SimsVIP’s Game Guide Progress & Sneak Peek!
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As many of you already know, I will be releasing a very detailed game guide for the upcoming expansion, The Sims 3 Showtime! I anticipate the guide being released March 4th, however this is a preliminary confirmation.

Among all the basic details of the game, the guide includes all 150(ish) Game Achievements, the achievement badges, Simport Information and the rewards available to unlock while using Simport.

I have detailed information regarding each of the new Showtime careers, the new interactive objects, as well as a variety of new gameplay and social options. The guide is going to be great! :)

For now, here is a special SimsVIP sneak peek at the newest Lifetime Happiness Rewards!


Lifetime Happiness Rewards


Born to Cook (20,000) - Become a better chef without spending years slaving over a hot stove! Increase the quality and taste of your food!


Dusty Old Lamp (30,000) - This lamp can make all your wishes comes true with only a little polishing.


Engaging (10,000) - The audience will hang on the slightest movement or quietest whisper that you produce. Your successes on stage will be more prevalent, and your fails less significant.


ExtraordinAIRe-Inator (20,000) -  The ExtraordinAIRe-Inator turns your house into a place of meditation. Relax into it’s fresh and soothing aromas.


Fearless Voyager (Simport) (20,000) - Sometimes you take a voyage. Sometimes the voyage takes you. Either way, it pays big to be fearless when going on tour via Simport.


Perfect host (Simport) (20,000) - You welcome your guest with open arms and accommodate their needs as if your life depends on it….and this doesn’t go unnoticed. Your Sim’s household will receive more money, as well as Lifetime Happiness points, when hosting a Sim through Simport.


That was Deliberate (15,000) - Turn a stumble into a well planned stride and a cracked voice into an operatic bellow. The audience is less likely to notice any mistakes that you may make while performing on stage.


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  1. miklc says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished guide! Thanks for doing this, much appreciated it :)

  2. Shell says:

    Oo wow did not know that Simport let you move a friend’s sim into your household, cannot wait to see the full guide!! Your guide’s are always the best! :D And really cannot wait to play this game! :D

  3. Sims VIP says:

    Shell, it doesn’t say anything of the sort. :) When a friend comes to your town for a simport tour, you have no control over them. All you can do is go see their show, and maybe even throw something at them. :P

    …and Thank you for the compliment! I try to make sure everyone has all the info at their fingertips! :mrgreen:

  4. catloverplayer says:

    I wish they had a lifetime reward to cut off celeb status. Can’t wait to see your guide by the way.

  5. bspook says:

    thanks for doing a guide sims vip..i cant seem to fins a prima guide to order..other then digtal and i like having a book i can hold..also thank u for the wonderful work u do on this website..this site is a must for all simers…:-)

    1. Tig Magick says:

      I cant agree more when I only have a few moments online I still make checking here a priority so I can keep in the loop. She does such a lovely job and her guides are priceless!

      However I see Shell’s confusion as its says “Perfect host (Simport) (20,000) – You welcome your guest with open arms and accommodate their needs as if your life depends on it….and this doesn’t go unnoticed. Your Sim’s household will receive more money, as well as Lifetime Happiness points, when hosting a Sim through Simport.”
      Most think that welcoming a guest, being a host means in your home, and the fact that your sim’s household will get money & LTH points makes it seem like they are paying a boarding fee? I dont know, but they do word things strangely at times.

  6. zeekslider says:

    The SimPort LTRs make me wonder as to why they’re even there. They don’t sound very helpful.

  7. Dany Reesha says:

    Can’t wait for the genie ….

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