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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Game Guide

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Box Cover




Loading Screen

Island Paradise



Limited Edition and Origin Exclusive Content

All pre-ordered versions of Island Paradise come with the exclusive Limited Edition Survival Pack content. Those who pre-ordered from Origin will also receive the Exclusive Carnaval Costume Pack. For links to redeem your codes, click here.

Limited Edition Content

The Limited Edition Survival Pack includes brand new shipwrecked furniture items and dingy attire. Included are 12 Buy Mode objects and a combined total of 6 articles of clothing for both male and female adult Sims.



Origin Exclusive Content

The Origin Exclusive bonus content includes a Carnaval Themed Hairstyle & Costume for both male and female adult Sims.




New Game Achievements



There are brand new Sims 3 Achievements available with The Sims 3 Island Paradise. When completing certain actions within your game, you can unlock special badges to show off on your profile. Click the links below for a full list of achievements.


Sims 3 Island Paradise Achievements


Complete List of Sims 3 Game Achievements




New Game Options

This section includes details for all new game options available with The Sims 3 Island Paradise. Images have been sized down in most cases, so click the images for a larger view.

New Online Profile Gifts

When logged into your Sims 3 profile in game, you can now send new gifts to other players. These new gifts range from messages in a bottle, to several of the new collectible shells. Gift away!

❗ Only players who have the Sims 3 Island Paradise installed, and registered, are able to send and receive these new items.





New Download Notifications

When downloading items from The Sims 3 Store or Exchange, you will receive notifications in game of what has started downloading.




Moving to a New Town or Within the Current Neighborhood

If you are no longer satisfied living in your current town, it’s time to move outta there! The newest patch update has added the ability for Sims to move between towns, and their current neighborhood, freely. The game will auto-generate a pop up upon loading your current game with the option to move, but if you wish to pass up the opportunity, you can use the “Real Estate and Travel Services” via phone or computer at a later time.
When moving within neighborhoods or to a new town, you will have the option to pack up your furniture, or sell it for what it’s worth. Any furniture you take along with you when moving will be found in your Family Inventory for you to place in your new home.

❗ Please note that all current wishes, opportunities, and friendships outside your household, will be wiped when moving to a new town. If your Sim holds a job that is unavailable in the new town, that too will be lost.
❗ If your Sims have any family in the old town who are not in the current household that is moving, the family tree will be broken.
❗ You can only move your Sims to Expansion Pack and Store Worlds. The Sub-hoods from World Adventures are not included.






Purchasing Additional Homes/Lots

Sims can now purchase as many additional lots/homes as they please. Using your phone, select the “Real Estate and Travel Services” option to purchase any homes/lots within your neighborhood. Sims can move to these new homes within their town, or just visit for the day.
These additional homes are labeled as Private Lots, and no other Townies will be able to occupy them. Even though your active household can move to these additional lots and continue living as they did previously, these lots also offer the ability to be converted into Resort Lots for profit.
Additionally, any Uncharted Islands discovered within the game become additional real estate for your Sims, and are labeled as Private Lots. Some of the Uncharted Islands are great for building large Resorts.

❗ Any additional purchasable lots or any lots that are available for purchase, will contain a purple icon in map view.

❗ You can move into any of these other properties by using your phone or computer.

❗ Any additional lots purchased will not stay with your Sim if they move to another town. It would be a good idea to sell the properties before moving.



additional additional lot



Placing Lots Partially on Water

Island Paradise has opened certain areas of the immediate beachside for placing lots. Using the world editor option in Edit Town mode, you can place new lots in the water, so long as there is some attachment to land. This option is available for both Residential and Commercial lots, and to make life easier, you can also use the new Stilted Foundations to build lots directly into the water.

partial in water Screenshot-179 Screenshot-178 Screenshot-180



Stilted Foundations

For the advanced builder, the new Stilted Foundations offer a way to build directly in the water! When placing a new lot partially in the water, the game will automatically lower the terrain into the water, allowing you to build directly in the water. Using the newly added Stilted Foundations, you can lay the base for your home, and let the building begin!

Screenshot-181 Screenshot-183

For the less than advanced user out there, there is an easy way to get the “in the water” feel when placing a home directly onto the “in the water” lot. Unlike when using stilted foundations to build, when you place a pre-built home on stilted foundations, onto a partial water lot, the terrain will raise up and above the water.
However, when using the “Lower Terrain” and “Soften Terrain” tools, the terrain can be pushed back into the water giving you that “in the water” feel.


❗ Please note that the home/building must be first created on stilted foundations for this function to work correctly.




Houseboat Ports

Ports are the building blocks of a houseboat. Before you can begin your journey on the open seas, you will need to gain access to a port. Isla Paradiso has plenty of pre-made ports around town, however, you can build your own ports from scratch in any town using the Stilted Foundations. Additionally, you can save any of the pre-made ports to the neighborhood bin via Edit Town Mode, and then place them on lots in other worlds.
By placing lots partially into the water, and using stilted foundations to build a port, creating a houseboat port is fairly simple for the advanced user. For those who would like a clear step by step guide to building ports for houseboats, check out SimGuruGraham’s guide.

Click Here For SimGuruGraham’s Port Building Guide





Living on Houseboats

Why stay cooped up in a house on land, when there is plenty of ocean to be sailed? Sims now have a new mobile residence to enjoy right on the water. Living in a houseboat bears the same responsibilities of any house on land, but there are plenty of perks living on the high seas.

❗ Houseboats can be built and placed in any Custom, Store or Expansion Pack World.

❗ If you have The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack installed, all pets can board houseboats and set sail with your household. Keep in mind that Horses require plenty of room to satisfy their needs, so confining them to a houseboat is not an ideal situation.


❗ Houseboats do not Sink & are not vulnerable to the Kraken

In order to move onto a houseboat, it is required that you select a port first. You can move onto any of the pre-made ports with houseboats, but you can also build your own houseboat from scratch, so long as you have selected a barge or bow for the port. To place a barge or bow to allow for a houseboat, click the “Set Houseboat” option on a port in Edit Town.
The following boat types and sizes are available for placement on ports:

♦ Barge, Small – 10×8 (Free)


♦ Barge, Medium – 15×10 (§3000)

♦ Barge, Large – 20×15 (§5000)

♦ Barge, Narrow – 20×6 (§6000)

♦ Curved Bow, Narrow – 14×6 (§8000)

♦ Curved Bow, Wide – 12×8 (§9000)

Once you have selected your barge or bow, you can begin building your own unique home. Similar to homes on the water via stilted foundations, a boat barge/bow lays the foundation for you to build. The possibilities are as endless as building a home on land.



Any houseboat that you build can be saved into the neighborhood bin for use on any other port, in any other world. If you are not the building type, you can save any of the already placed houseboats of Isla Paradiso to the neighborhood bin, or place any of the 5 pre-made houseboats onto ports large enough to occupy them.

Boat Helm

Boat Helms are the nautical steering gear of a houseboat, and are required on any houseboat in order to navigate the seas. Only one helm can be placed on houseboats.


The available options on a boat helm are:

Move Houseboat – This option will direct you into Map View to select an area of the town you wish to move to.
Change Port – This option directs you into Map View to select an empty port to dock the houseboat on. This will then change your permanent port location.
Abandon Port – This option allows you to abandon the current port your houseboat occupies. Essentially, this allows Sims to live in the open sea with no connection to land whatsoever. You can select a new port to dock at at any time.


Return Houseboat to Port – This option takes the houseboat back to the port you occupy.

In addition to the above interactions, Sims who level up in their Handiness Skill will be able to upgrade the helm to allow for a faster boat speed, autopilot, and a foghorn.

Upgrade Foghorn (Level 1 Handiness) – Upgrade the foghorn for a brand new “Blow Foghorn” interaction.
Upgrade Engine Speed (Level 4 Handiness) – Upgrade the Engine Speed for a brand new “Engine Speed: Fast” option.
Upgrade: Autopilot (Level 7 Handiness) – Upgrade the boat helm to Autopilot for a cruise on the seas that requires minimal attention.



Houseboats are not confined to residential lots only. Nearly every type of community lot in the game can be created on a houseboat with the exception of a few.
The following community lot types cannot be placed on a boat barge/bow:


♦ Beach

♦ Horse Ranch

♦ Equestrian Center

♦ Diving Lot

♦ Port

This section details the basics of houseboats, however, there are plenty of other questions you may have. SimGuruGraham has created an entire Guide on houseboats, and it is well worth a read.

Click Here For SimGuruGraham’s Houseboat Q&A


Service Boats

While you’re out at sea, business in the service world resumes as usual. You can call for any services just as you do on land, the only difference is that they come out to you via boat. Children who are out at sea will be picked up by a Boat Taxi for school every day.

Screenshot-297 Screenshot-295 Screenshot-294 Screenshot-296



Building & Managing Resorts

Not only are resorts a great place to spend a few days off, they are also a big money maker for Sims. Building and Managing Resorts are one of the new “business-like” features available with Island Paradise. Purchase an existing resort in Isla Paradiso, or building your own resort from scratch. Blueprints included!
SimsVIP has collaborated with to bring you the most in depth and detailed guide on building and managing resorts. There are five parts total.


