*Spoiler Alert* Sims 3 Pets Information in Patch Notes!
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For those who may have or have not already been informed, Mod The Sims Member Sims MX, has found that the patch contains files regarding Pets.  You can check there for how they found the file as I will not be releasing that info here.

With the help of Sims3Cri, we have a complete list of all the features from this game file regarding Pets!  This is a spoiler, therefore you will need to continue on to the full page link below to see all the information.  Some of you may not want to spoil it for yourselves! ;)


♦ Please note that the info from this file is subject to change as this is an Expansion currently in development.   The information listed here is most likely incomplete and/or will/may be changed before the game release. 

**Sims 3 Pets Spoiler Info**


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  1. I was going to go through the file tonight but why when you and Sims3Cri already did…and I laughed through most of it. :D

    Really glad you guys went to all this trouble. I’ll link back to you tomorrow.

  2. Sims VIP says:

    *sigh* This thing took up my entire day :lol:

    Some stuff is pretty entertaining! Took a long while..now it’s done.. *phew* :P

    *waves* Thanks again for the help Sims3Cri! :D

  3. doodlesam says:

    There’s also something about a ‘Sing A Gram’. With various options such as ‘Romantic Sing A Gram’, ‘Celebration Sing A Gram’ and ‘Cheer Up Sing A Gram’.


  4. Sims VIP says:

    Thanks doodlesam! I’ll add it now :)

  5. Ricky says:

    Very informational! But I wonder when it’s close to being released will sims be able to become a Werewolf like Late Night introduced Vampires? I hope so.

  6. doodlesam says:

    Oh wait, that was a spoiler, sorry! Was I allowed to post that? I didn’t realise. I saw it wasn’t mentioned and didn’t know where to post this info…

    There’s another thing though, so SPOILER..

    There’s something about a ‘power outage’ and ‘power failure’? I’m really sorry if this is too much of a spoiler, it’s just I didn’t see it mentioned on the list.

    I also apologise for the double comment, I forgot about this when I wrote my last one. :)

  7. Sims VIP says:

    Yes I saw that myself and completely forgot to add it! :P Thanks again!

    No problems.. the small bits of info here won’t ruin it for anyone :P I made a dedicated page as it was too long to make as a post on the site!

    (like someone is going to skip clicking the link) :lol:

  8. Maddy says:

    You listed Poodle and Collie twice in the Dog breeds section. Thought I’d let ya know ;)

  9. Sims VIP says:

    Thanks Maddy! I will take care of it the morning :)

  10. Ellie says:

    it doesn’t seem real? it’s too much like the leaked trailer? and it didn’t have the “Allergic to fur” trait. of course.. the game looks amazing!!! but in the trailer sims 3 had on youtube we didnt see any deer, racoons or animals like that.

  11. sdrawkcabsihtdaer says:

    Unicorns? That is actually better than werewolves I guess! :D

  12. Nathan says:

    In accessories for pets, why isn’t there a collar??

    1. Sims VIP says:

      They only had accessories for Horses listed. Don’t forget..this is NOT a complete list and may change before release.

      Also, it has already been confirmed they will sell accessories in The Sims 3 Store. :roll:

  13. andrew N. says:

    No Norwegian Parrot?
    Kidding. Thanks for the info

    1. sdrawkcabsihtdaer says:


  14. Sims MX says:

    @Ellie It is real, it’s in your game files. However, as the game is still under development some information may be inaccurate or may be changed at a later point.

    BTW, Sims VIP I believe that the “Jockey, Animal rescuer, Ark builder, Zoologist, Fairy tale finder, Equestrian” are not NPCs or levels of a career. I think they’re lifetime wishes. For example: animal rescuer – adopt 100 strays; jockey – win the international competition; ark builder – have 2 of each pet; fairy tale finder – befriend a unicorn; etc. Of course, that is just my speculation.

    1. Ellie says:

      @sims MX
      thanks. :)can’t wait for the game

  15. coolmatt1019 says:

    please tell me that not all the pets breeds/types

  16. Sims VIP says:

    @Cool Matt..

    ♦ Please note that the info from this file is subject to change as this is an Expansion currently in development. The information listed here is most likely incomplete and/or will/may be changed before the game release.

  17. coolmatt1019 says:

    oh ok thanks because i remeber saying there be over a 100 breeds or dogs and cats

  18. Chickenboy91 says:

    Cool but too bad there aren’t any cockatiels because I have 2 cockatiels at home and I thought they would be there on the bird types list.

  19. James says:

    Ah man I hope I can be a vet in this game because that would be really fun :)

    1. Lota says:

      Oh My God, that would be amazing! They BETTER include that job. And a pet sitter.

  20. sdrawkcabsihtdaer says:

    *gasp* ICE CREAM TRUCKS!!!!

  21. xBrownEyes says:

    Just a reply to “Chickenboy91″
    I wanted Cockatiels as well! :(
    I have one at home, and I would love for him to be in my Sims games!

  22. Chickenboy91 says:

    Oh please let the summer end soon :( I want pets :'( and I cant wait. I have ideas for what sims will be, I’m gonna be a jockey and own alot of horses yes I know I’m a boy but I love animals :)

  23. ICE CREAM TRUCKS!!! says:

    Kitties and horses and puppies!!!

    …also, did anyone notice that “I can haz” is listed as a moodlet? O.O

  24. RareRascal225 says:

    are you sure sims can get plastic surgery? I just think that is a great idea!

  25. KissMa@ss says:

    how do you get snakes, lizards, birds… etc. I mean on computer and phone u only get cats dogs and horses. How the freaking heck to u get those little stupid nagers. Thats right i said nagers! Dont know why but did it

    1. Sims VIP says:

      See our game guide for all the info :) http://simsvip.com/?page_id=2101

  26. SimmerDown says:

    The file contains “Sing-A-Gram” info… which means they’ve been working on Showtime ever since they were working on pets.. Amazing :P

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