down.  They may also visit the local Bistro and pick up a knife, which the teacher will tell them to put down. Depending on your kids, they may not like all their field trips. After the field trip, a notification will let you know if your kids did enjoy the time they spent.

When your kids go on field trips, they may even return with some goodies! A few examples of these special goodies are The Molecular Model from a field trip to the Science Lab, or a Dressing Room Mirror from a field trip to the theater. There are many more goodies to be collected from other field trip locations around town.



Learning to Drive – Teens

Teens who want to get a bit ahead in their skills, can now ask their parents to teach them how to drive.  As a parent, you also have the option on offering to teach your Teenager to drive as well.  Learning to drive is a skill of 3 levels, and has it’s benefits of course.

It takes about 4 (sim) hours to learn to drive.  Do it all in one day, or within the span of a week.  Once your teen learns to drive, they will no longer need adult supervision to drive, and will receive their Driver’s Certificate.  For the driving lesson, you can use any vehicle to teach. Remember, teens cannot drive until they have their Certificate.



Prom & Teen Parties




Teens will now have the opportunity to attend a formal dance known as Prom.  About 3-4 days before their High School years are over, they will receive a notification letting them know that a formal dance is coming up.  When your Teen receives this invite, they can decide to ask another teen to go as a date, or just go stag.  Your Sim may also be asked to go on a date to Prom by someone else.   Either way, your Sim will have a great time!

On the day of the big event, a beautiful Limousine will come to pick up your Sim and his/her date. If your Teen has asked someone to go with them as a date, their date will arrive at the house, a few minutes before pick-up time.  The teens will then be driven in style to their neighborhood school.

Once your Teen arrives to their school, they will immediately enter the school.  During this time your Sims will interact with their date and other students.  You will periodically see small pop up notifications, letting you know what is going on inside.  These range from how cool the photo backdrop looked to someone asking them to go steady!  Depending on your teen and if they have a date, will depend on what happens inside Prom.

Prom bring along some great benefits.  Your teen may become Prom King or Prom Queen! Everyone in school will be amazed and envious of your teen of course. 😉  Not all Teens make it, so if your teen does, you should be very happy.

Every Teen will have their photo taken, whether it be stag, or with their date. (and yes it’s really them in the photos!) 😛 You will find the photo and the Prom Crown in their inventory, which you can then take out to display.  Your teens will received great moodlets for a great Prom night.


Teen Parties

Teens can now have their very own Teen parties.  This option is only available when parents are away. Parents (and all adults in the household) will receive a “Free Vacation” which you can choose to accept or decline.  When accepted, Teens and children will be left at home alone.  Perfect time for Teens to get a bit naughty!


While parents are away for two days, Teens will then have an option in their Phone to throw a Teen Party.  They can invite all their friends over for a great time.  Teens will be rowdy and get crazy at times, and may even ruin the house, leaving it dirty or breaking items.  After a rough party or hang out with friends, teens will “Pass out on floor”  a new option available during these parties.

Make sure your teens are not causing too much trouble, or the neighbors may call the police on them. The adults will not be happy when they come home and find out their teens were irresponsible and have left the house a mess. Teens who are caught throwing an irresponsible teen party and damaging the house, will be punished.  Teens will get a 2 hour warning to clean up and tidy the house before the adults come back.



Whether Teens are coming home from Boarding School, or graduating from their local neighborhood school, your children get the chance to graduate in style.

Teens who graduate from public school will attend a special ceremony at their local school to honor their transition to adulthood. Teens who graduate from boarding schools will have special Graduation gowns to reflect the school they went to and they will graduate at City Hall.

Parents, siblings and more relatives can give graduation gifts to those recently Graduated.  Those gifts come from the Sim’s inventory.


Pranks & Punishment

Generations brings in a whole new world of Pranks for Sim kids to enjoy pulling on their family & friends, but with those naughty habits comes punishment for Kids who are caught!



Pranks – Children

Young Children now have many options to pull pranks around the house.  They can set pranks in the house for a specific person, or just set a prank for the unfortunate Sim who uses the pranked item next. Children can set the following pranks.