Basics to Managing a Resort (Part 1)


Managing a Five-Star Resort (Part 2)


Building Your Own Resort (Part 3)


Resort Blueprints (Part 4)


Building a Resort FAQ (Part 5)






Positioning Homes/Buildings on Lots

You are no longer restricted to homes and buildings that are placed smack dab in the middle of a lot. If you would like your home to be positioned in the left corner of lot, it’s possible. If you want the town’s school to be positioned on the right corner of a lot, it’s possible! When placing a new building on a lot, the new positioning controls will appear on the lower right-hand corner.

❗ This option can only be used if there is enough room to position the building/home elsewhere on the lot. Additionally, this option is better utilized when used with a lot that is much larger than the size of the building/home.

The following lot rotations are available with this new option:

♦ Back Left Corner

♦ Back Center Edge

♦ Back Right Corner

♦ Right Center Edge

♦ Front Right Corner

♦ Front Center Edge

♦ Front Left Corner

♦ Left Center Edge

move lot 2 move lot



Creating Dive Lots

This portion of the guide has been written exclusively for SimsVIP’s Island Paradise Game Guide by community member Weealbet. All images and text for the guide below are property of Weealbet, and are copyrighted by SimsVIP in this guide. Any unauthorized use of the guide or images will result in legal action.

Copyright ©2011-2013 SimsVIP – All rights reserved

One of the new game features introduced in The Sims 3 Island Paradise expansion pack was the ability for Sims to go scuba diving, allowing them to interact with the world of Isla Paradiso. Unfortunately, this new feature was designed to be exclusive to the new world of Isla Paradiso. While Sims were able to go snorkeling in the sea of other Worlds, they were not permitted to go scuba diving due to the lack of the ability to place Diving Areas in other Worlds.
The following information is a step-by-step guide which will allow you to place fully functional Diving Areas in other Worlds besides Isla Paradiso. The world used in this guide is Sunset Valley, but it is possible to have Diving Areas in other Worlds too. One of the interesting aspects of Diving Areas in other Worlds is how the sea of each World has its own atmosphere, allowing you to fully unleash your creative pallet in order to seamlessly build Diving Areas in your favorite World.
Over the course of this tutorial, you will learn the basic steps required to include Diving Areas into your Worlds. Once you feel comfortable with setting up a Diving Area and have them functioning, you may want to see what else you can do with them. The Advanced Class section will provide some examples of other items you can use to really set up a unique look to your Diving Areas.

Click here for a Step by Step Guide to Creating Dive Lots





New Greeting

Sims Child through Elder can now greet Sims with a brand new Greeting: The Shaka Brah!




Play in the Ocean

Sims of all ages can enjoy themselves using the “Play in Ocean” interaction in shallow waters. Toddlers will need help from adults, but either way, the shallow waters of the Ocean are great for play time!




Relax on a Beach Towel

The Sims 3 Island Paradise includes a brand new relaxation interaction for Sims. Click any flat surface around town, select the “Relax Here” interaction, and Sims will pull out their Beach Towels to relax. Sims can flip between stomach and back, turn on the music, place an umbrella, read a book, or take a long nap.


❗ If you have The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion installed, Sims will get suntans and sunburns while laying out on beach towels without an umbrella.





Play in Sand/Building Sandcastles (Teens-Elder)

Building Sandcastles on sandy terrain or sandboxes was a children’s feature introduced with The Sims 3 Generations Expansion. While Sandboxes are still exclusive to Children, Island Paradise has unlocked the “Play with Sand” & “Build Sandcastle” interaction on sandy terrain for Sims Teen and elder.
When Sims play in the sand, they begin increasing their Hidden Sandbox Skill. The more they play, the more sandcastle options become available for them to create. There are four Hidden Sandbox Skill levels, each unlocking new sandcastles.
The following Sandcastle types are available when increasing the Hidden Sandbox Skill:

♦ Best Budies – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Sand Man – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Pail Presidio – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Starfish – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Outpost – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Octopus – Levels 2 -4

♦ Whale – Levels 2 – 4

♦ Castle – Levels 3 – 4

♦ Freezer Sand Bunny – Level 4

♦ Fancy Castle – Level 4






Sims as young as Children can now use the new “Splash” interaction on other Sims in the ocean. Be prepared though. What goes around, comes around!





Play with Waterfalls

The new waterfall objects included with Island Paradise, offer a new “Play with Waterfall” interaction for Sims. This interaction brings a positive mood boost to Sims enjoying a dip in the pool.





With Resorts added to the game, Sims can take time off to go on vacation. Sims do not head off into nowhere-land, but instead, check into a resort and enjoy the time off. Children and Teens need not attend school, and Adults get to take some time off work.




Becoming Seasick

Left, right, side to side! Not every Sim has a strong enough stomach for the motion of the ocean. Sims who are affected by the motions of a water craft will have a few mishaps here and there.






Although very rarely encountered, these blood sucking pests are definitely a nuisance. Sims who are bitten by mosquitoes will suffer a blow to their mood by the “Mosquito Bite” moodlet (-50). Sims who want to avoid being bitten can purchase mosquito repellent from the reception desk at a resort, or a grocery store, then spray themselves and others. Mosquito repellent is good for up to 6 hours.

Screenshot-334 Screenshot-335



 Create a Ghost Additions

If you have the Sims 3 Supernatural & Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansions installed, “Death by Shark Attack”, “Death by Drowning While Scuba Diving”, & “Death by Dehydration (Mermaids)”, are new available options when creating a ghost in CAS.

Death by Shark Attack

Death by Drowning While Scuba Diving Death by Dehydration (Mermaids)



Create A Sim Fashions

Female Adults/Elders – 9 Hairstyles, 14 Tops, 5 Bottoms, 8 Outfits, 4 Swimsuits, 4 Accessories, 2 Shoes, 5 Tattoos
Female Teens – 9 Hairstyles (Same as Adult Females), 5 Tops, 1 Bottom, 2 Outfits, 1 Swimsuit, 3 Accessories, 1 Pair of Shoes
Female Children – 1 Hairstyle, 6 Tops, 1 Bottoms, 1 Outfit, 1 Swimsuit, 2 Accessories, 1 Pair of Shoes
Female Toddlers3 Outfits, 1 Accessory
Male Adults/Elders – 7 Hairstyles, 11 Tops, 4 Bottom, 1 Swimsuit, 4 Accessories, 1 Pair of Shoes, 5 Tattoos
Male Teens – 7 Hairstyles (Same as Adult Males), 4 Tops, 3 Bottom, 1 Swimsuit, 3 Accessories, 1 Pair of Shoes
Male Children – 4 Tops, 1 Bottom, 1 Swimsuit, 2 Accessories, 1 Pair of Shoes
Male Toddlers1 Outfit, 1 Accessory




Hairstyle Adult Female Hairstyle Adult Female Hairstyle Adult Female Hairstyle Adult Female Hairstyle Adult Female Hairstyle Adult Female Hairstyle Adult Female Hairstyle Adult Female Hairstyle Adult Female Hairstyle Adult Male Hairstyle Adult Male Hairstyle Adult Male Hairstyle Adult Male Hairstyle Adult Male Hairstyle Adult Male Hairstyle Adult Male Hairstyle Teen Female Hairstyle Teen Female Hairstyle Teen Female Hairstyle Teen Female Hairstyle Teen Female Hairstyle Teen Female Hairstyle Teen Female Hairstyle Teen Female Hairstyle Teen Female Hairstyle Teen Male Hairstyle Teen Male Hairstyle Teen Male Hairstyle Teen Male Hairstyle Teen Male Hairstyle Teen Male Hairstyle Teen Male Hairstyle Child Female



Screenshot-38 Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-44 Screenshot-45 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-47 Screenshot-48 Screenshot-49 Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52 Screenshot-53 Screenshot-54 Screenshot-55 Screenshot-56 Screenshot-57 Screenshot-58 Screenshot-59 Screenshot-60 Screenshot-61 Screenshot-62 Screenshot-63 Screenshot-64 Screenshot-70 Screenshot-67 Screenshot-68 Screenshot-69 Screenshot-98 Screenshot-99 Screenshot-100 Screenshot-101 Screenshot-102 Screenshot-103 Screenshot-104 Screenshot-105 Screenshot-106 Screenshot-107 Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109 Screenshot-110 Screenshot-111 Screenshot-112 Screenshot-114 Screenshot-71 Screenshot-72 Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75 Screenshot-76 Screenshot-77 Screenshot-78 Screenshot-79 Screenshot-115 Screenshot-116 Screenshot-117 Screenshot-118 Screenshot-119 Screenshot-120 Screenshot-121 Screenshot-122 Screenshot-80 Screenshot-81 Screenshot-82 Screenshot-83 Screenshot-84 Screenshot-85 Screenshot-86 Screenshot-87 Screenshot-88 Screenshot-123 Screenshot-124 Screenshot-126 Screenshot-127 Screenshot-128 Screenshot-129 Screenshot-94 Screenshot-95 Screenshot-96 Screenshot-97



Screenshot-133 Screenshot-134 Screenshot-132 Screenshot-135 Screenshot-136 Screenshot-131 Screenshot-147 Screenshot-143 Screenshot-146 Screenshot-145 Screenshot-144 Screenshot-151 Screenshot-148 Screenshot-149 Screenshot-150 Screenshot-155 Screenshot-152 Screenshot-153 Screenshot-154 Screenshot-161 Screenshot-159 Screenshot-160 Screenshot-158 Screenshot-156 Screenshot-157 Screenshot-162 Screenshot-163



Screenshot-141 Screenshot-140 Screenshot-139 Screenshot-138 Screenshot-137


 New Costume Makeup




New Traits


Loves to Swim – These Sims are like fish in the sea and gain a special joy being in the water.



