The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Guide

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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Game Guide

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Table of Contents


Basic Info


New Game Additions


Veterinary Career


Life With Pets




Buy Mode







Game Cover


Game Summary

Create a variety of cats and dogs, add them to your Sims’ homes to forever change their lives and care for neighborhood pets as a veterinarian with The Sims™ 4 Cats & Dogs. The powerful new Create A Pet tool lets you personalize cats and dogs, each with their own unique appearances, distinct behaviors, and for the first time, expressive outfits!

These wonderful, lifelong companions will change your Sims’ lives in new and special ways. Treat animal ailments as a veterinarian and run your own clinic in a beautiful coastal world where there’s so much for your Sims and their pets to discover.


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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack adds one new Aspiration available for selection in Create-a-Sim. This aspiration grants Sims both a reward and bonus trait.

Friend of the Animals
This Sim wants to be friends with the animals.



Sim Traits

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack adds four brand new traits for Sims. Two of these traits are reward/bonus traits for selecting and completing the new game aspiration.

Animal Affection
Relationships with animals begin at higher values.

BONUS TRAIT (From Choosing the Friend of the Animals Aspiration in CAS)
Animal WhispererIt is easier to Train and Discipline animals as well as gain relationship with them faster.

REWARD TRAIT (From Completing the Friend of the Animals Aspiration)
Cat LoverThese Sims tend to make cats their companions, preferring the company of cats to other Sims.
Dog LoverThese Sims love to be near dogs. They will gain relationships faster with dogs and socialize with dogs more than the average Sim.




There are three brand new Achievements available with The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs. When completing certain actions within your game, you can unlock special badges and collect gamer points. To learn more about achievements in The Sims 4, check out our full list of The Sims 4 Achievements.

Simstagram StarterGain 25 Simstagram Followers
sims 4 icon
Simstagram InfluencerGain 250 Simstagram Followers
sims 4 icon
Simstagram CelebrityGain 1500 Simstagram Followers
sims 4 icon



Create A Sim Fashions

Female Adult/Teen/Elder – 15 Hairstyles, 10 Tops, 5 Bottoms, 8 Outfits, 2 Pairs of Shoes, 4 Accessories
Female Children – 1 Hairstyle, 3 Tops, 1 Bottom, 1 Outfit, 3 Pairs of Shoes
Female Toddler – 1 Top, 1 Outfit
Male Adult/Teen/Elder – 11 Hairstyles, 1 Facial Hair, 15 Tops, 5 Bottoms, 1 Outfit, 1 Pair of Shoes, 2 Accessories
Male Children – 1 Hairstyle, 4 Tops, 2 Outfits, 2 Pairs of Shoes
Male Toddler – 1 Top, 1 Outfit





Facial Hair/Shoes/Accessories



New Game Additions

This section includes details of all the new gameplay available with The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs. Images have been sized down in most cases, so click the images for a larger view.


New Music Genre/Radio Stations

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs adds the new “Singer-Songwriter” music genre to the game. You can listen to the new music and stations in game via the stereo and speaker systems.



Club Requirements

If you own The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack, you will receive four new Club Requirements with The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs. “Dog Lover”, “Cat Lover”, “Pet Training” and “Veterinarian” are the new type of trait and skill requirements available.




The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs adds the new “Simstagram” Social Media to the game. This feature is specific to Pets, and helps Sims increase their Photography Skill. The Photography Skill is now a Base Game feature, and does not require The Sims 4 Get To Work Expansion Pack.

Simstagram is a Pet only feature that allows Pets to become famous on social media, and receive rewards for their celebrity status. Additionally, Simstagram is tied to the new Game Achievements that were added with the expansion pack.

❗ Use a cell phone or click on a pet to use the Simstagram feature.
❗ To check how many Simstagram followers a pet has, use the computer and select the “Social Networking” option.
❗ Simstagram photos will be placed in a Sim’s inventory.

Each photo taken of a pet will increase their following on Simstagram. Once a pet reaches 25, 250, and 1500 followers, they will receive free gifts from Pawsitively Pet Products for gaining celebrity status. Rewards include toys, pet beds, and automatic pet feeders.



New Recipes

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs adds 4 brand new “Food Stall” recipes for Sims to learn. These recipes can be purchased at any of the new public food stalls that come with the game.

Food Stalls are found on the docks of Whiskerman’s Wharf, and the Dog Park in Sable Square

These recipes work similar to a skill, where they must be eaten to be learned, and learned in order to prepare them at home. When ordering and eating these food dishes from a food stall, Sims will automatically learn the recipe. The following recipes have been added:

Food Stall
Haddock SandwichFoodies Munch & Go (Sable Square)
Lobster RollFoodies Seafood Sampler (Whiskerman's Wharf)
Popcorn ShrimpFoodies Seafood Sampler (Whiskerman's Wharf)
Seafood ChowderFoodies Seafood Sampler (Whiskerman's Wharf)



Pet Recipes

In addition to the new “Sim” recipes that have been added, there are now 4 new recipes available for Pets as well. Pets can eat any food in the game, but these are specifically tied to the Gourmet Cooking and Homestyle Cooking Skills for Sims.