♦ Shower Dye

♦ Spraying Sink

♦ Overflowing Toilet

♦ Scary Computer

♦ Whoopee Cushion

Pranks – Teens

Teens have even more options to pull pranks around the house & at their school.  Pulling pranks around the house, may not be enough for a teen.  Sometimes they may want to ruin Prom, or just go to their school and make sure someone’s day is miserable!  Teens can pull pranks at school by selecting the school via map view, and choosing a prank.  Make sure you teens do not get caught out after curfew, or they may get caught by the cops! Teens are allowed to pull the following pranks.

♦ Shower Dye

♦ Spraying Sink

♦ Overflowing Toilet

♦ Scary Computer

♦ Whoopee Cushion

♦ Ding Dong Ditch

♦ Egging a House

♦ Leave a Flaming bad of Poo on a doorstep.

School Pranks

♦ Flood the School

♦ Toilet Papper the Principle’s Office

♦ Steal Tests

♦ Deface Mascot

♦ Release Frogs in Science Lab



Along with pulling pranks, comes consequence. When kids are caught in the act of a setting a pranks, or teens are caught out after curfew pranking the school, you bet their parents will not be happy!  Generations introduces a punishment system, that could make your kids miserable!

The first time your kid is caught setting a prank, their parents will be upset with them and may even take away privileges.  Adults have the option to “Let off The Hook” and children have an option to “Beg for Forgiveness” to free of their punishment.

♦ First offense, punished and you can easily get off the hook by doing a few chores around the house.

♦ Second offense, punished and will have your favorite toy, the TV or computer taken away from you.

♦ Third’s a strike! The 3rd time your Sim angers the adults, they will be grounded and not allowed to leave the house! This is bad for a Teen who has Prom coming up!

The order of punishment depends on the mood of your parents, and also on what type of prank you pulled.  Stealing tests at school is not going to get you by with a slap on the hand.

Teens who are grounded may want to “Sneak Out” of the house, but make sure you do not get caught! Parents who see their kids trying to sneak out will get caught and punishment is never easy.

Teens who choose to sneak out, may or may not be successful. If they are successful, they better make sure to be careful sneaking back in!  Begging for forgiveness won’t get them out of that one!



Snubbing is  a new interaction introduced with Generations.  This is an interaction between Teens. When someone is being snubbed, they get a negative moodlet (“being ignored”), and the sim who is snubbing them, will ignore them.  You will also see a few hand gestures that suggest the other sim shut it. 😛

If your parents catch you snubbing your siblings, watch out they will get mad and may even punish you!

Thanks to @WickedxRose on Twitter for this info!


Children’s Activities

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts have now been introduced in Generations.  These are not your “normal” scavenger hunts, but rather opportunities for children to gather collectibles from around the town, and turn them in for some extra simoleons. (You can look at this as a way for children to bring in some cash to the household since they cannot work) 😛

There are a wide variety of scavenger hunts, and the only way to “participate” in one, is to accept a special opportunity.  Depending on the type of scavenger hunt, depends on what your Children will be looking for.  Scavenger hunts are held by the school or the science lab.  Types of Scavenger Hunts include, but are not limited to:


♦ Scavenger Hunt:  Rare Elements

♦ Scavenger Hunt: Beetle Quest

♦ Scavenger Hunt:  Precious Materials


When you accept an opportunity, your child will be given  a list of items to be collected and turn in.  During the opportunity, select Map Mode and everything your child needs to find will be available.  It’s almost too easy to complete these opportunities. 😛  Once your child has collected everything they need for said opportunity, they turn them in and are rewarded with Simoleons.

**Please Note there are plenty more than the one’s I have listed, and I will update as I am offered new Opportunities.

SandBoxes & Sand Terrain

Sandboxes (Pits) have been introduced in Generations as a new way for children to play and have some fun.  Children can play in any of the new sandboxes offered in the game.

Besides playing in a SandBox, Children also have an option to play on the beach and on any type of Sand Terrain available via build mode.  The only differences between playing in a SandBox & on Sand Terrain, is that you cannot Bury anything and do not have a choice of which sandcastle your child can build.

In a Sandbox or on Sand Terrain, your children will always have the option to “Destroy” theirs or another child’s Sandcastle.

Sandcastles are made because your child learns the “SandBox” skill.  Sandbox is a hidden skill that your child will learn the longer they play.  No need to worry however, you child will learn the hidden skill quickly.  The types & levels are as follows.