Sailor – Sailors love the open sea and would much rather be on a boat than on land. Their aquatic experience means they are better at catching fish and are less likely to get seasick.



Lifetime Wishes


Deep Sea Diver – The bottom of the ocean hides treasures and creatures never seen by land dwelling Sims. Only the bravest and foolhardy divers can survive the deadly deep searching for underwater riches. Be sure to bring your oxygen tank!

(Master the Diving Skill and Earn 40,000 Simoleons from selling Diving Collectables)




Grand Explorer – There are mysterious lands yet to be charted by any Sim. To find them, your Sim must set sail, brave the high seas, and dive in the deepest oceans. Search high and low for these uncharted islands and claim them as your own!


(Own all Uncharted Islands)




Resort Empire – To become a true Hotel Mogul, your Sim will need to manage employees, maintain a profit, and always satisfy patrons. Once your Sim has created the perfect resort empire, travelers from all around will flock for a chance to stay at your luxurious getaway.

(Own a 5-Star Resort and collect 40,000 Simoleons in Resort Profit)




Seaside Savior – Anyone can be a lifeguard, but a Sim that rescues drowning Sims is a true hero! Be a hero in your own town.

(Rescue 50 Sims as a Lifeguard)



Lifetime Happiness Rewards


Strong Stomach (2,000) – Nausea and seasickness are a thing of the past!




Lungs of Steel (15,000) – Go Scuba Diving without the fear of running our of air.




Hotel Mogul (15,000) – Learn to squeeze every ounce of profitability out of your resorts. Moguls receive a bonus on all resort income.




Mermadic Kelp (25,000) – Gives you a bite-sized bit of Mermadic Kelp strong enough to bring out the fish in any Sim.



Uncharted Island Map (25,000) – If there’s an Uncharted Island to be found, this map will surely reveal it.



Friend of the Kraken (30,000) – The fearsome Kraken bows to your will! Boats that you are on will never be targeted by the Kraken. You can also order the Kraken to wreak havoc on any boat that you wish.




Permanent Mermaid (5,000 – Can only be purchased by Mermaids) – Your Mermaid Sim no longer needs frequent swimming sessions in order to maintain their fish-like features.



New Music Genres


Beach Party

Island Life



New Collectibles


Sea Shells/Messages in a Bottle

The new Sea Shells and Message Bottles can be found while Snorkeling, on the bottoms of the ocean floor while Scuba Diving, laying in the sand on the beach, or waiting to be discovered inside Treasure Chests. Each new collectible ranges from Common to Rare.

♦ Abalone Shell (Uncommon)
♦ Ancient Fish Fossil (Rare)
♦ Clam Shell (Rare)
♦ Conch Shell (Uncommon)
♦ Cowry Shell (Common)
♦ Nautilus Shell (Uncommon)
♦ Scallop Shell (Common)
♦ Shark Tooth (Extraordinarily Unusual) – Shark Teeth can also be obtained by winning a shark fight in underwater dive lots.

♦ Message in a Bottle (Common)

– Contains Riddles & Random Text.
♦ Message in a Bottle (Uncommon) – Contains Map Fragments that can be used to unlock an uncharted island.
♦ Message in a bottle (Extraordinarily Unusual) – This message in a bottle unlocks Plumbob Island – a hidden uncharted island – which contains a treasure chest with the “Evolution of the Plumbob” Painting. If found, this painting can be sold off for more than 12,000 simoleons.




Sea Life

The new Sea Life can be found swimming or crawling in the underwater Dive Spots while Scuba Diving. These fish do not raise the Fishing Skill as you cannot use bait to fish for them. Each new collectible ranges from Common to Rare.


♦ Anemone (Common)
♦ Eel (Rare)
♦ Hermit Crab (Uncommon)
♦ Octopus (Uncommon)
♦ Sea Horse (Rare)
♦ Sea Polyp (Common)
♦ Sea Urchin (Common)
♦ Squid (Uncommon)





Kelps are large seaweeds that only grow underwater, and are the preferred meal for Mermaids. Kelp can be purchased at the local grocery store, or harvested in underwater lots. Kelp cannot be planted by any Sims, and offers no benefits to anyone but the Mermaid.

❗ Mermadic/Magical Kelp that turns regular Sims into Mermaids, can only be obtained by asking a Mermaid about “their fish parts”, or as a lifetime reward.





New Drinks/Food


The resorts of Island Paradise include two new exclusive “Food Stands”. The new food stands are also accompanied by brand new food and drink items exclusive to the food stand.
The following new drinks & food items are available with the food stand:


♦ Coconut Juice

♦ Pineapple Juice

♦ Chocolate Covered Pineapple Spear

♦ Cuban Sandwich

♦ Fried Plantains

The Food Stands dish out three levels of food quality: Low, Medium & High. Depending on what setting the resort’s food stand is set to, depends on which of the new food items appear. Additionally, if you have any other Sims 3 Expansion Packs installed, more food dishes & drinks will be available.




Lifeguard Career


Need a job that will make you look and feel like a hero? If rescuing drowning Sims and applying CPR to Sims that are in need seems appealing, then look no further. The Lifeguard Career is for Sims that are looking out for the safety of others against the ferociousness of the ocean waters. Sims who are interested in this beach side career, should head to City Hall and apply.
The main responsibilities of a Lifeguard are to work on the Charisma and Athletic Skills, and save Sims from drowning. As they succeed in these areas, they will work their way to a promotion. This career pays extra for each life saved (on top of your weekly pay), so it is in your best interested to save as many Sims as possible. As your Sim is promoted within this career, they will unlock special interactions, and receive more money for each saved life.
Lifeguards are on Duty Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. When Lifeguards are on the clock, they will be assigned to survey specific beaches around town each day. The game will auto-notify you of your next beach station, but you can also head into map view to view that day’s location.


A day in the life of a Lifeguard consists of saving drowning Sims, performing CPR, making sure no one dies, and sometimes just relaxing. To ensure your Sim is attentive to the lives of swimmers, be sure to use the “Survey” interaction on the sandy beach, or in the Lifeguard’s Chair.


When surveying the beach, Sims who need help in the water will display an Orange Lifeguard Cross above their head. There are days when no one’s life will be in danger, but there are some days you may have two or more Sims drowning at once. When you see Sims in need of help, click them and use the “Rescue” interaction. Your Sim will head into the water to help them out.
Rescue Sims in the order that they fall into the water!


Once the Lifeguard has made it to a drowning Sim in the water, they will provide them with a flotation device that guides them back to shore.


Depending on how long the drowning Sims were in the water waiting for your help, will depend on whether or not they will need CPR once they back on shore. Sims who are still feeling a bit “under the water” will pass out on the ground and await for a breath of fresh air.

❗ Sims who are not rescued in a timely fashion don’t typically die, however, they will have a few words (or slaps!) for the Lifeguard. This also results in a relationship dip.
❗ Although the chances of this occurring are slim, Sims who are struggling in the water for a long period of time may die from drowning once they get back on shore. This typically happens to townies who have depleted motives.



While some Sims actually need CPR, others just want a piece of the Lifeguard! Townies who are present at the beach may sometimes “fake” passing out in order to receive attention from the Lifeguard. You will know who the fakers since they wear their everyday outfits, and keep lifting their head every so often to see where the Lifeguard is. They will compliment too!
Lifeguards have new socials available when interacting with other Sims: “Tell Rescue Story”, “Talk About Beach Safety”, & “Boast About Being a Lifeguard”. As a Lifeguard advances in the lifeguard career, they also unlock special interactions.

CPR Dummy (Level 1) – Your Sim is now part of a class of heroes.No, there are no powers involved but the job of saving lives makes one a hero. Go to the Beach and look out for Sims in need and keep the beaches safe. (Weekly Pay: §276 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §103)
Mouth Breather (Level 2) – Learning the basics of mouth to mouth is very important. You’re getting the hang of it! Keep practicing, no matter how creepy your friends think you’re getting! (Weekly Pay: §340 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §127)
Floatation Device (Level 3) – You’re as helpful as a water-wing, or the seats of certain airplanes! It’s a start, but no one’s called a seat cushion “hero” recently. (Weekly Pay: §400 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §150)
Beach Protector (Level 4) – Quite a reputable Lifeguard: Rarely asleep on the job, never distracted by all the good looking folks on the beach…unless they’re currently dying. (Weekly Pay: §520 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §195)
Rapid Rescuer (Level 5) – With speed and aplomb you repeatedly pluck terrified swimmers from the unforgiving waters. Soon you’ll be swimming in well earned respect. (Weekly Pay: §640 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §240 – Bonus: Special Lifeguard Beach Towel)
When using the “Relax” interaction on the beach, Lifeguards now have their own special towel decorated with the Lifeguard Cross.


