The Sims 4: Ghost Feature List by Kotaku

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The folks over at Kotaku have received a shiny new list of features about the newly added Sims 4 Ghosts. Check out some of the ways you can play with ghosts in The Sims 4.


  • When a Sim dies, they become a non-playable ghost.
  • Use the “Invite to Household” interaction to make a ghost into fully playable member of your household!
  • Ghosts can have relationships, get married, woohoo, hold jobs, build aspirations, earn traits, or just be!
  • Ghosts have a unique post life experience based upon how they died…
  • Sims that died by hunger seek to satisfy their hunger in the afterlife.
  • Sims that died by overexertion and old age find they prefer to take it easy in the afterlife.
  • Sims that died by fire have a new interaction available to them…my advice, try and not make them angry.
  • Sims that died by an emotional death can radiate their emotion onto other Sims.
  • Sims that died by electrocution, when angry, have a unique interaction to break electronic devices. They also seem to really enjoy the “Hand Buzzer” social.
  • Sims that died by Cowplant have the desire to harm and help the plant world. They can cause plants to die when in a negative emotion, but will care for plants when in a positive emotion.
  • Ghosts can possess objects, and they can repair broken objects when possessed
  • Ghosts have new interactions available to them, such as “Ghost Scare,” “Pass Through,” and “Talk About Death.”
  • Level 10 Gourmet cooks have a new recipe “Ambrosia”, which can be used to bring a Ghost to life (or give a Sim renewed life)!
  • There is a new gardening flower type, the Deathflower, which can be used by a Sim to save themselves or another when visited by the Reaper!