♦ Best Budies –  Levels 1  – 4

♦ Sand Man – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Pail Presidio – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Starfish – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Outpost  – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Octopus – Levels 2 -4

♦ Whale – Levels 2 – 4

♦ Castle – Levels 3 – 4

♦ Freezer Sand Bunny – Level 4

♦ Fancy Castle – Level 4

Besides building sandcastles, your children can also “Bury (insert object in inventory)” into a sandbox/pit.  When they do this, you will see notifications after they have done so.  One of the messages you may receive will be about creating a treasure map. I cannot be 100% sure of this, but I believe it is just a random notification.  I have tried for a long while to find a way to make a treasure map, and I have not found a way. I do know that as your children play, they will discover “treasure” and dig it out of the sandbox.

Preside Over Royal Court

Another fun activity for your children is the new “Preside Over royal Court” option.  Quite simple, just click on a dining chair and watch the magic happen.  Make sure to have a few members of your household sit and watch the show as well!  You will even notice other Sims bowing to you! 😛  You children will also receive a “King/Queen of The Day” moodlet with a mood boost.

Submarine Adventure

You will now notice when a child goes to take a bath in a tub, they will now have the option to “Go one a Submarine Adventure” Not much, but hey it’s something! 😛  They will also receive a mood boost moodlet when complete.

Slide Down Spiral Stairs

Along with Spiral Staircases comes a new feature.  “Slide Down” the staircase.  This option is available for Sims of all ages.  Children are always able to slide down, but only Sims with the Childish trait from Teen-Elder can slide down.

Bed Time Stories

A Child can now ask a parent (or adult) to read them a bed time story.  a Parent can also offer a child to read them a bed time story.  In order to complete these actions, the adult must have children’s books in their inventory. You can buy some at your local bookstore.  This action will become available when it becomes “night time” and your child has low energy.

Joy Ride

Children can now go for small “Joy Rides” where they imitate Driving a Car.  To experience this activity, simply select a couch or love seat.

Play With Video Camera

Although Children cannot actually record video footage, they can act as if they are.  (This feature could have gone a long way in my opinion, but ah well)

Costume Chest

One of the more popular features for children in Generations, is the Costume Chest.  The costume chest allows children to dress up in a variety of outfits (no matter the gender) and act out their part.   Children can also ask other children to play pretend with them as well by clicking on them.

With each costume comes special interactions & different colors of each costume.  When clicking on the ground, a child can “GO AS”  the type of pretend they dress as.

Tyrannosaurus Rex




Tree Houses

The Sims 3 Generations introduces Tree Houses to the game.  Children now have the chance to Play and act out new pretend ways in 3 new Tree Houses.  Sorry, no Teens or Adults allowed inside for playtime.   Each Tree House brings a new way for children to play and the imagination can run wild.  They can invite other children up for some fun, or partake in a private fun time up in the Tree House by themselves.   Each Tree House comes complete with a Special Interaction – Sound Effects Included 😛

Kid’s Clubhouse

Special InteractionFight Pirate Invaders

Special FeatureSlide

Sci-Fi  Hideaway

Special Interaction – Explore New Worlds


The Princess & The Pauper Castle

Special Interaction – Hold Great Feast

Besides having pretend feasts in intergalactic worlds with Pirates, Children can just “play” in these Tree Houses as they would on any playground.  Have one child go up and specify who is allowed in the Tree House, or just let everyone in.  Girls can put up “No Boys Allowed” and visa versa.  Other children may be outside, asking you to be invited up.  Let’s say you don’t want them to, trick them and dump some water on them!

Slumber Parties

Children & Teens can now throw a brand new party at home – The Slumber Party.  Simply have your Children (or teens) use the telephone and “Throw Party”  Select the “Slumber” Type, and of course the attire is by default is Pajamas.  Once your guests arrive – in their fashionable Pajamas – the party begins!

There are not any “special” activities other than the usual.  Have fun, play with costumes, slip & slide outside, play in a Treehouse.  Whatever it is they do, make sure it’s worth the party time.  Come Midnight, it’s time for bed, and everyone sleeps in their own sleeping bag.


Romantic Dates,Interactions & Reputations

Romantic Interactions & Dates

Generations now offers the ability for your Sims to snuggle up at home, or even head out to town for a dinner date.  Generations has also brought a few new Romantic Options to choose when trying to impress a romantic interest.

Sims can now give Flowers to another Sim, as a way to show affection and love for one another.  Sims have a choice of 5 Flower Options, all costing §40.  The receiver of flowers will have the flowers in their inventory, and can easily place them on a surface for decor.