❗ Sims must use the new “Cook Homestyle Pet Recipe” and “Cook Gourmet Pet Recipe” options on stoves and refrigerators to cook the new pet recipes. 

Sims must have at least a Level 2 in the Homestyle Cooking and Gourmet Cooking Skills to cook these recipes at home. Sims can also eat the new Pet Recipes, but will receive a 2hr Uncomfortable (+1) moodlet. The following Pet Recipes have been added:

Food Stall
Skill Level
Beef and Chicken FishcakeFoodies Seafood Sampler
(Whiskerman's Wharf)
Level 2 Homestyle Cooking
Dogbone Meat PieFoodies Munch & Go
(Sable Square)
Level 2 Homestyle Cooking
Cubed Carcass FrancettiFoodies Seafood Sampler
(Whiskerman's Wharf)
Level 5 Homestyle Cooking

Level 2 Gourmet Cooking
Marinated Sausage Link ChorizoFoodies Munch & Go
(Sable Square)
Level 5 Homestyle Cooking

Level 2 Gourmet Cooking



Pet Drinks

Sims who have at least a level 2 in the Mixology Skill can create a special concoction at the bar for their furry friends. Sims will place it down for the pet, or call a pet to drink it.

Skill Level
Minty Fresh Pet ConfectionLevel 2 Mixology



Veterinarian Skill

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs the all-new Veterinary Skill. Sims can master the Vet Skill on the Crafting Machine or Examining Pets using Veterinary equipment. Leveling up in the Vet Skill will reward Sims with new objects and unlock new interactions and actions. Sims with a higher Vet Skill will also be better at diagnosing and treating pets.

Vet Skill Level 1 – This Sim’s new skill in the veterinary sciences allow them to treat pets using specialized vet equipment like the exam table or surgery station. Level up this skill by treating more animals!

Vet Skill Level 2 – This Sim has unlocked an adorable pair of pet-themed mailboxes! They can now craft Swampwater Taffy and Cooler than Liquid Nitrogen Nutrition Bar at the Medicine Crafting Table. This Sim has also unlocked a cute pet-themed wall decal!

Vet Skill Level 3 – This Sim can now craft Scorching Cinnamon Chew at the Medicine Crafting Table! They have also unlocked a cute pet-themed wall decal!

Vet Skill Level 4 – This Sim can now administer Feelgood Serum as a treatment at the Exam Table! They can also now craft The Stinkinator at the Medicine Crafting Table. Last, but not least, they have also unlocked a cute pet-themed wall decal!

Vet Skill Level 5 – This Sim has earned 400 of Perk Points! They are now able to Soothe Pets at the Exam Table, and craft Wellness Treats at the Medicine Crafting Table. Last, but not least, they have also unlocked a cute pet-themed wall decal!

Vet Skill Level 6 – This Sim can now craft Age-Up and Age-Down treats at the Medicine Crafting Table. How magical! They have also unlocked a cute pet-themed wall decal!

Vet Skill Level 7 – This Sim can now craft the Poop Randomizer treat at the Medicine Crafting Table. You read that right—it’s a treat that makes a pet’s poop…something else. They have also unlocked a cute pet-themed wall decal!

Vet Skill Level 8 – This Sim has unlocked a cute pet decal to decorate their Vet Clinic with!

Vet Skill Level 9 – This Sim has received 900 perk points for their Vet Clinic, and can now perform the Lubricate Tailwagger Joint surgery!

Vet Skill Level 10 – This Sim has reached the pinnacle of veterinary practice! They are now able to craft the Ambrosia Treat at the Medicine Crafting Table which can be used to bring pets back to life! Also, enjoy an exclusive new door for the Vet Clinic!




Pet Training Skill

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs the all-new Pet Training Skill. Sims can master the Pet Training Skill by using the “Training” Interaction on Dogs, “Running” the obstacle course objects with any pet, or “Commanding” a pet use the obstacle course objects.

Leveling up in the Pet Training Skill allows Sims to teach dogs a variety of commands and tricks. Sims with a higher Pet Training Skill will also have a better chance of their pet getting a Gold Medal through the obstacle course with no faults.

Pet Training Skill Level 1 – This Sim has acquired the Pet training Skill. They will be able to train dogs to Sit, Speak, Fetch, Roll Over, and Lie Down, ands show off their pet to other Sims.

Pet Training Skill Level 2 – This Sim is now level 2 Pet Training and can teach their dog to Heel, Shake, and Play Dead. Don’t forget to take the time to Practice Tricks.

