Yet Another Sims 3 Seasons Listing has listed The Sims 3 Seasons with a release date of November 9th (I’m guessing that’s the North American release date). The game itself has not yet been listed on their retail site Game Expres, but it has made an appearance on their release list.

Thank you to XwertyQ1 for the email.




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  1. adventfear says:

    It should be noted that on the Related Games on the bottom they say “The Sims Medieval II” and “The Sims 3: Lunar Lakes”.

    1. adventfear says:

      NVM it’s a translation error on Medieval II.

  2. ShaneyBoy says:

    There have been so many listings.. It has to be real.

    1. Ryan says:

      so far Seasons has more listings than how Supernatural did. Yes i believe it’s real :) and the announcement should be around late August.

  3. Karen says:

    Sweeeeeet! Cant wait for Seasons

  4. Eddie says:

    Oh darn it just announce it already EA!! :O

  5. tsbtsb45 says:

    catloverplayer i cannot wait

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Neither can I.

      1. Strawberry says:

        Nor I. :C

  6. jadeisallama says:

    *squeals* Yay!

  7. Breville says:

    Make it happen EA !!!Woohoo bring on Seasons!!!

    1. sims4life says:

      Speaking of woohoo, I wonder if we would be able to woohoo in the snow! xD

      1. catloverplayer says:

        I’m hoping for the car as a woohoo spot in seasons.

  8. SO we get Supernatural and Seasons in the same year.


  9. amber says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  10. venus says:

    i think i read somewhere that Lunar Lake was not coming on retails i am a bit confused :S

  11. Casey says:

    I.Can’t.Wait. :D

  12. miklc says:

    Surely the official announcement must be just around the corner now….

  13. Ptom13 says:

    I still hope this isn’t released. :(

    1. Criminal says:

      What the… ? Are u OK ? Are u ?

      1. Darrell says:

        Well, believe it or not, some people don’t want Seasons. Just like some people didn’t want pets, or magic, or adventuring instead of vacations. Everyone’s got a different idea of what they need in a Sims game.
        As for me, I was happy to hear about Supernatural, and I will be happy to hear about Seasons as well. The more things for my Sims to do, the merrier, so let’s hear the announcement, Sims team! I’m curious! :)

        1. SimDzaky says:

          I Agree with you Darell :D

        2. Ptom13 says:

          Agreed. I don’t want to spend all my money on new expansion packs, I want to be able to save up for three months…plus Seaside Stuff might come out too so it would destroy my wallet :(

          1. Citrina says:

            Well you don’t have to buy every ep and sp lol, you winning like you don’t have a choice qhile infact you do.

          2. Ptom13 says:

            Actually I don’t have a chance. I’m forced against my will to buy these then I have 24 hours to live. :X

        3. Laura says:

          I did not want Supernatural, but NEVER did I say anywhere that I did not want it released, just that I would not buy it. I knew that others wanted Supernatural. I think it is just rude and insensitive to think that EA makes the games just for your benefit.

          1. Ptom13 says:

            Okay? You’re cool?

  14. SimmerDown says:

    What Criminal said.

  15. SimmerDown says:

    I really hope they announce it at Gamescom, I do NOT want to wait for Supernatural to be released to get an announcement… Too long! And I’m just very impatient. :P

    1. Mr X says:

      I see a pretty good chance of that happening. I think September would be tool close to Seasons release to announce it(of course then again it is seasons and EA knows sales will be good no matter what)

      1. Mr X says:

        *too close

  16. Aidoon says:

    Hey catloverplayer your poppin up on like all the forums :P i also want a car to be a woohoo spot :D i just came on to see whatever announcments on the site and i saw this and i was like OMG!! another one , it still hasnt been officially confirmed by Ea but with all these leaks ( a pletherah , sorry if spelling is wrong :P ) it must be coming soon. I do hope they add holidays though and just change the names into sim names not to offend anyone. I never played sims 2 so seasons will be a big thing for me. In my mind i cant even imagine how epic the trailer will be. I will make the girliest scream a boy can possibly make and drool over it for hours jsut leaving loads of comments on youtube :D i hope its leaked and we dont have to wait till mid august for gamescon though :P but atleast we have another live stream on the third for supernatural :D cant wait!!!!

