Seasons: Three New Alien Screens!


Via Simway

TS3_Seasons_Aliens_UFO TS3_Seasons_Aliens_Abduction


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  1. Tamrin says:

    Oh snap I see a Mermaid statue ,hold thumbs for mersims to come X_X

    1. Samis says:

      Me too. :)

  2. Anon says:

    I’m guessing if they do make mermaids, they’d either be A. a NPC or B. Normal sims who magically grow a tail while swimming who happen to sing nice… joy.

  3. pilouuuu says:

    I truly don’t get all the complains about mermaids. Maybe not everybody likes them, but complaining they’re childish? I’m 35 and if I’d care about childish stuff maybe I wouldn’t even be playing The Sims.

    Mermaids are great for storytelling, even more now we have Sunlit Tides and sims will be able to swim in the ocean.

    As many have said, I also think that they’ll be like normal sims who will grow a tail when they enter the ocean and they’ll be able to sing and hipnotyze other sims as well as have some sort of communication with sea creatures and they’ll probably have a rabbit hole in the ocean. What’s not to be loved and is that so much worse than other creatures?

    And what’s even better, for once we’ll have something new! Not a rehash of previous games. I think the social bunny would have been great for University, but if we get mermaids I’ll be happy too. Maybe they’ll even include more than one creature in U. Why not?

    1. Discordia says:

      Couldn’t have said it better really. :)

  4. lightningzap says:

    I love all the decorations in The Sims 3 Seaons. I also noticed the mermaid. It just keeps getting better…

  5. Guest says:

    The part of this that gets me…This is about Aliens, not Mersims. Yeah there’s a statue. We also have Elephant Statues, did we get elelphants and Circuses? Nope…IT is just a thing to be looked at it isn’t nessesarily a clue to anything and could simply be the case of players making it have meaning? Now to the point of this post, Nice Aliens…although they don’t personally thrill me, I’m happy for all the people who wanted them… Hey you know, they didn’t have any aliens hints, and we go those…hmm.

    1. Eden says:

      I’ve seen a few hints :) haha the stone in sunset valley has caveman like drawings of old civilisations, and an alien ship abducting a sim. And if you have generations and ask bella goth to the prom she says she’s a bit worried because the aliens are trying to abduct her. Haha a subtle no would of done bella! :D

  6. CristalX says:

    I don’t like aliens a lot but these screens might change my mind :p

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