♦ Friendly Yellow

♦ Romantic Red

♦ Pure White

♦ Precious Pink

♦ Perfect Purple

Another Romantic interaction between Sims, is the all new “Ask to Watch Stars”.  Sims have this Romantic option when nightfall breaks, and they will sit on the ground outside, taking a look at the night stars.  Unfortunately there are no options when watching the stars.  Sims will just sit close together, whispering in eachother’s ears and pointing at the sky.

The more a couple of  lovebird’s hang out, the more they will want to hang with their romantic interest.  Dating is now an option for Sims who want to take their dates out for a night on the town, or something less extravagant, like visiting the local theater for a movie.  Sims can now go on Dates all over town!  Once your Sim asks another Sim on a date, click and choose any location around town.  (Bars, Theater, Bistro etc)

Sims who have great dates, may even want to have a go at yet another great time! Who knows, you may even be proposed to! On the other hand, if your date doesn’t go well, they may never want to see you again! 😛


Romantic Reputations

Generations has brought in the ability for your Faithful or Cheating Sims, to gain a Romantic Reputations.  Romantic reputations can be anything from a faithful Lover to a sleezy Slimeball cheater, it all depends how good or bad your Sim really is! You can check your Sims Reputation by visiting their Scrapbook.  Their scrapbook will also tell you how many relationships they have had, how many betrayals etc.

Sims who decide they want to stick to just one Romantic Interest and dedicate their entire life to that one special someone, will receive a “Faithful” Reputation.  Nothing can be better than that!

Sims will get a variety of different “titles” as they continue to creep with many Sims.  Reputations are as follows.

*Please note the experience in my game may differ from yours. If any info can be added or corrected, please let me know!

♦ None – Sim currently has no relationships

♦ Naughty – Sim has 2 or more relationships

♦ Manipulator – Sim has 4 or more relationships

♦ Natasha (females) – Sim has 10 or more relationships

♦ Don Juan (males) – Sim has 10 or more relationships

♦ Casanova – Sim has 15 or more relationships

♦ Cheater – Sim has one or more betrayals

♦ Dirtbag – Sim has 4 or more betrayals

♦ Slimeball – Sim has 10 or more betrayals

♦ Exploring Options – Sim is in an active relationship, but is also trying to explore other options.

♦ Faithful – Sim is in one active relationship for 15 days or more.

Even Sims who have an awful reputation can get a clean slate by purchasing this reward in the LR panel. All will be forgotten with this reward, and your Sim will start fresh with no reputation at all. Sims can also buy the Above Reproach reward to make sure those many relationships go less noticed.

Reputations have an impact on your Sim getting a date, getting married, or just having any type of relationship whatsoever.


Proposals, Bachelor/ette Parties & Weddings

Marriage & Weddings have always been a part of the Sims 3 game, but never before have we been able to Ask for a hand in marriage from a Sim’s parent,  get married under lovely wedding arches, or cut our wedding cake.  With Generations, Sims can also take their pre-marital status to extremes with the all new Bachelor/ette parties complete with Party Dancing, Nectar Spraying & even have a fling with a party dancer before their wedding day! 😯 😛


New Marriage Proposal

Sims 3 Generations has now brought on a new option where a Sim can “Ask for Daughter’s/Son’s Hand in Marriage” .  This option is available to a parent of the Sim you want to marry, after you are “Going Steady” & have a romantic relationship.  Just click on the parent of your girlfriend/boyfriend and use the friendly option.

Once the parents agree and give you his or her blessing, the happy couple will receive a lovely moodlet that will last them for 10 days!

Parent’s Blessing

It means so much more that our parents wish us a happy life together. (+20 Mood)

Now don’t be fooled, not every parent will give their blessings.  Some parents may not have a high relationship with the Sim asking for a hand, or the parents just may not like them, resulting in a “NO WAY” are you marrying my child!  Yes, they will be yelled at!

Now don’t worry if the parents are not happy or willing to give you their blessings, you can still get married and propose anyway.  After all, it’s not the parents you’re going to live with right? 😉 Go ahead and do your thing!

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Another new way to kick start the way to your wedding, is to have yourself a wild party to celebrate your up and coming nuptials.  Grooms & Brides to be will receive a wish to throw a party. To complete this wish, just use the telephone to “Throw Part At” and select your location.  You can choose to have your parties at any public lots & your home.