Buoyancy Virtuoso (Level 6) – A lifeline to all swimmers in distress, weak or strong, you could drag an entire baseball team to shore if you needed to (Weekly Pay: §840 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §315 – Bonus: Wade and Swim Faster)
Lifeguards will no longer tippy toe into the water. Instead, they will quickly wade and dive into the water to save a life.


Professional Life-Saver (Level 7) – You’re fast becoming a pro at rescuing Sims in danger. You’ll give them a breath they so desperately need, then take it away again in your efficacious style. (Weekly Pay: §1,132 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §424 – Bonus: Demonstrate Mouth to Mouth with other Sims)
At this career level, the “Demonstrate Mouth to Mouth” interaction is available when using the romantic socials on other Sims. If your relationship with the receiving Sim is not high enough, they will reject this social.


Eagle Eye (Level 8) – The lifeguard chair as your perch, you watch the seas like a hawk. You can spot a Sim in distress from a mile away, then cover that distance in no time flat! (Weekly Pay: §1,480 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §555 – Bonus: Slow Motion Lifeguard Run)
Have you ever watched the famous “Baywatch” series? Your lifeguard now has the ability to run in slow motion. It makes saving Sims a bit more dramatic!


The Old Guard (Level 9) – You’re a littoral superhero! With this much experience under your belt, you wouldn’t even be made fun of for wearing a belt with your swimsuit! (Weekly Pay: §1,840 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §690)
The Bay Watcher (Level 10) – The ultimate lifeguard. The only thing that saves more skin at the beach is sunblock! (Weekly Pay: §2,480 – Pay for each rescued Sim: §930)

The game keeps tabs on each and every Sim you rescue as a Lifeguard. Once your Sim has rescued 34 Sims, they will unlock the “Cay to the City” Uncharted Island. Also, if your Sim has the “Seaside Savior” lifetime wish and they rescue 50 Sims, they will receive 30,000 Lifetime Happiness Points. Big rewards for saving lives!

Cay to the City



Scuba Diving


The Sims 3 Island Paradise has opened up a whole new part of the world to explore: Underwater Dive Lots. There are a total of 4 Diving spots in Isla Paradiso for Sims to explore: Rocky Reef, Davy Jones’ Locker, The Mermaid Grotto, & Pearl’s Deep. For the first time, Sims can Scuba Dive into the depths of the ocean to find treasures, uncharted islands, and sea life.
Access to these underwater worlds does not come without effort. In order for Sims to explore underwater dive lots, they must raise their Scuba Diving Skill. To begin increasing the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims can take a Scuba Diving Class (§400) at the Science Facility, or “Snorkel” their way up. Snorkeling can be done in any body of water (or even a pool), and Sims as young as children can partake in this activity.

❗ Children are not able to scuba dive in underwater lots, but they will increase their scuba diving skill when snorkeling. The scuba diving skill will remain hidden from the skill journal until they become teenagers.



While Sims snorkel in the water, they are likely to discover many of the new sea shells and other collectibles. As their Scuba Diving Skill increases, the chances are discovering rare collectibles increases as well. The Scuba Diving Skill consists of 10 Levels, each unlocking new abilities and underwater lots.

Scuba Diving Level 1 – Once reaching level 1 of the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims will have an increased chance of finding new collectibles in the ocean while snorkeling.
Scuba Diving Level 2 – Once reaching level 2 of the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims will unlock access to “Rocky Reef” Diving Spot, and can now look for “Diving Jobs” at the Science Facility, Restaurant, or City Hall.
Scuba Diving Level 3 – Once reaching level 3 of the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims will have an increased chance of finding uncommon collectibles in the ocean while snorkeling and scuba diving.
Scuba Diving Level 4 – Once reaching level 4 of the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims will unlock access to “Davy Jones’ Locker” Diving Spot.
Scuba Diving Level 5 – Skill Advancement
Scuba Diving Level 6 – Once reaching level 6 of the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims will be able to open and collect the treasure from one of two “Davy Jones’ Locker” Treasure Chests.
Scuba Diving Level 7 – Once reaching level 7 of the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims will unlock access to “The Mermaid Grotto” Diving Spot.
Scuba Diving Level 8 – Once reaching level 8 of the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims will be able to open and collect the treasure from one of two “Mermaid Grotto” Treasure Chests.
Scuba Diving Level 9 – Once reaching level 9 of the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims will unlock access to “Pearl’s Deep” Diving Spot.
Scuba Diving Level 10 – Once reaching level 10 of the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims will be able to open and collect the treasure from one of two “Pearl’s Deep” Treasure Chests and use the Cave in Pearl’s Deep to Unlock the Uncharted Island “Diver’s Den”.

Want more? Level 10 Scuba Divers get a special “Retro” Diving Suit!


As Sims raise their Scuba Diving Skill, you will notice that the time spent underwater is limited. Unlike Mermaids, regular Sims do not have an unlimited air supply, and also require Depressurizing downtime when resurfacing.
When Sims Scuba Dive, a number of moodlets appear to inform you of how long your Sim’s air supply will last, and when they should resurface. As Sims increase their Scuba Diving Skill they will receive more time to swim underwater, and require less time to depressurize when resurfacing.
The following moodlets appear when a Sim is Scuba Diving:

 Breathing Comfortably – This moodlet indicates how long the air supply will last at a comfortable level. The amount of time a Sim is allowed underwater varies from 3 to 7 hours, depending on the Sim’s Scuba Diving Skill.



Breathing Shallowly – This moodlet indicates that the air supply is below a comfortable level, and Sims should resurface as soon as possible. No matter what Scuba Diving Skill Level a Sim has, this is a warning to get out. This moodlet lasts for 2 hours.



Gasping for Air – This moodlet indicates that a Sim has run our of air, and needs to resurface ASAP. The moodlet lasts for 60 minutes, and if a Sim has not resurfaced during the one hour time frame, it will result in death.



Depressurizing – Sims who resurface before running out of air, will need to depressurize before re-entering the ocean’s depths. The amount of time a Sim must depressurize varies from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the Sim’s Scuba Diving Skill.


Death by Running out of Air

Even the best of the best Scuba Divers have their mishaps, and running out of air is one of them. As Sims level up in the Scuba Diving Skill, they receive more and more time to scuba dive before decompressing. However, this doesn’t mean they can stay underwater forever. If a Sim ignores the “Gasping for Air” moodlet, they will lose their breath and die.

❗ Mermaids have an infinite supply of oxygen, therefore will not die by running out of air

Screenshot-35 Screenshot-39


Diving Work

When Sims increase their Scuba Diving Skill to a level 2, they will unlock the ability to perform “Diving Work” for extra simoleons. Diving Work can be found at City Hall, the Science Facility, and at the local Restaurant. These jobs act as opportunities, increase in difficulty as Sims raise their Scuba Diving Skill, and when completed, rewards Sims with a nice chuck of change and a boost in the scuba diving skill.

Example Diving Work

dive jobs


Fish and Collectibles

While scuba diving in the ocean’s depths, there are plenty of fish and collectibles to find. While Sea Shells and Messages in a Bottle are much harder to find underwater, fish and other sea creatures will almost always be in plain view. When visiting any of the 4 dive spots in Isla Paradiso, there are a variety of fish and collectibles to collect.

❗ Diving spots that require a higher Scuba Diving Skill contain more valuable and rare collectibles. Any collectibles found underwater will be placed in a Sim’s inventory.




Sharks are one of the many creatures found in Underwater Dive Lots. Newbie Scuba Divers will enter the water, see a shark, get scared, and pee themselves. The active Sim will then receive a 3 hour “Warm Wetsuit” moodlet that makes them uncomfortable.


When Sims feel a bit more comfortable around sharks, they can “Watch & Examine” them underwater. This action helps build the scuba diving skill. During this time a shark will swim around while your Sim follows from afar. Sharks do not usually bother a Scuba Diving Sim that is watching, however, once in a while your Sim will encounter a rowdy one.
Rowdy Sharks are very likely to attack your Sims underwater while being watched, and will attack a Sim at a moments notice. The chances of a shark attack grow significantly if the active Sim has raw meats and fish in their inventory. One of the following outcomes are possible during a shark fight:

Win the Fight – Sims who win a shark attack will not only kill off the shark, but get to keep a Skark tooth as well! Shark teeth are Extraordinarily Unusual to obtain, and are worth plenty of simoleons.
Lose the fight (Mauled) – Sims who lose a fight to a shark and manage to escape their sharp teeth, will end up with a negative 8 hour “Mauled by a Shark” moodlet, and deplete their air supply. Resurface quickly!
Lose the fight (Death) – This scenario is pretty much self-explanatory. 😉


❗ Mermaids are friends of the underwater creatures, and will not be attacked by, or die from, sharks. Exploring the underwater dive lots is safest as a Mermaid.

