The Sims 4: Buydebug Cheat Now Available


The latest Sims 4 Patch has added the ability to unlock all the hidden objects of the game. For those familiar with The Sims 3, this hidden collection of objects is called Buydebug.

To enable buydebug open the cheat panel and type in the following command: bb.showhiddenobjects. Once you have activated this cheat enter “debug” in the search bar to bring up all the hidden objects. There are objects available in both build and buy mode.

TS4 2014-10-01 13-58-42-82 TS4 2014-10-01 13-58-32-85 TS4 2014-10-01 13-59-03-30 TS4 2014-10-01 13-58-51-81

Big thanks to Ruthless_kk for the info!