Pet Training Skill Level 3 – This Sim has reached level 3 of the Pet Training Skill. They are now able to send their dog to explore.

Pet Training Skill Level 4 – By reaching level 4 of the Pet Training Skill, this Sim is able to Show off Pet Tricks and command their dog to Attack.

Pet Training Skill Level 5 – At the highest level of the Pet Training skill, this Sim can have their dog Perform Tricks for passing Sims, and will be able to teach tricks to dogs faster.




Collectibles and Harvestables

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs includes the brand new “Feathers” collection, and adds new “Catnip” harvestables to the game. Below is a list of all collectibles and harvestables, where they are found, and how to find them.



Feathers are a new collectible acquired by Commanding Pets to Chase flocks of bird around the world, or having pets explore bushes around Brindleton Bay. These special bushes have “Paw Print” leaves, and are filled with skunks, squirrels, and other birds.

❗ Pets can be bit by squirrels and sprayed by skunks when exploring bushes. Sometimes this will cause them to get sick enough to require a visit to the Vet Clinic.

When successful, Pets will exit the bush with a “Pile of Feathers” that Sims can put in their inventory or open. Opening these feather piles will yield feathers that Sims can collect in order to complete their collection. The following feathers are up for grabs:

CrowCommon§35This ebon plume belongs to crafty crow. Many chase these fine avians from their homes mistaking them for thieves. They are mistaken, crows only take what they need, and never more.
DuckCommon§35The divine duck is hard to compare to other avians. No other bird combines an incredibly low intelligence with such fine plumage. It is a good thing they breed like pigeons.
FinchCommon§40Finches are very attractive birds with their variety of colors and patterns. Many covet these as pets despite the finch's utter distaste of humanity. They are also nervous wrecks.
PigeonCommon§25Pigeons can be found all over the world. Often called the rats of the bird kingdom, the pigeon has been unfairly maligned. It is quite majestic compared to many nonflying creatures.
SeagullCommon§30This somewhat elegant bird roams coastal lands but are sometimes found inland. Its activities include fighting over trash, stealing food, and making dock workers angry.
Blue JayUncommon§80The Blue Jay is most known for its magnificent cerulean plumage. Less known is its intelligence and propensity to be a family bird. Yet, their baseball skill remains questionable, worse than cardinals even.
CardinalUncommon§60The colorful cardinal loves its seeds and showing off its impressive coat. While they make excellent neighbors, they are not well known for their baseball skills.
HeronUncommon§70Herons are fastidious creatures, grooming themselves constantly. Known for their hunting speed and infinite patience, they can be admired with no egrets.
PheasantUncommon§90While usually prized as game birds, the male pheasant has incredible plumage. Collectors will admire their feathers while considering what to have with the rest of the bird for dinner.
ParrotRare§120Parrots have a variety of beautiful feathers. Rare in these lands, these feathers are often prized more than the birds themselves. They tend not to bite and talk back.
PuffinRare§110Usually a frozen weather creature, it is rare to see a puffin feather around these parts. Lost on its way to a breeding colony perhaps? Or fleeing Iceland?
Spotted SixamRare§200A rare find indeed, experts thought this owl long gone from the world. Its otherworldly plumage had scientists convinced it was a stowaway from forays to a nearby planet. This will make an impressive show piece in any feather collection.

Once a Sim has collected all 12 feathers in the collection, click on any of the feathers in their inventory to “Assemble Into Bird Sculpture”. This will craft and place a special statue into your Sims inventory that they can place anywhere in their home.

The statue can be sold for §2500 Simoleons

If the statue is not what Sims are looking to add to their home, or they have some spare feathers left over, Sims can pull the feathers out of their inventory and place them on the wall as decor. Each feather has its own special plaque.



Catnip Herbs

Catnip Herbs are a new harvestable found in the neighborhoods of Brindleton Bay. Sims can acquire them by harvesting plants in the world, or by ordering a “Catnip Herb Packet” via the computer. Sims can open the packet it to collect all 4 herbs right away.

❗ The Catnip harvestables do not count towards the Gardening Collection. Instead, harvested Catnip Herbs activates a special “Give Catnip Treat” interaction.

NapnipNapnip will help calm your cat and put them to sleep.
MadnipMadnip will make your cats enraged with pure anger!
NuzzlenipNuzzlenip will make your cat friskier than usual.

CatnipCatnip will boost your cats energy making them insanely hyper!

Giving Catnip Herbs to cats will affect their mood and behavior. For example, giving a cat Madnip will enrage them to the point that they will start attacking and scratching their owners. The effects of Catnip Herbs lasts 4 hours.


Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are another way for Dogs to bring their owners gifts, and contain random objects and collectibles from the game. Dogs will autonomously head into the world and explore piles of dirt and fish, bushes, and other messes in the world. Dogs who successfully retrieve goodies will bring home a mystery box.

❗ Dogs with the Hunter Trait can be directed to hunt by their owners.

