Sims 3 Exchange: Bengal Tiger by Gobstopped

Scrolling through forums last night, I bumped into this thread, by Gobstopped! They have created a Bengal Tiger that is beyond amazing! I have downloaded the tiger (which will show up in your Sim Bin in CAP) and is 100% error free. Check it out!

Download the Begal Tiger here!


Screenshot-10 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-11


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  1. Trufan1 says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! That poster has some awesome pet creations!

  2. Sims VIP says:

    Welcome! :mrgreen: I’ve downloaded quite a few of their creations!

  3. Trufan1 says:

    Oh my gosh have you seen the Scooby Doo at MTS?! It’s awesome!!

  4. Sims VIP says:

    :O Thanks for telling me!! Posting soon! ^_^

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