When choosing a public venue, you will also see a box to tick that allows you to pay an extra fee, this way only your guests have Exclusive Access to your event.  No one else will be allowed.  This is something for those who want no one else attending the public lot except for their guest list.

Brides & Grooms to be can pick and choose any gender of guests to attend their parties. Remember that these parties are for Adults only!  When throwing one of these extravagant parties, the only Dress Code is “Dress to Impress”.

When the time comes to attend your party, a Limousine will come and pick up the Groom or Bride to be & Take them to their party location. Ladies & Guys will be all dolled up in a special Bachelor/ette party outfit!

Bachelor/ette parties are just like any other parties, except you have some special interactions not available to you at any other type of party.  Brides & Grooms to be can ask their bestest of friends to “Make a Toast” or “Give Speech”. Also, Sims at your Bachelor/ette parties will spray each other with Nectar & get each other soaked and wet!


At these one of a kind parties, Party Dancers will also show up to entertain your guests.  Dancers are based on the gender preference of each Bride or Groom to be.  Dancers come in a variety of types, from Policewomen, to Firefighters,to Bikini babes and even Cowboys. The variety is pretty much endless.


Now that your Sims have surpassed the crazy party, the nectar, face down in toilet bowl and more, they can now go ahead and tie the knot with their significant other.  Weddings are not complete without a Wedding Arch & Cake, so make sure to find those in buy mode to place on your Home lot in time for the wedding!

Invite your guests and throw an extravagant party at home or at a community lot, and tie the knot with cake cutting and all!  Make sure that your sims have a good reputation, otherwise someone might be there to ruin the wedding with recorded footage of infidelity! This will result in your Sim being left at the altar!

After you have tied the knot, the party begins!  Guests will throw confetti, and begin to eat.  Make sure to click the wedding cake and Cut the Cake as well.

Now that your Sims are married, for the duration of 2 Days while they have their “Just Married” moodlet, you will notice a new interaction under the Romantic Option.  “Get Frisky” is a new interaction that comes along with the joys of being married. This interaction is only available to newlyweds, and immediately follows woohoo evertime it is used.  The interaction itself is nothing major, just a small tickle type interaction.


Wedding Gifts & Thank You Notes

Assuming you had a public wedding with guests invited, you will begin to see gifts coming to your house via the mailbox from the guests who attended your wedding.  a description will come in a pop up notification of who gave you what.  Once you receive these gifts, click the mailbox and select the options “Write Thank You Notes”.  You Sim will then go to the nearest table and sit down to write their Thank You notes.  This is not something you must do, but I’m sure the guests would appreciate a Thank you for spending money on you. 😛


MidLife Crisis

What happens when a Young Adult hits their full Adulthood?  They under-go Mid-Life Crisis.  Not every YA will age up and have a Mid Life Crisis, but most likely they will.  Mid Life Crisis is a time in a Sims’s life where they “break down” as a result of losing their youth.  The longer you have your age spans set, the longer midlife crisis will be.


During Mid Life Crisis you will notice red shading around certain wishes.  Note that these wishes cannot be canceled until mid life crisis is complete if you choose to keep them.


The moodlet your Sim receives will also give you info on how many Mid Life Crisis wishes you have completed when you hover over.  The more wishes completed, the better result for your Sim in the long run.

Mid Life Crisis wishes include, but are not limited to:


♦ Dye or Cut Hair

♦ Change Jobs

♦ Get a Makeover

♦ Move to a New House

♦ Buy a New Car

♦ Spend money Remodeling the House

♦ Become more Muscular

♦ Change Wardrobe

♦ Grow Facial Hair (males)

♦ Become Self Employed

♦ Get a Divorce

♦ Flirt with a Sim who they are not in a Relationship with


Completing these wishes give you Sim more Life Time Reward points and of course, happiness.

Now Mid Life Crisi is not for everyone.  Sims with some extra funds in their bank, can go to the local hospital and get cured of Mid Life Crisis quickly and for a hefty cost.  For 2000 buckaroos, your Sim can be cured of Mid Life Crisis, and Move on.




Video Camera

Video Camera’s are now present in the Sims 3 Generations.  Sims are able to take home videos from a first person point of view.  Sims can roll the video to record the birth of their child, or even sneak into their fiance’s bachelor/ette party to catch them cheating.  The options of recording are endless.  Generations comes complete with 2 Video Cameras, & a Data Storage Device to save those videos to which are on a memory card.