❗ Hunting and digging makes dogs very dirty. Be sure to have a bathtub at home to clean them after they explore the outdoors.


Crafting Table & Crafts

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs adds a new interactive Crafting Table object that allows Sims to craft a variety of different items. This table is tied to the Veterinary Skill, so leveling up in the Vet Skill unlocks new craftable items and categories. Items include Surgery Station crafts, Exam Table crafts, and Pet Treats. Craft Tables can be purchased in buy mode.

There are three Surgery Station and Exam Table crafts, all of which help Veterinarian Sims calm the stress levels of Pets when performing scans and exams. The rest of the crafts fall under the “Pet Treats” category. Increasing the Vet Skill will unlock new treat variations Sims can give to pets or sell via the vending machine in a Vet Clinic.

❗ Pets who are wearing the “Cone of Shame” cannot ingest pet treats.

❗ Kittens and Puppies can only be given the Age-Up treat.

Vet Skill
Craft Type
Industrial Strength Relaxation SerumLevel 1Exam TableThis serum can be administered on the Exam Table and clears all pet stress.
Belly Rub Simulation GelLevel 1Surgery StationThis soothing gel concoction eliminates all stress on dog patients and makes the discovery of symptoms easier.
Catnip-Based Calming AgentLevel 1Surgery StationThis powerful serum eliminates all stress on cat patients and makes the discovery of symptoms easier.
Cooler Than Nitrogen Nutrition BarLevel 2TreatGives pets the "Frozen Mange" Illness. Symptoms include blue fur and fleas.
Swampwater TaffyLevel 2TreatGives pets the "Super-Duper Swamp Mouth" Illness. Symptoms include nausea, barfing, and dizziness.
Scorching Cinnamon ChewLevel 3TreatGives pets the "Magmafied Organs" Illness. Symptoms include hot feet and glow nose.
The StinkinatorLevel 4TreatPets will become filthy and smelly, giving off a 2 hour Tense +1 "Smelly Pet" moodlet to Sims. Dogs will need more than one bath to clean up.
Wellness TreatLevel 5TreatThis treat boosts a pet's immune system, preventing frequent illnesses. This treat can also be given to a pet who is ill to cure their ailments without a trip to the Vet.
Age-Down TreatLevel 6TreatReverses aging in your pet, bringing them down one age group.
Age-Up TreatLevel 6TreatForwards aging in your pet, bringing them up one age group.
Poop RandomizerLevel 7TreatDogs will poop out random types of poo. Golden and Rainbow poo are
Ambrosia TreatLevel 10TreatThis treat brings pets back to life from ghost form.


Repairing Furniture

Failing to add a scratch post to a home with Cats will result in furniture being destroyed. Unless you discourage cats from scratching the furniture, they will rip through the fabric of most chairs, sofas, bookcases, and anything else they can get their claws on.

Once the furniture starts showing the wear and tear of cat scratches, Sims have the option to “Fix Scratches” when clicking on the furniture. The cost to fix the scratches will equals half the price the item would cost if it was purchased new in buy mode.



Cats & Dogs Intro











Pet Traits

When creating Pets in Create-a-Sim, breeds will be assigned one trait that best fits their “real life” behavior. The trait is not permanent and can be changed to any of the available traits instead. When creating pets in Create-a-Sim, Cats & Dogs are required to have at least one trait in order to be created and saved. Pets are allowed up to three traits total.

Pet traits shape the behavior of a pet. Lazy pets will sleep more than others, and vocal pets will howl and yowl more often. You are not able to change the traits of your pets unless you use cheat codes to enter Create-a-Pet.

Cats Traits & Descriptions

AffectionateThese cats really love their owners. They'll try to stick close to them whenever possible. (Conflicts with Aloof)
AloofThese cats don't really need owners, they're just here for the free food. (Conflicts with Affectionate)
CleverThese Cats are fast learners, and some say that they can even understand Simlish when spoken to!
CuriousThese cats are more curious about their surroundings. They like to search different objects around the house.
FluffyThese cats are more fluffy than normal! They'll hack up hairballs more often.
Free SpiritThese cats enjoy wondering around the world, almost as if they were wild animals! But don't worry, they'll always come home for the food.
Friendly These pets tend to be friendly to other Sims, and will happily greet other Sims around them. (Conflicts with Territorial)
FriskyThese cats are more active than other cats. They really like to pounce and run around. (Conflicts with Lazy)
GluttonThese pets will eat significantly more often, and much more messily!
LazyThese cats really enjoy their catnaps. They also are less likely to jump from place to place since it takes too much effort. (Conflicts with Frisky)
Mischievous These cats are always up to no good! They will often misbehave, and can even be encouraged to do so.
PlayfulThese pets love toys and want to play all the time, even when they're not excited.
Prowler These cats enjoy prowling around the neighborhood. Send them out and they might come back with something they found.
Skittish These cats are scared of everything. Okay, well, almost everything. They also like to hide a lot.
SpoiledThese cats are spoiled creatures. Scolding them hardly ever changes their behavior.
TalkativeThese cats love to yowl along with other Sims. They'll even try to sing upon request.
TerritorialThese cats are fairly protective of their territory. They will be aggressive to anyone new they meet. (Conflicts with Friendly)