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Holidays,holiday parties and festivals were all mentioned in the seasons survey I took so it’s pretty safe to say those are included. Also swimming in the ocean,water sports and sunbathing was mentioned. I can’t wait for the oceans to become swimmable.

      1. Aidoon says:

        I know :D so much to do in the game if all that happens and im gonna download those sets for free off the store if they dont have holidays and just pretend :D

        1. catloverplayer says:

          I’m still going to download the free holiday sets from the store even with new stuff in seasons. Look for the new Halloween Set in Septmeber. The store usually releases holiday sets a month before the holiday.

          I believe this years Halloween Set is going to have Halloween Costumes sims can wear. There was a store survey last year that mentioned this.

          Also I hope we get some misletoe in Seasons or the Store.

  17. Karen says:

    I wonder when they will finally announce seasons? I hope it’s soon

    1. catloverplayer says:

      It would be so cool if it was this week. The wait is killing me.

  18. sims4life says:

    Announce it already!!! While I still have money!!!

    1. catloverplayer says:

      And also Seaside Stuff Pack. I’m ready for both seasons and seaside to be announced.

  19. Mitchell says:

    Usually TheSims3 Twitter will tweet out little things to hint at the new expansion just about to be released. Like they have done with supernatural, showtime, generations etc. I am so excited.

  20. catloverplayer says:

    I don’t know why Lunar Lakes is on that list because Graham said it wasn’t coming to stores. That had to be a mistake.

    1. Pene says:

      Dont forget retailers receive product lists months in advance, so at some point there may have been plans but then changed.

      1. Ptom13 says:

        Or maybe they are both a mistake?

  21. niac1234 says:

    I don’t care if they announce it, it pretty much is already!! Just leak a trailer already!!!

  22. SimmyGurl says:

    Okay, So Many listings..Hmmm, Just like Supernatural before but now, There are too Many Listings..Where is EA? I think they should announce this already, It looks like they are all in a Vacation…

  23. XwertyQ1 says:

    yaaay I found it! :D it must be real! so many listings :) but I think that they release this expansion later, because it’s a lot of work on it :) i’m so happy! :D

  24. Charles says:

    I wish they would hurry up and announce The Sims 3 Seasons. That has been the one expansion pack that I have wanted since the base game! It would bring a much more realistic atmosphere to the game itslef.

    Let there be life, Let there be The Sims 3: SEASONS!

    1. catloverplayer says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

      Celebrate Life,Celebrate Seasons,Celebrate Holidays and Celebrate Family. That’s what it will probebly say at the end of the trailer.

  25. ... says:

    Work has finished of The Sims 3:Supernatural so they have loads of time before its release! And, considering the expected release date, that should be plenty of time to work on this EP. I WILL be ordering this when I get my new hard-drive and when its announced!

  26. Guest says:

    Don’t know if anyone caught this, Nov 9 th is a Friday, so it’d be one of the European release date, not the states. Sims games are almost always a Tues release date, so a US date would be the 6th of Nov.

  27. Guest says:

    And Sims Studio seems to have a thing for S titles, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, Seaside Stuff….Hmm…the Title Designer needs Gibbsed, their needle is skipping….

  28. Bornas12 says:

    I loved The Sims 2 Seasons and I still play it so BRING IT ON! :D
    I also want car as woohoo spot, and a diving board that is very needed!! :)

  29. SuperNova says:

    I hope EA announces it soon

  30. Mary Anne says:

    There will be a stuff pack after Supernatural.A stuff pack comes out after each expansion pack.But let’s wait for EA’s announcement

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Yes Seaside Stuff Pack currently rumoured for October 26th.

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