Screenshot-46 Screenshot-50 Screenshot-47 Screenshot-48


Underwater Dive Lots

Dive lots are the exclusive home to underwater Scuba Diving and exploration. There are a total of 4 Diving spots around Isla Paradiso: Rocky Reef, Davy Jones’ Locker, The Mermaid Grotto, & Pearl’s Deep.
Each of these diving lots require a certain Scuba Diving Skill level to explore, contain unique treasures, and are also a great place to find many of the new collectibles. Below is a map of where each of the 4 dive lots are located in Isla Paradiso.


As mentioned in the previous section of the guide, Scuba Diving is only available to Sims who gain and increase their Scuba Diving Skill. Certain levels of the scuba diving skill unlock the ability to dive in new underwater dive lots, as well as give Sims the ability to open certain underwater treasure chests. This portion of the guide details each of the four dive lots.

❗ Mermaids are automatically equipped with a level 10 in the Scuba Diving Skill, and will have access to all 4 Dive Lots and their treasure chests.


Underwater Caves

All dive lots have underwater caves for Sims to explore. Some offer new exit routes, others lead Sims to uncharted islands, and sometimes there’s a little something extra lurking inside. Each of the underwater caves also provide Sims the ability to discover collectibles.
When Sims exit from their cave exploration, they may end up being pulled back in by a Cave Monster. Cave Monster attacks are most likely to occur after 9pm, and are not deadly. Sims who are “Suckered” back into the cave will receive a 5 hour negative moodlet.



“Rocky Reef” Diving Lot

♦ Level 2 of the Scuba Diving Skill is required to access this dive lot.
♦ There are (0) Treasure Chests in this dive lot.
♦ There are (2) Underwater Caves to explore; With a level 4 Scuba Diving Skill, Sims can use the underwater caves here to travel to “Davy Jones’ Locker” Dive Spot.



“Davy Jones’ Locker” Diving Lot

♦ Level 4 of the Scuba Diving Skill is required to access this dive lot.
♦ This lot can be accessed directly using the underwater caves of Rocky Reef.
♦ There are (2) Treasure Chests in this dive lot; One requires a level 6 in the Scuba Diving Skill to unlock.
♦ There is (1) Underwater Cave to explore

Treasure Chest #1 – This treasure chest is unlocked to all Sims with a level 4 Scuba Diving Skill, and contains §1000 simoleons, a Map Piece, an Emerald, a Ruby, and 3 pieces of Silver.


Treasure Chest #2 – This treasure chest is unlocked to all Sims with a level 6 Scuba Diving Skill, and contains §1500 simoleons, 2 Conch Shells, and 3 large Gold Ingots.



“The Mermaid Grotto” Diving Lot

♦ Level 7 of the Scuba Diving Skill is required to access this dive lot.
♦ There are (2) Treasure Chests in this dive lot; One requires a level 8 in the Scuba Diving Skill to unlock.
♦ There are (2) Underwater Caves to explore

Treasure Chest #1 – This treasure chest is unlocked to all Sims with a level 7 Scuba Diving Skill, and contains §2000 simoleons, and 2 Diamonds.


Treasure Chest #2 – This treasure chest is unlocked to all Sims with a level 8 Scuba Diving Skill, and contains §2500 simoleons, Tanzanite, a Map Piece, and 3 Large Palladium Ingots.



“Pearl’s Deep” Diving Lot

♦ Level 9 of the Scuba Diving Skill is required to access this dive lot.
♦ There are (2) Treasure Chests in this dive lot; One requires a level 10 in the Scuba Diving Skill to unlock.
♦ There is (1) Underwater Cave to explore. This Cave leads you to “Diver’s Den” Uncharted Island.

Treasure Chest #1 – This treasure chest is unlocked to all Sims with a level 9 Scuba Diving Skill, and contains §3000 simoleons, an Ancient Fish Fossil, 3 pieces of Gold, and a Luminorious Gem.


Treasure Chest #2 – This treasure chest is unlocked to all Sims with a level 10 Scuba Diving Skill, and contains §5000 simoleons, a Rainbow Gem, a Large Plutonium Ingot, an Emerald, Mr. Mariner Gnome, a Ruby, and a Yellow Sapphire.


Underwater Cave – This underwater cave is unlocked to all Sims with a level 10 Scuba Diving Skill. When explored, Sims can exit to, and discover, “Diver’s Den” Uncharted Island. This island is one of 8 uncharted islands to discover, and includes a treasure chest that contains §1200 simoleons, 1 piece of Gold, 1 piece of Iron, 1 piece of Palladium, and 1 piece of Silver.



Self-Employed Scuba Diver

The professional Scuba Diver is not just diving for fun anymore. Now they are on the hunt for rare treasures lost at sea. What hidden artifacts will your Sims find and collect? By selling these finds, you will see your Sims promoted through the diver ranks in no time.
If you have The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion installed, Sims with at least a level 1 in the Scuba Diving Skill can register as Self-Employed at City Hall. They will need to complete a series of diving challenges, collecting treasures to sell. This is a freelance job with promotions, and the only requirements are to collect sea shells, sea life, and messages in a bottle.

Abysmal Diver (Level 1) – Welcome to the world of professional Scuba Diving! Searching for underwater treasure is already an adventure in itself. Now you can have a career, and earn money doing it too! By selling the shells, message bottles, and other sea life you find while diving, you’ll be able to move up the ranks in no time. (Funds to Promotion: §30)
Nautical Neophyte (Level 2) – You’re starting to get your sea legs, in that at this point they should be feeling more like flippers than legs. Keep diving and keep exploring! (Funds to Promotion: §75)
Amateur Plunger (Level 3) – Collecting plunders from the sea is getting easier and easier. Remember, the ocean is solvent, but can your business be? (Funds to Promotion: §500)
Aspiring Aspirator (Level 4) – Deeper and deeper you go. That ocean bed can be a bed of roses, or a bed of nails depending on how you handle it. Stay vigilant! (Funds to Promotion: §1,000)
Marine Major (Level 5) – You’re making a responsible living, and becoming quite an authority on the sea. Don’t rise through the ranks too quickly; you won’t want to get the bends! (Funds to Promotion: §2,500 – Achievement Bonus: §500)
Thalassic Veteran (Level 6) – As you get better at diving, your knowledge of the ocean increases. You’re the type that can throw around terms like “thalassic” without consulting a thesaurus. (Funds to Promotion: §7,500)
Scavenging Scholar (Level 7) – In this career, you’re only as good as your last nadir. You’ve gone about as low as one can, but there’s still more to find down there! (Funds to Promotion: §15,000 – Achievement Bonus: §1,500)
Salvaging Shark (Level 8) – You are one of the very best at extracting valuables from the salty deep. In fact, you could use the word “swag” and be taken entirely seriously. Still…don’t. (Funds to Promotion: §30,000)
Abyssal Diver (Level 9) – Your depth in the diving field is matched only by the depths you can actually descend to. Others can only fathom the fathoms you’ve crossed. (Funds to Promotion: §60,000 – Achievement Bonus: §2,500)
Honorary Mermaid (Level 10) – You’re as comfortable under the water as you are above it. You could find Jacques Cousteau’s lost contact lens at the bottom of the trench. (Funds to Promotion: §80,000 – Achievement Bonus: §5,000)







Mermaids are the legendary aquatic creatures of the open seas. They can be recognized on land by their scaly legs, or in the water by their long colorful fish tails. Mermaids maintain basic needs just like regular Sims, however, their Hygiene motive is replaced with the Hydration Motive. To maintain their aquatic nature, mermaids must stay hydrated at all times.
Mermaids can be found swimming in the water, collecting kelp in the underwater dive spots, and also enjoying a walk around town. Befriending a mermaid is quite the simple task, but becoming a mermaid requires a bit of effort.
There are four ways to add a Mermaid to your household:

♦ Befriending a Mermaid and asking them to move into your Active Household
♦ Becoming romantically involved with a mermaid and trying for a baby
♦ Purchasing Mermadic Kelp via Lifetime Rewards
♦ Asking a Mermaid “about their fish parts” while Scuba Diving underwater.

Once you have greeted and befriended a Mermaid, they are automatically added to your relationship panel. You will be able to speak to them when running into them around town or underwater, and are even granted a special Mermaid Signal for when they’re nowhere to be found.
Clicking on their avatar via the relationship panel will display the option to “Signal Mermaid”. If the mermaid is available, they will arrive as soon as possible.


Growing and maintaining a relationship with Mermaids requires the same effort as any relationships with non-Mersims. On land, there are endless ways of growing your relationship with Mermaids. Underwater, however, the interactions available between any Sims and mermaids are limited.
Only the following interactions are available between Sims and Mermaids while underwater:

♦ Talk about Seashells

♦ Discuss Kelp Recipes

♦ Enthuse About Diving

♦ Talk About Fish

♦ Talk About Sharks

♦ Ask About Fish Parts

♦ Invite On Land

While underwater with a Mermaid, Sims can invite them to spend some time on land with them. Whether the Mermaid accepts or declines, depends on how high the relationship between the two are. If the mermaid accepts, he will hop on a boat and sail back to land with you.