Dog Traits & Descriptions

ActiveThese dogs are very energetic. They really like running and enjoy frequent walks. (Conflicts with Couch Potato)
AdventurousThese dogs will sometimes leave the house to go on solo adventures, but are also happy to go on an adventure with their owner.
AggressiveThese dogs will be more hostile when greeting others, and might attack others unless properly trained. (Conflicts with Friendly)
Couch PotatoThese dogs are low-energy creatures that like to relax and unwind with their owners, rather than run around. (Conflicts with Active)
Friendly These pets tend to be friendly to other Sims, and will happily greet other Sims around them. (Conflicts with Aggressive)
GluttonThese pets will eat significantly more often, and much more messily!

HairyThese dogs will leave hair piles laying around. Brush their fur to keep things tidy!
HunterThese dogs are natural hunters. Send them off into the world, and they'll hunt and dig for things.
Independent These dogs are less likely to need constant affection and can even walk themselves. (Conflicts with Loyal)
JumpyThese dogs are easily frightened, and like to hide more often. They will often shy away from things like fights.
LoyalThese dogs want to be closer with their owners and love to be pet. They like to follow their owners around. (Conflicts with Independant)
PlayfulThese pets love toys and want to play all the time, even when they're not excited.
SleuthThese dogs are naturally more curious and like to investigate different objects around the house.
SmartThese bright dogs are easier to train and pick up tricks quickly. They might even understand Simlish!
Stubborn These dogs don't like being told what to do. Scolding them doesn't do much to change their misbehavior, but you can try begging them to stop.
TroublemakerThese dogs are always up to nothing good. They will often misbehave and can even be encouraged to do so.
VocalThese dogs like to howl occasionally, and can even sing on command.



Life With Pets





Adopt & Sell Pets





Caring for Pets





Obsessions & Fears





Training & Behavior





Stray Pets





Running Away















Pet Death

In The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs, there is only one way a pet can perish: Old Age. Pets and Sims share the same aging and life span settings, so whatever setting you have set for your Sims will also apply to cats & dogs. If left to naturally age, pets will pass on as elders.

Life spans for pets vary based on their age, and are determined based on the aging setting you choose for Sims and Pets. Their lifespans are as follows:

Kittens/Puppies – 2 days (Short), 3 days (Normal), 12 days (Long)

Adult Cats/Dogs – 12 days (Short), 25 days (Normal), 96 days (Long)

Elder Pets – Varies from pet to pet

Unfortunately, Sims are not able to plead with the Grim Reaper in order to spare their pet’s life, so you will not be able to prevent the death of a pet when Grim is on the lot. Once a Pet passes on, they will receive a special Urn/Tombstone marked for Cats or Dogs.

❗ Due to the culling system recently implemented to the game, to ensure that the ghost of a pet returns to “haunt” Sims, they should use the “Strengthen Connection to Physical World” option in order to secure their relationship with the pet.


Ghost Pets

Pets who have passed on will eventually come out from their graves to visit Sims in their ghostly form. Sims will have all the same social interactions they did when the pets were alive, and can even add them back into the household.

Sims and pets with a relationship level of at least “Good Friends”, can use the “Invite to Household” interaction to add them to the current household as a ghost pet. Additionally, Sims who have crafted or purchased the Ambrosia treat can give it to their pets to bring them back to life. This will automatically add the pet to the household as an elder.

❗ The Ambrosia Treat can be purchased at any Vet Clinic for §2,500 Simoleons, or crafted on the crafting table by Sims who have a Level 10 in the Veterinary Skill.

Even though a pet can be brought back to life, the inevitable is bound to happen again. If you choose to play with aging turned on, consider crafting or purchasing the Age-Down treat to keep your furry loved ones alive fuuurever.


Pet Cemetery

Tucked away in a wooded area of the Deadgrass Isle Neighborhood is a special “Pet Cemetery” lot. This lot is not a functional cemetery lot you can edit, but is home to many of the world’s ghost pets after dark. Sims can visit this lot and interact with ghost pets.




Become a Veterinarian





Building a Vet Clinic





Managing a Vet Clinic















Symptoms & Illnesses
















The Vet Clinic perk system allows you to boost certain aspects of your Vet Clinic through Perk Points. Points are earned while performing basic duties and treating patients.

Click here for a list of Vet Clinic Perk Cheats

Perk Name
Additional Vet #1
Unlocks the ability to hire one additional Vet within the Manage Employees window.
Unlock Vet Supply Quality
Unlocks the ability to set the quality of vet supplies.