To begin recording a video, simply place one of the two video camera’s in a Sims inventory, click the video camera and select  “Record Home Video” The two types of video camera’s available have different specs and recording times are different. (Memory Card size)


Sonyo VideoStop Triple – §325  &  6 minutes of recording time on each memory card

X, Z-Cam 360 – §213  & 1 Minute of recording on each memory card


Once your Sim has recorded the home video, you will see a small memory in your Sim’s inventory that is named by the game by default.  You can go ahead and click the memory card and rename your video accordingly.

When you have accumulated many memory cards from all the recordings your Sim has video taped, instead of keeping them in your Sim’s inventory you can purchase the Data Storage Device and simply put them all in there for safe keeping.  It’s easier to sort and pick which videos you want to watch at a later time.  There is only one Data Storage Device available.


♦ Data Disc Storage Tower – §170 holds up to ___  memory cards.


I have reached 20 memory cards in the storage so far and have not run into a limit. I will leave the amount space blank.  If someone can confirm whether or not there is a limit, please let me know.



Once your Sim decides to sit and watch the home videos they have recorded, just select one of the memory cards (home videos) you have named and select it to “Play Home Movie” Your Sim will sit down at the nearest TV and watch their home movies.  Depending on the type of camera your Sim used, will depend on the moodlet they get from watching the video.


Poor Quality Video  (-10 Mood)

Ugh…Static! I though we’d left this behind along with the video tapes and fanny packs. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade? – From Watching Cheap Video

High Quality Video (+20 Mood)

Mmm…there’s nothing quite as satisfying as reference quality video displayed in pristine quality. There’s a smug sense of satisfaction in knowing you have the best of the best! – From Watching Expensive Video


Sharing & Creating Memories



Generations introduces the Memory System (which is nothing like Sims 2 system) once again where the game Generates memories, and you can create your own custom memories as well.  There is not much to explain about memories as it is pretty self explainable. 😛


The game itself generates an insane amount of memories, from Important, to useless.  How many times a Sim needs to remember they went to the park?  Maybe once right?  Well, unfortunately the game creates a memory for the 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th…. you get my point.


Not only does the game generate it’s own memories for your active household, but for non-active one’s as well.  This is causing the game files to inflate and take up more space.  For this reason I will suggest anyone who wants to avoid possible crashing, freezing and overall cleanliness of their game, download the “No or Fewer Memories” mod.  You can choose none at all, or only a few.  Believe me, eventually everyone will need it if EA does not give the game an OFF button.


For those who don’t mind the memories inflating their game files, but are annoyed with the constant notifications, I suggest you read here on how to “Disable Memory Notifications”.  This will stop the constant pop ups.



Creating & Sharing Custom & Game Generated Memories


If you happen to decide that a specific event or time in the game is something you want your Sim to always remember, well then you will want to use the Custom Memory Tool.

♦ Click the small Pink Button.





♦ Decide how close, far and where exactly you want o take the shot.  This feature is the same as taking a photo screenshot in game.




♦ Once you take the photo, you will have a memory pop up which will be automatically saved into your Sim’s Scrapbook.  You will have three options.  Starting from the left in the inner circle…

1) Delete Memory

2) Share memory on The Sims 3 Website

3) Share memory on Facebook.





♦ If you want to connect your game automatically to the Sims 3 Website, you can go ahead and enter the Statistics Section on the scrapbook and log into your Sims 3 Account. Once you click the Log in button at the bottom, you will need to enter your email and password for The Sims 3 website and you will then be able to begin uploading memories to the site.




♦ When connecting to upload to Facebook, you will need to connect the game to facebook via the second share button when you open a memory.  Sharing memories is the same for game generated ones as well.



Sharing Memories & Free Store Content


When sharing and uploading memories either through Facebook or, you will receive special Store Content, as well as game badges for your My Page the more you share. You can check out the badges here: Community Badges

You can find these rewards in your Purchase History.

1 Memory = Barbacue

5 Memories = Book Case

10 Memories = Computer

25 Memories = Hot Tub

50 Memories = Aerobic Outfit

100 Memories = Toddler Outfit

200 Memories = Teen Shirt








When typing in “Testincheatsenabled true” then “shift clicking” on a sim, a new option appears.  Edit in CAS is a cheat that allows you to take your Sim back into CAS to change clothing, hairstyles and much more.


moviemakerCheats enabled [true | false]

I have found a complete list of what this cheat does on a Sims 3 Help Facebook Page. All Credit to them for creating this wonderfully explained list.