If you manage to build your relationship with a Mermaid into a Romantic One, the options to Woohoo and Try for Baby are available. If your Sim is ready to bring a Mer-Baby into the world, get to woohoo-ing and hope for the best!

❗ When a regular Sim and a Mermaid try for a baby, there is a 50% chance of the offspring being a Mermaid. Alternatively, when two Mermaids try for a baby, the offspring is guaranteed to be a Mermaid.


When asking a Mermaid about their “fish parts” underwater, there is a good chance you will receive Magical Mermadic Kelp. This special kelp will be placed in a Sim’s inventory, and if magical, can turn your Sim into a Mermaid when eaten.

❗ Not all Kelp received this way is magical and mermadic. Sometimes Sims will receive regular kelp that only makes them nauseous. It is a good idea to use the “ask about fish parts” social multiple times to ensure you receive magical mermadic kelp.


Sometimes mermaids find this social offensive, and decline your request. This typically happens when the relationship has not exceeded at least 70%. If the Mermaid carries the “Evil” trait, they may even summon a shark. The shark will usually just swim around a Sim (sometimes scaring them enough to pee themselves) but if your Sim is carrying lots of raw fish, the chances are a shark attack rise significantly.

Be careful, Shark Attacks can be deadly!


Lastly, the one way to become a Mermaid with little effort, is to save up 25,000 Lifetime Reward Points and purchase “Mermadic Kelp” via Lifetime Rewards. No matter which way you end up acquiring the Mermadic Kelp, the result is the same. Sims who have managed to get their hands on Mermadic Kelp and want to transform into a Mermaid, need not do anything more than eat it.

❗ Only Sims Teen and older can eat Mermadic Kelp

❗ Regular Sims who transform into a Mermaid will be immediately equipped with the special abilities of a Mermaid.


Welcome scaly legs and fish tails!



Customizing Mermaid Scales

Unfortunately Mermaids cannot be created in Create-a-Sim, and therefore does not leave much Mermaid to customize. The only customization option available when a Mermaid enters your active household, is to re-color their leg scales.
With the Mermaid selected, click on any mirror to enter “Create-A-Scale”. From this screen you can customize 4 different sections of a Mermaid’s scales. While the customization of leg scales is limited, you can use any colors you like.

Please note that this customization also changes the color of a Mermaid’s fish tail.


Mermaids are equipped with some very unique features. Unlike regular Sims that require a constant oxygen flow while scuba diving underwater, Mermaids are natural aquatic creatures that never require oxygen tanks to dive underwater, or decompression time after resurfacing. Mermaids are also equipped with a level 10 in the Scuba Diving Skill, so each and every dive spot is open for exploration.
A mermaid’s special fish tail allows them to swim freely from one end of the world to another. Being that their most unique feature is the ability swim faster than other Sims, mermaids will typically never use any other method of transportation in the water.


The preferred meal of mermaids is Raw Fish and Kelp. Both of these items can be purchased at the grocery store, collected & harvested underwater, or collected while fishing (Kelp excluded here). It is a good idea to keep plenty of raw fish and kelp handy for your mermaids, as regular Sim foods are less satisfying for them.


Since Mermaids depend on water to stay hydrated, it is a good idea to make sure they take frequent dips in the ocean, pool, or bathtub. If you have The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack installed, rainwater will also help keep Mermaids Hydrated.
Mermaids are more likely to dry up during hot weather, especially if the temperature rises above and beyond the norm. When you have The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack installed, Mermaids dry out at a faster pace with temperatures over 90 degrees.
When the Hydration Motive begins to decay, Mermaids receive the “Drying Up” moodlet, followed by the “Chapped or Flakey” moodlets. This is the first sign that the Mermaid should seek hydration immediately.
If even after these dangerous moodlets a Mermaid does not seek hydration, they will receive the “Dehydrated” moodlet that even further decays their hydration. The dehydrated moodlet lasts for 3 hours, and knocks a Mermaid unconscious. If you have other Sims in your active household, use the “Re-hydrate Mermaid” interaction to revive them. This will remove the dehydrated moodlet, and raise their hydration motive to a more comfortable level.

❗ If a Mermaid is not revived during the 3 hour dehydration period, it will result in death.



Keeping Mermaids hydrated is one thing, while making sure they maintain their fish parts is another. It is recommended that Mermaids swim in the ocean, or in a pool, at least once every 24 hours. If a Mermaid goes more than 48 hours without using their fish tail, they risk losing it.
Mermaids who have surpassed 48 hours without swimming, will receive the 24-hour “Adapting to Land” moodlet. After the 24 hours are up, Mermaids will transform back to a regular, human Sim. The Sim will lose their “fish parts” and underwater capabilities, however, they will still maintain Level 10 of the Scuba Diving Skill.

❗ To ensure that a Mermaid does not transform into a human Sim, purchase the “Permanent Mermaid” Lifetime Reward (5,000) to prevent their “fish parts” from escaping them.


Mermaid Offspring


Any two Mermaids that try for a baby will always have a Mermaid baby born into the family. If a Mermaid tries for a baby with any Supernatural or human Sims, the chances are 50/50. If you do not end up with a Mer-baby, you can always have them eat Mermadic Kelp once they become teens.
Until they become teens, Mer-Babies will not have any Mermadic abilities, will not have a fish tail when swimming in the water, or have the ability to scuba dive. They will, however, have their leg scales and a level 10 in the Scuba Diving Skill.



Curing Mermaids

If you no longer want your Sims to be mermaids, there are two sure ways to transform them back to regular Sims. If you have The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion installed, you can purchase or create the Level 7 Potent Cure Elixir and use it on your Mermaid.
Additionally, mermaids who have surpassed 48 hours without using their fish tails to swim, will receive the 24-hour “Adapting to Land” moodlet. After the 24 hours are up, Mermaids will transform back to a regular, human Sim. The Sim will then lose their “fish parts” and underwater capabilities, however, they will still maintain Level 10 of the Scuba Diving Skill.



New Town: Isla Paradiso


Isla Paradiso is an archipelago of Islands surrounded by tranquil seas, relaxation, recreation, and exploration. Sims can stay at resorts, enjoy an adventurous boat cruise, or scuba dive into the depths in search of hidden wonders.


Screenshot-195 Screenshot-196 Screenshot-197 Screenshot-198 Screenshot-199 Screenshot-200 Screenshot-201 Screenshot-202 Screenshot-203 Screenshot-204 Screenshot-205 Screenshot-206 Screenshot-207 Screenshot-208 Screenshot-209 Screenshot-210 Screenshot-211 Screenshot-212 Screenshot-213 Screenshot-214 Screenshot-215 Screenshot-216 Screenshot-217 Screenshot-218 Screenshot-219 Screenshot-220 Screenshot-221 Screenshot-222 Screenshot-223 Screenshot-224 Screenshot-225 Screenshot-226 Screenshot-227 Screenshot-228 Screenshot-229 Screenshot-230 Screenshot-231 Screenshot-232 Screenshot-233 Screenshot-234 Screenshot-235 Screenshot-236 Screenshot-237 Screenshot-238 Screenshot-239 Screenshot-240 Screenshot-241 Screenshot-242 Screenshot-243 Screenshot-244



New Community Lot Types


Island Paradise adds three brand new Community Lot Types:

♦ Dive Lot (Isla Paradiso Exclusive)

♦ Port

♦ Resort Lot


Dive Lots

Dive lots are the exclusive home to underwater Scuba Diving and exploration. There are a total of 4 Diving spots around Isla Paradiso: Rocky Reef, Davy Jones’ Locker, The Mermaid Grotto, & Pearl’s Deep.
Each of these diving lots require a certain Scuba Diving Skill level to explore, contain unique treasures, and are also a great place to find many of the new collectibles.

❗ Dive Lots are further explained and detailed in the “Scuba Diving” section of this guide.




Ports are a must for placing, building, and docking houseboats. Isla Paradiso comes equipped with many ports all over town, but you can also build your own unique ports as well.
Ports can dock the following boat types and sizes:

♦ Barge, Small – 10×8 (Free)

♦ Barge, Medium – 15×10 (§3000)

♦ Barge, Large – 20×15 (§5000)

♦ Barge, Narrow – 20×6 (§6000)

♦ Curved Bow, Narrow – 14×6 (§8000)

♦ Curved Bow, Wide – 12×8 (§9000)

While living on a houseboat, Sims can abandon ports, temporarily visit other ports, and also dock at a new port permanently. All empty ports around town can be used freely to dock a houseboat.


❗ Building and using Ports & Houseboats are further explained and detailed in the “New Game Options” section of the guide.



Resort Lots

Any private or community lot can be turned into a Resort Lot. Resorts serve as a vacation spot for Sims of all ages, and are a great way for Sims to earn some extra income. Running a resort takes time and dedication, but once you save up those simoleons, the return profit is worth it.
There are three pre-made Resorts in Isla Paradiso: Hobart’s Hideaway, La Costa Verde, and Sparkling Sands. Each resort has unique items exclusive to resorts, as well as some brand new interactive objects. These resorts can be saved to the neighborhood bin and placed in any worlds you have installed. You can also build and manage your own unique resort lots.
Building and creating your own resorts is fairly simple. For the advanced user, resorts can be built from the ground up, and for the not so advanced users, brand new Resort Blueprints have been added to help guide you through the building process.