Vet Rush
Temporarily increases the number of patients who come to your Clinic.
Patient Patients
Makes pet owners easier to impress with quick service and less likely to get upset at slow service.
Additional Vet #2
Unlocks the ability to hire one additional Vet within the Manage Employees window.
Inspirational Speech
Unlocks the "Inspirational Speech" social interaction, which can be used to inspire your employees.
Lower Employee Training Costs
Lowers the cost of training for employees.
Well Managed
Lowers the chance of bad events happening at the Vet Clinic while your Sim is away.
Reduce Pet Stress
Decreases how quickly pets become stressed during vet procedures.
The Vet Coat
Unlocks a bonus lab coat for your Sims.



Ratings & Reviews





Selling Your Vet Clinic






Brindleton Bay (World)

Tucked away on the eastern seaboard. Brindleton Bay has acquired a reputation for its citizens’ absolute obsession with all things feline and canine. Enjoy the coastal views, the rich maritime history, and all your new four-legged neighbors! Brindleton Bay has 4 Neighborhoods and a total of 16 Lots to build and play on.

World Screenshots



Lot Traits

The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs adds 6 new lot traits available for use on all lots in any world. Each trait has a unique effect that can change how Sims and Pets interact with the lot. Lot traits remain intact when the lot is shared on The Sims 4 Gallery.


Breeding GroundIncreases the chances for pets to have larger pet litters.
Cat FriendlyCat owners will visit this lot with their cats.

Excluded: Vet Clinic, Spa, Restaurant, Residential, and Retail.
Cat HangoutStray cats really love this lot! Meow!
Dog FriendlyDog owners will visit this lot and bring their dogs.

Excluded: Vet Clinic, Spa, Restaurant, Residential, and Retail.
Dog HangoutStray dogs will hang out at this lot.
Training GroundSims gain Pet Training Skill Faster on this lot.



Pre-Built Lots

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs adds 4 new Pre-Built Lots that you can add into any world. These lots can be found by entering your Library in The Sims 4 Gallery.

Green Gardens (Residential, 64×64, §242,886)Show off some Simoleons in this gorgeous home and its accompanying gardens. Just make sure you can pay those bills before moving in!


Widow’s Watch (Residential, 30×30, §118,771)This house once belonged to a nervous sailor’s wife, who installed a plethora of windows so she could scan the sea for signs of her husband returning home. Nowadays, it makes for a beautiful family home with pleasant views of the water. 


Paw-Reader’s Palace (Residential, 20×15, §59,817)It doesn’t take a psychic to know that the previous owner of this house was a feline fanatic.


Seaside Stories (Library, 30×20, §108,942)An archive of some of the best sea-shanties and sailors’ tales. Take a walk up to the top-floor deck for a beautiful view!


Peppy Puppy Playpark (Park, 40×30, §46,052)Every puppy needs a place to play! The Peppy Puppy Playpark is the perfect venue to get your little doggo outside and exercising.


Country Clinic (Vet Clinic, 40×30, §70,379)Need to go to the vet, but hate that sterile, medical feeling? Renovated from an old home in the countryside, this Vet Clinic feels warm and welcoming.



Neighborhood Lots & Info

Brindleton Bay comes with 4 neighborhoods, all of which contain pre-built residential, commercial, and empty lots. This section of the guide gives you the information regarding all lots from each neighborhood. See here for info on the “My Library” Lots by Maxis.

Deadgrass Isle

Once the site of a mysterious shipwreck, Deadgrass Isle is now home to the world-famous Brindleton Light and the city’s largest population of indigenous strays. Lately, however, there have been some rumors about strange visitors after sundown…

Deadgrass Discoveries (Museum, 30×30, §108,465) – After almost two centuries as the lighthouse keeper’s private home, this property was converted into a museum chronicling the Bay’s interesting maritime history when a new automated system was installed in the Brindleton Light.


Cavalier Cove

Known for its hiking trails and sprawling coastal properties, Cape Cavalier is the perfect place to go exploring or chase seagulls with an adventurous pup!

Hound’s Head (Residential, 64×64, §192,767) – The largest property in Brindleton Bay- and with its very own private beach – Hound’s Head has housed a variety of rich and powerful pets (and their owners) through the ages.


Bedlington Boathouse (Residential, 20×20, §13,557) – Tucked away between the expensive mansions of Cape Cavalier is this humble little cottage. Nothing says “beach access” like living right on the beach!


Chateau Frise (Residential, Occupied by the Delgato Family, 40×40, §179,033) – While Supriya loves her full-time job as a stay-at-home mom, it’s been getting harder and harder to suppress her dreams of being a full-fledged veterinarian. Especially now that the owner of the Brindleton Pawspital is looking to sell the business. Her husband Justin has always been supportive, and keeps offering to take a break from work so she can follow her dream. But can Supriya really trust him to keep the peace at home between Blue and Bartholomew? Not to mention Pierce and Evie too!


