Female – Teen/Adult/Elder

Here you can find in-game screenshots of all the Female – Teen/Adult/Elder Haistyles available in the Sims 3 Store.  The title of each Picture contains the Link to the Store, and you may click the images for a larger view.

All hairstyles are in Alphabetical order. Use CTRL + F and type the hairstyle name in the box (upper right) for an easier find.





Barnacle Bay – Female


Barrette and No Bangs


Beach Bunny


Bewitching Bob


Blossom Twist


Bound Up Bows


Bountiful Beret


Braided Band


Braided Bun


Braids and Pigtails


Bucket Hat with Long Hair


Bucket Hat with Medium Hair


Bucket Hat with Tucked Hair


Candy Do


Can’t Care Hair


Can’t Stop the Cool




Catch a Wave


Chorus Girl Curls


City Side Braids


Cloche and Curl


Close Curls Hairstyle


Curls on the Side


Dame Daisy


Derby Delight


Dolly Darling


Dramatic Curls


Dramatic Ponytail


Elegance Style


Elegant Dark Heart


Feathers and Braids


Femme Hawk Fatale


Flapper Fabulous


Flat Cap with Long Hair


Flat Cap with Medium Hair


Flat Cap with Tucked Hair


Flirty Pigtails


Flor de Fuego


Flower Child


Free Spirit


Frizzy Hair


Harmony Headband Hairstyle


Headband Hip


Hello Angel


High Bun


High Ponytail


Inner and Outer Balance Hairstyle


Just Divine


Labyrinth Twists




Long and Luxurious


Long Curls with Veil


Long Feathered


Long Hair with Veil


Long Wavy Hair


Missy O


Mistress Mysterium


Modern Braids


Ornamental Beads Hairstyle


Over The Shoulder Braid


Pert Pixie Cut



Pin-up Pretty


Plait Perfect


Ponytail and Ribbon


Princess Tiara


 Pumped Up Pom Pom Hat


Scarf Wrap Hairstyle


Scene Too Much


Short and Choppy


Side Swept Hair


Silk Wrap Hairstyle


Stunning Starlet


Sundae Hat


Swept Softly Hair


The Alana


The Beautiful Split


The Blake


The Brigitte


The Faye


The Innocent Style


The Professional


The Progressive Style


The Right Hairstyle


The Shuffle


The Sitcom


Traditional Shimada


Un’ do


Updo with Veil


Vintage Veil


Viva Voluminous


Zoe’s Do