❗ All new interactive objects are further explained in the “Interactive Objects” section of the guide.

❗ The ins and outs of resorts are further explained in the “Building and Managing Resorts” section of the guide.





Uncharted Islands

Isla Paradiso is surrounded by 8 Hidden Uncharted Islands. These islands are covered in fog, and can be unlocked by completing certain actions in game. Once unlocked, these islands become part of your active household’s real estate as the fog recedes. They can be used as 2nd homes, or even converted into resorts for profit.

❗ If your household moves to a new town, it would be beneficial to sell these properties prior to moving. Once you move your active household to a new town, all real estate is removed the household.
❗ To unlock all uncharted islands for your current household without completing any of the requirements, you can use the following cheat: DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands



Plumbob Island (1)

Difficulty: Hard
Lot Size: 64×64
Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, Sims will need to find an Extraordinarily Unusual Message in a bottle. There is a 5% max chance of finding this special riddle in a bottle, but when it is found, the island unlocks and the rewards pour in. (Tip: “Mermaid’s Secret” Uncharted Island contains a rare spawner that will produce the message in a bottle you need to unlock Plumbob Island)
Extras/Rewards: Plumbob Island includes a treasure chest with §3,333 simoleons, a large Plumbob Cut Rainbow Gem worth §2,278 simoleons, and the “Evolution of the Plumbob” painting worth over §12,000 simoleons.

Plumbob Island


Cay to the City (2)

Difficulty: Hard
Lot Size: 30×40
Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, you must rescue 34 drowning Sims from the water as a lifeguard.
Extras/Rewards: None

Cay to the City


No Trouble Atoll (3)

Difficulty: Medium
Lot Size: 60×60
Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, you will need to manage a Five-Star Resort.
Extras/Rewards: None

No Trouble Atoll


Refuge Island (4)

Difficulty: Medium
Lot Size: 25×30
Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, you will need to complete a series of quest opportunities. To begin the adventure, head to any resort, check in for a minimum of one night, and “Check for Adventures” with the front desk. You will need to accept and complete each opportunity in order to unlock the island. (Total of 6 opportunities)
Extras/Rewards: This island includes a Fishing Spot, and a small one room shack.

Refuge Island


Beryl Shoals (5)

Difficulty: Easy
Lot Size: 64×64
Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, your Sims will need to swim or boat to it.
Extras/Rewards: None

Beryl Shoals


Mermaid’s Secret (6)

Difficulty: Medium
Lot Size: 30×30
Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, your Sim must befriend a mermaid and build a good relationship with them. Once you have befriended a mermaid, scuba dive with them in any of the dive lots, and they will show you the way to Mermaid’s Secret island.
Extras/Rewards: None

Mermaid's Secret


Diver’s Den (7)

Difficulty: Hard
Lot Size: 50×60
Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, your Sim must reach level 10 in the Scuba Diving Skill. Once your Sim has mastered this skill, they can explore the underwater cave in Pearl’s Deep Diving Spot to discover this island.
Extras/Rewards: Diver’s Den includes a treasure chest with §1,200 simoleons, raw Gold, raw Iron, raw Palladium, and raw Silver.

Diver's Den


Plunder Cove (8)

Difficulty: Hard
Lot Size: 64×64
Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, Sims will need to find and assemble 4 map fragments that form “The Buccaneer’s Map”. Map Fragments #1 & #2 can be found on land in Uncommon Messages in a Bottle. There is a 10% chance of finding these uncommon map fragments on any lots that lay near the ocean.
Map Fragments #3 & #4 can only be found in underwater treasure chests. Map Fragment #3 can be found in a treasure chest in Davy Jones’ Locker (requires level 4 scuba diving skill), and Map Fragment #4 can be found in the treasure chest of the Mermaid Grotto Dive Spot (requires level 8 scuba diving skill).
Unlocking this Island: In addition to the above mentioned method of unlocking this island, another way to unlock this island is by saving up 25,000 Lifetime Reward Points. Once any of your Sims have saved up enough points, they can purchase the Uncharted Island Map Reward.
Extras/Rewards: Plunder Cove includes a treasure chest with §1,200 simoleons, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, Emerald, Smokey Quartz, Yellow Sapphire and Ruby.

Plunder Cove




Edit Town Rabbit Holes & Community Lot Content


Accolades Institute and Stadium Blue Sky Movie Theater Civic Center Costa Verde Corp. & Alyssa's Bookstore Cruzita's Grocery and Diner El Hospital Island Mausoleum Nautilus Laboratories Smuggler's Laire Trade Winds Spa and Bistro Aquatic Accent Cannon Wreckage Grand Arch of Archeas Grand Bell Arch of Arches Hectro's Faux Ruins Hectro's Shattered Pots Inconvenient Mermaid Mad Props Most of a Boat My First Olmec Colossal HEad Nautical Nelly Sea Debris The Guardian Wheel Wreckage



Resort Exclusive Content


Beach Resort Tower

Eco Modern Food Counter Eco Modern Resort Tower Island Beach Bungalow Island Bell Hopper's Front Desk Island Wedding Arch Spanish Style Resort Cottage The Beachside Foodstand The Grand Buffet



Buy/Build Mode Objects


Actual Streetlamp Alcove Gardens Antique Leather Couch Aqua Transporter Boat Trailer Aqua-Sled the Personal Watercraft Bites and Brews Seafood Sign Chair of Life Savings Clay Tiles with Miniature Balcony Clay Tiles Clearview Garage Door Coal Stroll Firewalk Pit Conical Lightstorm Coupla Coolers Deserted Palm Destiny of Kelp Fantasy Star Chair Festive Potted Plant Fish Hero Planter Fish Signage Fishtailed out of Water Flameo Firepit Floor Candle Gambles Folded Chair Grandparents Chair Half a Whale Fountain Hand Made Loveseat Hanging Lantern Hanging Pescado Hirschfield's Waterfall Lights Island Bistro Table Island Bounty Island Canopy Jowls Lazy Dazy Paddboat MaxxArch Arch Accentuator Mooring Cleat Mooring Post by Public Domains Ocean Adjacent Painting Old Sea Coffee Table Old Sea End Table Paper Glowlamp Parrot Sign Patio Umbrella Penultimate Delux Plant Condo Ramin's Rustic Garage Door Roofington Bell Roofington Roof Curves 2 Roofington Roof Curves Roofington Roof Straights Rowboat by Public Domains Sailboat by Public Domains Sand Lounger Sandwich Board Signage School of Lights Seashell Wall Mural Shrub Hexagon Sim's Travel Tent Skimtron Outboard Speedboat Slade the Indomitable Paddleboat Sleek Plastic Chair Speedboat by Public Domains Streetlamp Highlights SymmertriLux Wall Light Tabur Lamp The All-in-One Bathroom The Candelier The Perfect Warm Hottub Traveler's Palm Tropic Lantern Tropical Life Signboard Tropicalio Beadstead TV's Couch Underwater Camera Vanity Bonfire Wall Lighting Solutions Wall Light Wet Side Hot Tub Windsurf Jr. from Laminar Wind LLC Windsurf Sr. from Laminar Wind LLC Wrongways Surf Sofa X-Leg Dining Table Xopeckuato the Great Aquaducks Waterslide Artificial Waterfall by H2Flow Cateraction Waterfall Hydroglide by Waterslide Liquid Pool Bar Seashell Mosaic Trinarch Waterfall Bodega Doors Crazy Zebra Doors D-Fusion Light Column Fancy for you Door Fence by the Beach Fronds Like These Column Glass Double Doors Good Weather Window Horizon Door Modern Stately Arch Motel Quality Window Blinds Triple Pack Motel Quality Window Blinds Nature's Pass Double Doors Round Modern Column Serious Fence Serious Gate Surf Celebration Fence The Generalissimo TriPane Standard Wrought Iron Door Alocasia Contemplative Stone Date Palm Tree Flat Rock Floss Silk Tree Mangrove Tree Palm Bismark Plant of Paradise Purple Rhondodendron Queen Palm Rainbow Eucalyptus by Land's Capers Rainbow Shower by Land's Capers Rhododenron by Land's Capers Stacked Boulders The Lantana by Land's Capers Yellow Rhododendron Brick Herringbone Ocean Floor Island Geometrioc Wall 2 Island Geometrioc Wall 3 Island Geometrioc Wall Triangles 2 Island Geometrioc Wall Triangles 3 Island Geometrioc Wall Triangles Island Geometrioc Wall Island Paradise Metal Wall 2 Island Paradise Metal Wall 3 Island Paradise Metal Wall Paradise Geometrics Wall 2 Paradise Geometrics Wall 3 Paradise Geometrics Wall Paradise Rectangles Wall 2 Paradise Rectangles Wall 3 Paradise Rectangles Wall Paradise Tropical Wall 2 Paradise Tropical Wall 3 Paradise Tropical Wall Paradise Wave Break Wall 2 Paradise Wave Break Wall 3 Paradise Wave Break Wall 4 Paradise Wave Break Wall Paradise Wave Wall 2 Paradise Wave Wall 3 Paradise Wave Wall Black Metal Roof Brown Corrugated Metal Roof Green Metal Roof Orange Corrugated Metal Roof Paradise Grid Roof Rose Corrugated Metal Roof Seaform Tile Roof Turqoise Metal Roof



BuyDeBug Objects



Colonial Mailbox Gangway Style Helm Mosquito Repellent Mr. Mariner Gnome Public Room Marker Scuba Buoy Treasure Chest - Land Treasure Chest - Water Tree Planter Moquito Spawner 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Underwater Objects (BuyDeBug)


Brain Coral Candelabrum Contemplative Stone - Underwater Version Cup Coral Dark Cavern Deep Sea Cave Large Kelp Layered Table Coral Leather Coral Mermaid's Coral Perfect Starfish Pillar Coral Sanddollar Starfish Sea Fan Sea Grass Stacked Boulders - Underwater Version Starfish Trio Table Coral Tall Kelp Tube Sponge Underwater Rock Vintage Giant Clam Shell



Interactive Objects

The Sims 3 Island Paradise includes a variety of new interactive objects that advance a Sim’s skills, or simply gives them that “fun” motive boost. These objects allow for new gameplay interactions that were not previously available in game.

