SimsVIP – Winner of Town Life Stuff Giveaway!



After putting in all the comment #’s I have in the admin panel through a Number Generator…..I am happy to announce that FleshJenn has been chosen as the Winner of Town Life!

FleshJenn, I have emailed you at the email address you provided when commenting…so make sure to get back to us soon!  If we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we will have to select another winner!


Thank you to everyone for participating in the Town Life Giveaway, and stay tuned! We are likely to do this again!  Thank you everyone!


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  1. Jamie says:


  2. Tania says:

    Hi, am bery happy for the town life and stuff game but sinve i donot have the founds to buy the game i’ll try this and even do i do not win i am going to be happy for that lucky person that was choosen so good luck everyone and i love you all even do i dont know you ok so i’ll wait for a special moment :)

  3. richard says:

    that great, they give prizes of great importance and quality, especially if a package of so much novelty in the end, I know what to do to participate in a CONTEST so special like this?

  4. Lady_Trinity says:


  5. sdrawkcabsihtdaer says:

    Congrats :D! I didn’t even see this contest lol!

  6. Shaz says:

    congrats FleshJenn!!

  7. Tig says:

    Congradz FleshJenn!
    Also thank you again Simsvip for doing such a nice thing for your readers. Of all the games I have played that have followings I think Simmers can be some of the nicest out there.
    Have a great day everyone.

  8. Tiarne Southon says:

    Tania, they’ve already chosen the winner. Do you not know how to read? Anyways, congrats FleshJenn! I’ve seen you on the forums before too.

  9. Syuw.1210 says:

    Congrats FleshJenn! :D
    and also lots of thanks to simsvip ;)

  10. lolifofo says:

    Congrats :D

  11. FleshJenn says:

    Wow! I’m here! I havent been able to get online in awhile. must be fate that I was finally able to get on tonight!

    1. FleshJenn says:

      Happy to report that I got the game in the mail today!! Super excited to get it installed!

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