Generations – Maternity Clothing


With Generations comes the ability to have a variety of new options as Maternity clothing.  All the new clothing items from Generations are used as “Maternity”  clothing also.  This does not apply to any other clothing items from the Sims 3 Store or EP’s/SP’s. When choosing your Sims everyday wear, the Generations tops, bottoms & outfits serve as maternity wear also.




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  1. jacqpinks says:

    Oh sweet!!! love em

  2. Amber Lights says:

    Finally, they listen to us!!

  3. coolmatt1019 says:

    so it new clothes for pregent sims

  4. Tomislaw says:

    All of Generations (Young | Adult) clothing items or only some? I will surprised if answer is ‘All’ :)
    Finally that EA listen to us. :)

  5. Jinngi says:

    So much better than those hideous sweat pant options.

  6. mhv says:

    i love the fourth one, totally cute!

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