Underwater Camera

The underwater camera is a must for any scuba diving Sims. While exploring the depths of the ocean, there’s plenty of beauty and sea life to capture on film. The only way to bring home those important moments underwater, is to purchase a waterproof camera.
New filters and features will be available on this camera as Sims advance their Photography Skill. The Photography Skill is available when you have the World Adventures or University Life Expansion Packs installed. Any photos taken with the underwater camera can be hung on the wall for your viewing pleasure.

❗ This waterproof camera cannot be used anywhere but underwater.

❗ The underwater camera does NOT advance the photography skill.




All-in-One Bathroom

Need a quick shower and washroom break? Look no further than the ever so small all-in-one bathroom!




Sometimes a staircase just doesn’t fit. Houseboats are especially tricky when it comes to maneuvering, so making sure you get from point a to point b is a must. Ladders are a new form of “staircase” that attach to the outer wall between two floor levels. Sims will climb up and climb down to get to where they’re going.



Sim’s Travel Tent

Originally introduced with The Sims 3 World Adventures, the Sim’s travel tent is the perfect place for Sims to enjoy solitary confinement.



Firewalk Pit

Sims Teen and older can practice their confidence skills with the brand new Firewalk Pit. Sims who have the “soles” to cross these coals, will be crowned the greatest of them all!

❗ There are three temperature settings for the Firewalk Pit: Cool, Hot & Scorching.




Pool Slide

Adding a pool slide to pool makes play time ten times more fun. Sims can enjoy a quick and fun slide into the pool, but sometimes they forget to practice their sit and release skills!



Pool Bar

Island Paradise has introduced a new way for Sims to get juiced…the Pool Bar! Right from the comfort of their own pool, Sims can enjoy a variety of drinks in their swimsuits! Pool Bars are found in the “Pool Objects” section of Build Mode, and can be placed on both residential and commercial lots.

Find some room around your pool, place the bar, and enjoy!




Boats are the new type of transportation introduced with Island Paradise. From paddle boats to speedboats, Sims have multiple ways to sail the open seas. Some boats can hold more than one Sim aboard, and others up to four!

❗ Sims are more likely to become seasick and nauseous if they are sailing the seas for a long period of time. Side to side, left to right, back and forth…barf!
❗ Boats cannot be placed without a boat trailer, mooring post, or mooring cleat. You can purchase of these in buy mode first, or click any of these objects on a community lot to purchase a boat directly from them

There are a total of 8 new boats available in game:

Lazy Dayzy Paddle Boat (Accommodates 1 Sim – Speed Level: 2)


Slade the Indomitable Paddle Boat (Accommodates 1 Sim – Speed Level: 2)


Rowboat (Accommodates up to 3 Sims – Speed Level: 3 – Sims can Fish from this boat)


Aqua-Sled (Accommodates 1 Sim – Speed Level: 7)


Sailboat (Accommodates up to 4 Sims – Speed Level: 5 – Sims can Fish from this boat)


Skimtron Outboard Speedboat (Accommodates up to 4 Sims – Speed Level: 8)


Speedboat by Public Domains (Accommodates up to 4 Sims – Speed Level: 9)


Windsurf (Accommodates 1 Sim – Speed Level: 5)


Windsurf Junior (Accommodates 1 Sim – Speed Level: 5)



Kraken Attacks

Kraken are legendary sea monsters of giant proportions, waiting for the perfect chance to attack your boat! Sims who spend a lot of time out in the ocean are very likely to see, and even be attacked by the Kraken. If a Sim is attacked by the Kraken, they will be pulled underwater, and have their boat destroyed. Let panic ensue!

❗ Kraken cannot attack houseboats or windsurfs.

❗ Sims who carry the “Friend of the Kraken” Lifetime Reward, are safe from any Kraken attacks, and can even release the Kraken on a boat of their choice!

❗ Mermaids are friends of the underwater creatures, and are immune to Kraken Attacks.



Video Link


Water Skiing

Water skiing is an activity in which a Sim is pulled behind a boat over a body of water. When at least two Sims board a Speedboat, the option to water ski will appear when clicking the boat. This activity can be enjoyed by Sims aged Child to Elder.
The performance of a Sim on water skis depends greatly on their Hidden Water Skiing Skill. There are 10 levels to this skill, each advancing a Sim’s performance. There are plenty of tricks to be seen as your Sim advances in this skill.




Windsurfing is an activity in which a Sim sails the sea on a windsurf, and can be enjoyed by Sims aged Child to Elder. The performance of a Sim who is windsurfing depends greatly on their Hidden Windsurfing Skill. There are 10 levels to this skill, each advancing a Sim’s performance. There are plenty of tricks to be seen as your Sim advances in this skill. Surf’s up dude!




Magical Gnome

Mr. Mariner Gnome – The Mr. Mariner Gnome can be found while snorkeling, scuba diving in underwater caves, or seen hiding among the sea life of the ocean floor.




New Woohoo Spots


Underwater Caves


Sims with at least a level 2 in the Scuba Diving Skill are able to use the underwater caves in a more romantic way! Find a Dive Spot around town, and select the “Scuba Dive with…” interaction. This will then allow you scuba dive in a group with certain Sims, and while you’re underwater, find a cave to Woohoo in!

❗ Please note that both Sims must scuba dive together in order for the “Woohoo/Try for Baby” options to appear on the underwater caves.

❗ Sims who Woohoo in an underwater cave will receive a mood boosting “Mile Low Club” moodlet for 24 hours. (+15 mood)


Video Link


All-in-One Bathroom


The All-in-One Bathroom really is an all in one! Not only does this object have an entire bathroom jam packed into a small space, it also has just enough room for your Sims to Woohoo in. Watch out for the shower knobs!

Video Link


Resort Tower Rabbit Hole


When Sims check into resorts, they are able to enjoy some quality time in the Resort Tower Rabbit Hole. This option is only available to Sims who are checked in, so save up for a truly romantic getaway.

Video Link


Sim’s Travel Tent


The Sim’s Travel Tent is more than just a place to relax and enjoy solitary confinement. When any two Sims who are romantically involved relax in the travel tent, they can turn that tent upside down!

Video Link



New Deaths


Death by Shark Attack

Sims who Scuba Dive risk the chance of being attacked by a Shark. This incident rarely occurs on its own, but Sims who “Watch” the sharks underwater, significantly increase their chances of being attacked. Sims who carry any raw fish or meat in their inventory, have an even greater chance of being attacked. Sharks love their meat, so don’t turn into their meal! If your Sim loses the fight, there is a pretty good chance he won’t resurface alive.

❗ Mermaids are friends of the underwater creatures, and they will not be attacked by, or die from, sharks. Exploring the underwater dive lots is safest as a Mermaid.

Screenshot-261 Screenshot-262


Death by Dehydration (Mermaids)

In place of the hygiene motive, Mermaids carry the “Hydration” motive. In order to survive on land, Mermaids must stay hydrated at all times. When a Mermaid’s hydration motive decreases, they risk the chance of receiving the Dehydration moodlet. This moodlet lasts for 4 hours, and if no one is around to re-hydrate them with a bucket of water, the Mermaid will die.

❗ If you have The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion installed, hot temperatures significantly increase the risk of dehydration. Additionally, rain is a great way to re-hydrate a Mermaid.


Screenshot-267 Screenshot-264


Death by Running Out of Air While Scuba Diving

Even the best of the best Scuba Divers have their mishaps, and running out of air is one of them. As Sims level up in the Scuba Diving Skill, they receive more and more time to scuba dive before decompressing. However, this doesn’t mean they can stay underwater forever. If a Sim receives the “Gasping for Air” moodlet, and they do not resurface within an hour, they will lose their breath and die.

❗ Mermaids have an infinite supply of oxygen while scuba diving underwater, therefore will not die by running out of air

Screenshot-270 Screenshot-263