Pets – Households for the “No Skill Gaining” Glitch

For those of you out in the Simming world that do not use mods, I figure this may help you all out. The hunting skill is thought to be not only a glitch with the oh so buggy Spell Book, but even without it, still causes issues for many players.  Since we currently don’t have an ETA on when a patch will be released to fix the issue, here is something that you may find useful.
I have created households of 2 Cats, 2 Dogs & 2 Horses with maxed out skills (Hunting, Tricks, Jumping & Racing).  I have given you one of each gender per household, so you even have the chance of passing on the skills to your offspring, should you decide to mate them.
You can always go into CAP and change their looks, but at least they are fully skilled. I’m not sure how many of you would find this useful, but I do know a whole lotta players are not enjoying the game to the fullest.  I present to you the 3 households of skilled Pets.  At the very least, I hope it is beneficial to someone out there.  Enjoy! :)

:!: I couln’t figure out how to upload just a household of pets without a Sim, so I chose one of the EA pre-mades from Appaloosa Plains.


Click the Photos below to be directed to the type of Household you want!

Screenshot-61    Screenshot-56


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  1. Rochele says:

    Thanks for this. I have used a few mods in the past, but I prefer not to. Red’d all! ;)

  2. Amous says:

    Also, if you put “testingcheatsenabled true” on and then shift+click the mailbox and set the need to static it fixed my no skills gaining glitch, but I am not a huge fan of keeping their needs that way and I was told some people were still having trouble, so thank you for your uploads! :) I am a huge fan of your blog!

  3. lemur lady says:


  4. #SUP says:

    Wait, why did you delete them from the exchange?
    Now I simple have no solution……

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