Supernatural: Map View of Moonlight Falls


Via L’ Univers Sims!



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  1. Thesims3Fanatic says:

    Wow! is that white snow I see at the top of that mountain :O ?

    1. Peoinee says:

      dont get excited about snow on a mountain that is a distant terrain which is not a place sims can go its an aesthetic just makes the world look better.

  2. matrix54 says:

    That’s the first time EA has given us a baseball field. XD

  3. sade says:

    Judging by this and couple of other overview screenshots, this seems a lot like pieces of TS1 base neighborhood + old town + magic town maps were mixed together, now in 3D graphics. Of course this town is not identical to any of those neighborhoods, but scenery and layout have much in common… I’m definitely going to make it look like a mix of magic town and old town if it is not already.

  4. Thesims3Fanatic says:

    It does look like the Sims 1 Neighborhood! I hadn’t thought of that.!

  5. Julia says:

    It’s so…. small…

    1. Rays on says:

      It isn’t, it’s a trick on the eye, it’s just very spaced out:D

  6. Penelope says:

    The larger image has been added :)

  7. Darrell says:

    I think she may mean that the map itself looks small, and I concur. Unless there is a section that is off to the side somewhere with more lots, it seems very sparsely populated. I wonder if this is some kind of annoying new trend – small neighborhoods with EPs, larger neighborhoods with plenty of lots in Sims 3 Store neighborhoods like Lucky Palms. If this is their new trend, I highly disapprove.
    But I still like the look and feel of the world, the size is my only concern.

    1. Rays on says:

      I agree but the roads at the bottom lead to the other half of the neighborhood, so that isn’t all of it ;)

      1. Rays on says:

        Here’s the other side of town

        1. TheAwesomeNils says:

          I bet that joint red victorian rabbithole are a combined School and Stadium, just like the one in Appaloosa Plains. ;D

  8. leep45508 says:

    wow looks a little plain :S

  9. Bo Na Na says:

    It does look plain. I hope they give us a City again in a another new expansion pack. Somewhat like Bridgeport cuz im tired of all these suburbs…

    1. Peoinee says:

      I would prefur a city with a suburb like a city with and active inner city and a mellow outer area. but not with the layout of bridgeport cause it is almost impossible to upgrade anything in that map

  10. Kelly says:

    Just hoping it’s bigger than Starlight Shores…that town was way too tiny.

  11. patrick says:

    Guys it’s not done yet there adding a lot more trust me that’s not Evan the beginning this is going to be the largest expansion

    1. Ryan says:

      They’re done working on it. i think there’s empty lot to customize your world and add more venues which is quite nice i think.

  12. Josh says:

    i looks small but heck there looks like theres more of the town at the edge of the picture but im glad its spaced out a little as long as it does not freeze or lag all the time i will be happy :)

  13. Guest says:

    I love IT! I hate how cluttered the rest of the worlds are, This gives you a sense of VAST OPEN SPACE! So it also adds to the creepy vibe if your sim is out jogging, and all those trees….Creepy…It looks like something out of Grimm. (Which comes back on Aug 13th, can’t wait for that either.)

  14. Dash3001 says:

    I’ve looked at a couple of sites. It seems the terrain is really flat in MF which is great for adding new lots. As long as I can add them without the hassle of hilly, uneven terrain, I’m happy.

  15. jacob says:

    Yeah it does look nice but I hate those builings with the red roofs they don’t blend in!

  16. Manuel says:

    it just like with starlight shores. it has no real town”center”. i don’t like that.
    Please if theres gonna be a new town in seasons, pleeaaaase one like the old Sims 3 Towns from previeous expansions.

  17. Bruno says:

    It’s so poor…what’s happennig with EA… I don’t see magic anywhere…

  18. bren says:

    where do i find the elxer shop

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