Dachshund’s Creek (Empty Lot, 30×20, §2,000) – Easy access to the creek below makes this property a must-own for nature-loving homebuilders. You don’t want to wait for your life to be over- purchase this property and get building!


Hindquarter Hideaway (Empty Lot, 30×20, §2,000) – The Hindquarter Hideaway may be the furthest property from the water’s edge, but the small fishing pond nearby more than makes up for it.


Sable Square

The cultural center of the city, Sable Square is ideal for both cats and dogs. These people love their pets so much, they’ve built a monument to them right in the middle of town!

Brindleton Pawspital (Vet Clinic, 40×30, §86,511) – This state-of-the-art facility offers the very best in pet care for your sick barker or meower. Rumor has it the owner is preparing for retirement soon and is interested in selling the place to a young aspiring vet.


Pupperstone Park (Park, 40×30, §33,583) – Featuring a playground for their two-legged kids and an obstacle course for their four-legged ones, it’s no wonder Brindletonians spend so many of their afternoons in this quaint public park. (Dog Friendly Lot Trait)


Sporting Space (Park, 30×20, §2,410) – Central and affordable, this property is just waiting to be developed.


It’s A Good House (Residential, Occupied by the Hecking Family, 40×40, §87,180) – Life in their new home seems to agree with newlyweds Brent and Brant. The small-town bustle inspires Brent’s painting, and Brant loves to explore the Bay’s beautiful neighborhoods. But will they ever agree on who gets to take their beloved Rosie with them?


Domus Familiaris (Residential, 30×30, §43,635) – A charmingly classic home steps away from the heart of Sable Square, Domus Familiaris is the ideal abode for a new family moving to the Bay.


Whiskerman’s Wharf

A favorite hangout for the Bay’s feline citizens, who can often be found climbing around down at the docks, Whiskerman’s Wharf is also enjoyed by fishermen and tourists alike.

Club Calico (Lounge, 40×30, §108,018) – Previously an exclusive yacht club for only the richest citizens of Brindleton Bay, a recent decree by Mayor Whiskers opened up this pool and wedding locale for public use.


Salty Paws Saloon (Bar, 20×15, §83,755) – From sailors to spaniels to Scottish folds, the Salty Paws Saloon is a neighborhood staple and a favorite hangout spot for locals, human or otherwise. (Cat Hangout Lot Trait)


Tail’s End (Empty Lot, 40×30, §3,000) – Far from the bustle of the dockyards, this secluded lot still has plenty of that harbor charm (and a beautiful view to boot!)


Catscratch Cottage (Residential, Occupied by the Lynx Family, 20×15, §49,520) – Cats in the neighborhood know where to go for a good meal. Catarina’s always had a soft spot for animals, and the cats she lives with have the best home a cat could ask for. Sometimes Catarina asks herself if there’s something more to life than cats… usually right before she adopts another stray. (Cat Hangout Lot Trait)


Ragdoll Refurb (Residential, 20×20, §70,601) – Once a part of the pet food cannery next door, this warehouse has since been converted into a stellar two-story home.




Build/Buy Mode Objects

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs includes 338 buy and build mode items. This includes objects, build items, styled rooms, and every other item that was included with the game. The slideshow below contains 330 of these objects, with the “Styled Rooms” listed right below.

The slideshow begins with the “Mr. Woof and Mrs Meow’s Child Bed” and ends with the “The Seaside Loner”. If you prefer to view the images individually, check out the album.



Styled Rooms



Interactive Objects

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs adds a variety of new interactive objects. These objects allow for new gameplay not previously available in game. Below is a list of these objects.


Food Stalls

Food Stalls are a new object that allows Sims to purchase a variety of foods and drinks in the game. Food Stalls are found on the docks of Whiskerman’s Wharf, and the Dog Park in Sable Square. Sims can head to these locations and purchase both Sim Recipes and the new Pet Food Recipes from these locations.

All 3 food stalls are available in buy mode for your Sims to place at home, or when building lots in any world. These food stalls are home to the 8 new recipes for both Sims and Pets.

The new recipes work similar to a skill, where they must be eaten and learned in order to be cooked at home. This only applies to Sim recipes though as they are not required to eat the Pet Recipes in order to cook them. Sims who have a level 1 or higher Cooking Skill will automatically learn the Sim Recipes when eating from a Food Stall. In order to cook all 4 recipes at home, Sims will have to spend the time eating them all.

The following stalls are available in buy mode:

Foodies Munch and Go
Foodies Seafood Sampler
Catch of the Day

When placing these stalls on your home or commercial lots, you can use the “Hire Vendor (§100)” interaction to bring an NPC salesperson to the stall in order to purchase products.