First up put the cheat “testingcheatsenabled true” first then “moviemakercheatsenabled true”

Ok now hold down shift and click on your sim You will have the options from both “testingcheatsenabled true” and “moviemakercheatsenabled true”

testingcheatsenabled true – Favorite music…, Trigger age Transition, Modify Traits for Active Sim, Edit sim in Create A Sim (in generations).

Moviemakercheatsenabled true – Animation…, Turn off look Ats, Disable Autonomy

Turn off Ats – This mean when a sim looks at a sim that is close to them, like if a sim walks past they will turn their head to follow.

Disable Autonomy –  This is all the random things they do while ideling (standing there) like stretching, scratching their arm, wiping their nose etc.

Animation… – This is all the animations you can make your sim do on comand!

– Play specific idle… – The wiping nose, stretching etc

–Moodldles – Moodlet related idles.

–Standing idles – Idles while standing

— Seated idles – Ideling while sitting

— Buffldes – Mood related idles (hungry, smelly, tired etc.)– Traitidles – The idles depending on the trait of your sim (all of them are there, even if your sim doesn’t have the trait)

– Play specific looping idle… – The same as  “Play specific idle..” exept they will keep doing it over and over untill you cancle it in the que.

–Moodldles – Moodlet related idles.

–Standing idles – Idles while standing

— Seated idles – Ideling while sitting

— Buffldes – Mood related idles (hungry, smelly, tired etc.)

— Traitidles – The idles depending on the trait of your sim (all of them are there, even if your sim doesn’t have the trait)

– Play specific Animation… – All the animations that happen while doing different sim tasks

–AusioSocialIdles –

— AudioSocialHigh –

— AudioSocialMild –

— Facial – Facial expretions

— Misc – Couple of different poses

— Reaction – Reactions to different situations

— Test –

— Dancing – Different dancing steps

— AudioSocialLowMed –

— Greeting – Wave greetings

— Traits – Animations from different traits.

– Play specific looping Animation – Play the animation over and over untill cancled in the que.

–AusioSocialIdles –

— AudioSocialHigh –

— AudioSocialMild –

— Facial – Facial expretions

— Misc – Couple of different poses

— Reaction – Reactions to different situations

— Test –

— Dancing – Different dancing steps

— AudioSocialLowMed –

— Greeting – Wave greetings

— Traits – Animations from different traits.


Hidden Skills


Generations bring with it some new “Hidden” Skills.  Hidden skills are not visible as are the normal (cooking, logic etc) skills.  These skills are specific for new interactions with objects/activities that become available through the game. The following hidden skills have been added to the game via Generations.


Hidden Skills Acquired by Boarding Schools (Children)

♦ Child Athletics – Levels 1-3

♦ Child Bass Guitar – Levels 1-3

♦ Child Drums – Levels 1-3

♦ Child Gardening – Levels 1-3

♦ Child Guitar – Levels 1-3

♦ Child Piano – Levels 1-3

Children will learn these new skills depending on which boarding school they attended.  Once children hit their Teen years and begin to practice one of the above Skills,  their skill level will begin at Level 3 and continue on.  They basically have a head start on these skills once they get older.


Hidden Skills Acquired by After School Activities (Children)


♦ Ballet – Levels 1-3

Level 1 – Show off Plie
Level 2 –
Show off Pirouette
Level 3 –
Show off Echappe

♦ Scouting – Levels 1-3

Level 1 – Show off  Badges
Level 2 –
Show off Salute
Level 3 –
Show off Tie a Knot

Ballet and Scouting are available to Children via their public schools as after school activities.


Hidden Skills Acquired by Playing (Children)

♦ Sand Box (Pit) – Levels 1-4

Hop Scotch – (all ages)

♦ Driving (Teens) – Levels 1-3

Sandcastle Types

♦ Best Budies –  Levels 1  – 4

♦ Sand Man – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Pail Presidio – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Starfish – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Outpost  – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Octopus – Levels 2 -4

♦ Whale – Levels 2 – 4

♦ CastleLevels 3 – 4

♦ Freezer Sand BunnyLevel 4

♦ Fancy CastleLevel 4