Sims 3 Countdown Event….on Facebook
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I’d think EA would want to utilize their own website to communicate with the community, but it seems that EA would rather grasp the Social Network “fad”. Anyway, The Sims Facebook Page has a countdown calender that will reveal a new offer or sneak peak daily.

Thanks 5050 Sims!




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  1. ZeekSlider says:

    One does kind of wonder what kind of coupons they will be offering. After all, yesterday’s Advent Calender deal is that discount for the Fine Living, Fine Cooking set.

  2. Catloverplayer says:

    I can’t wait for them to show the premium content were getting in 2 weeks. I hope they will reveal that soon. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the voodoo doll was releasing January 19th. EA has never gave us info on the new gameplay items a month in advance.

    I can hardly wait to see what Middle Decembers is. I hope they reveal it’s either the vibrating heartbed or romantic picnic basket that was mentioned in the survey.

  3. Amy says:

    @Catloverplayer – the vibrating heart bed is in the High End Loft Stuff Pack already.

    A voodoo doll – love it! I’ve been holding off on patching my game to 1.26, but with this, the baby swing, and the news today about the Showtime expansion, I’ve gotta get my 3gb of CC fixed and patch my game now even though I’m not interested in having Pets!

    1. Catloverplayer says:

      Yes I know about the one in heils as I own it but this is a different one that was mentioned in the survey. It lets you pick the gender of the child if your sim gets preggo and most likely it probebly looks a lot different then the one in Heils.

  4. ShortyBoo says:

    Well, I tried to see it, but it told me I needed an account. I don’t have a Facebook account (and don’t want one) so I hope if anything interesting is shown, that it will be posted somewhere else.

  5. Amy says:

    @Catloverplayer – Oh, I did the survey and somehow forgot about that! I use Twallan’s Master Controller so I can pick the gender if I want to, but would be neat to have another bed that looked different. I wish they would make a bathtub to go with it – or a hot tub at least, I was hoping that’s what Master Suite Stuff would have!

    1. Catloverplayer says:

      I think the survey heartbed is supposed to be an actual heart shaped bad as opposed to the one in high end loft were the heart shape is only at the base and headboard.

      1. Amy says:

        I think you’re right – that would be much better!

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