Robot Vacuum

The Robot Vacuum is a new automatic cleaning object that helps Sims keep their homes tidy. With both a low-cost and high-end version available in buy mode for §500 and §1,000 respectively, Sims can purchase one of these to assist them in cleaning up their homes. Sims with at least a Level 5 Handiness Skill will be able to install various upgrades as well.

The Robot Vacuum helps clean up pet messes, piles of trash, and even liquid messes. The low-end vacuum will require upgrades to allow for things like liquid cleanups and increased trash storage, while the high-end version already has those upgrades by default. Here are the available upgrade options for each of the robot vacuums:

❗ The dock and vacuum both have upgrade options. Click on each of them for a variety of upgrade options.

Vacuum Type
Handiness Skill
Upgrade Parts Required
Low-End & High-End (Dock)Synchronize Core ChronometerAllows docked Vacuum to Auto-Clean more frequentlyLevel 83 Common
3 Electronic
Low-End & High-End (Dock)Install Micro-IncineratorRemoves trash from a Vacuum while dockedLevel 62 Common
1 Electronic
1 Plumbing
Low-End (Pre-installed on High-End version)Add Gizmo RedundancyReduces the frequency of the object breakingLevel 52 Common
1 Electronic
Low-End (Pre-installed on High-End version)Add Gyro-CompactorIncreases the amount of trash that can be cleaned before becoming fullLevel 64 Common
Low-End (Pre-installed on High-End version)Add Waterproof MechanismsCleans liquid messesLevel 72 Common
2 Plumbing
Low-End & High-End Install Sonic DampenersSounds reduced while running, drawing less pet attentionLevel 82 Common
2 Electronic
Low-End & High-End Equip Turbo-ChargeSpeeds up the object's movement, idle and scan-timeLevel 92 Common
3 Electronic
High-EndEmploy Nanotech DiagnosticsPrevents object from breaking and needing repairs foreverLevel 72 Common
2 Electronic

Now if that wasn’t enough, this object also serves a fun toy for Cats in the home. Cats will often “Investigate” the object and then proceed to sit on top of it. When they do, Sims can use the “Start Cleaning Routine” option to allow their cats to go along for the ride.



Mouse Hole

The Mouse Hole is an interactive decorative object that spawns mice at random. Cats will tend to investigate, watch, and hunt mice from the hole.



Toy Boxes

The Toy Box is an object that allows Sims to purchase and store toys for pets. It is also home to exclusive toys like the “WHATWASTHAT SQUEEKER” toy which is not found in buy mode. Pets will chew, whine, and claw at toys to increase their play levels. Dogs can fetch their own toys from the toy box, while cats will need to have them handed to them.



Pet Toys

When purchasing a toy box is not an option, buy mode offers a number of different toys for pets. All toys allow pets to increase their fun motives, and allows for Sims and pets to bond together and have some fun. Available toys include balls and cat wands.

❗ Cat Wands need repairing from time to time as they break with frequent play.



Self-Clean Litter Box

When cats need to satisfy their bowel and bladder, they must use a litter box. Since they tend to use it often, purchasing a self-cleaning automatic litter box is the way to go. Once a cat uses this high tech machine, it will automatically clean out their excrement.

While this self-clean litter box gives Sims a break from constantly having to clean out the litter box, they will eventually have to empty the litter storage for continued use.

❗ The green panel will turn red when it’s time to empty out the excess litter.

❗ There is 2nd self-cleaning litter box that uses lasers to zap away kitty poop. This one is more expensive and does not require emptying as it does not store litter.



Automatic Pet Feeder

When it’s time to feed your pets, you have two choices: regular bowls or automatic pet feeders. The automatic pet feeder comes in two varieties, and both ensure that food is always left out and kept fresh even if Sims are forgetful. The automatic pet feeder allows Sims to schedule food dispensing every 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours.

❗ Sims are still able to fill and empty bowls any time between feedings. The bowl and feeder have separate options for feeding, filling bowls, and scheduling feeding times.



Obstacle Course

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs introduces the Pet Training Skill. Sims can master the Pet Training Skill by using the “Training” Interaction on Dogs, “Running” the obstacle course objects with any pet, or “Commanding” a pet use the obstacle course objects.

Leveling up in the Pet Training Skill allows Sims to teach dogs a variety of commands and tricks. Sims with a higher Pet Training Skill will also have a better chance of their pet getting a Gold Medal through the obstacle course with no faults.

❗ There are a total of 8 different obstacle objects available in buy mode including hoops, tunnels, platforms, weaving poles, and ramps.



Cat Condos & Scratch Posts

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs includes cat-specific objects that are must haves for cats in any Sim’s life. Cat Scratch Posts and Cat Condos are must-haves for any household populated with cats. Not only do these items stop them from clawing and tearing up furniture around the house, it also gives them a place to groom, laze, play, sit, nap, sleep, and lie down.