Poll Results & New Poll (8/2/12)
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The last poll asked players if they loved the idea of creating Supernaturals in CAS. With 2,711 votes, Love it! wins! There are also a few who don’t like the option and prefer getting their special Sim the old fashion way. Which did you choose?

The newest poll is quite simple. Seasons, Supernatural, Both or Neither!  … GO!



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  1. n00biito says:

    I’m kind of disappointed by the new poll. I’m against anything that perpetuates that there’s some Supernatural and Seasons feud. I’m a Sims fan first and foremost. Please put an option for both.

  2. sims4life says:

    Dang there’s no both. >:o I’ll choose seasons sorry supernatural 100% seasons 99% supernatural. >:3

  3. SimsVIP says:

    My intention was to poll which game players preferred, given only 1 choice. I have changed the poll to include a “both” and “neither”.

  4. n00biito says:

    I honestly cannot choose between the two. Both expansion packs are a dream come true for me. I know enough about Supernatural to say they put a lot of effort and creativity in the pack. there are also a lot of very nice surprises that will ship with it.

    They haven’t shown much about Seasons yet but from what I know so far it seems that Seasons is just as great content wise as Supernatural. From the trailer alone there were a lot of very fun and exciting surprises and I’m once again in awe of the Sims’ team creativity.

    I truly am one of those fans that MUST have it all and these two packs happen to be the most awesome of them all so far. I truly am incredibly excited for both and I’m glad they are coming out only 2 months apart from each other.

  5. sims4life says:

    Lol a lot of people changed their choice. x)

    1. n00biito says:

      They did? I didn’t check the poll results until I voted and I didn’t vote until SimsVIP changed the poll. I really appreciate you adding the other two choices, btw.

  6. YoungOldPrude says:

    Both! (When I catch them on sale at Amazon, that is. All good discounts to those who wait.)

  7. acee says:

    I love both!!! Gawd. I’m so excited for these. I’m trying to push my mom to buy me a desktop by November, my laptop might fry with Seasons.
    The Sims, just like some other games, sells computers!
    I’ve been waiting for these two everyday since June 2009. :P
    Hooray for the Sims!

  8. FrusturatedUser says:

    I wanted to be decisive, and even though Seasons looks great…I have to go with Supernatural. There’s just so much to love.

  9. Martina says:

    Im in love with both expansions so far. It seems like EA really have woken up and put som effort in their expansions.
    Honestly. I have been dissapointed with all the other expansions.
    The expansion i look most forward to is supernatural. i mean. Witches. Zombies, and Werewolfs in one pack. :D

  10. Trufan1 says:

    I can’t remember if I voted or not. Either way I would have chosen dislike. It’s not that I actually dislike the option, it’s just I think it should be a real challenge to turn our sims into the creatures. I have a feeling that once you’ve played a certain type of creature once or twice, the novelty will where off. Make us work for it, and we’d apriciate it more. But this is just me assuming things, we’ll see how I feel when the game comes out. :)

  11. pepe says:

    with the features of both expansion packs combined, there will be tons of great gameplay for hours. and seasons comes out 7 days before my birthday

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