Aliens, Babies & Genes Oh My!


SimGuruGraham gives us a deeper look into the awesome new “creature” coming with Seasons. Aliens are not your typical “occult”, but rather a new type of Sim. They come with their very own unique DNA, and pass this DNA on to their offspring throughout generations. Check out what SimGuruGraham shared…


Alien 2


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  1. Jay says:

    Yes, this is the information that I desired to know.

  2. coolmatt1019 says:

    Still want to know if you can add hair to aliens

    1. Fangman says:

      You can, Graham said it on twitter.

  3. adventfear says: Yes when you add them into your family you can change their clothes/hair.

  4. Stephen says:

    Why does EA have such an aversion to hybrids?

    1. Jay says:

      It is a coding issue with the motives and abilities connected to life states. It also has to do with different coding from expansion to expansion.

      EA/Maxis cannot assume that everyone has everything and allowing for hybrids of differing life states can cause problems that are unfathomable.

      Modders may come up with solutions but ultimately you take a risk with your game when you install them. By having a clear and focused view of what their game should be packaged and sold as, EA/Maxis limits the fallout and controls the content.

      1. Stephen says:

        Like Piouuuu said, in the Sims 2, you could have hybrid anything. What happened?

        1. Jay says:

          I just typed out what happened. Sims 3 is not the same as Sims 2. Ask anyone who makes mods for the game. There is a larger amount of coding involved. It will only continue to become more complicated with Sims 4 eventually.

          The life states are not made to be easily hybridized because they weren’t specifically coded that way.

    2. pilouuuu says:

      Just with The Sims 3. In The Sims 2 you could have hybrids of about anything. You could have the ultimate werewolf vampire alien zombie sim!

      This info sounds quite cool though.

  5. AmberIndia says:

    Genetics should be common ground!! EA thinks the occult status’ are maladies!! Cure Vampirism, oh my!!! So peeps, it ain’t Supernatural, its Fatal Illness!!

    Twallan 1 : Graham 0 (Sorry can’t help!) :D

  6. catloverplayer says:

    I have 2 aliens I made already but they don’t look like the ones in seasons. I’m thinking of breeding one of them with the EA aliens.

    I have an alien version of my simself who I will be using to test out the UFO when I get seasons in Lunar Lakes of course. Anyway I intene on trying to attract an alien female to hook him up with so I can breed him with her.

  7. DeAndreSim says:

    Kind of wish the Supernaturals were like this :)

  8. Anon says:

    So the males or females that get ‘alien pregnant’ won’t be the parent of the baby?!

    1. Jay says:

      It would seem that they won’t pass on their DNA when they carry the child. It essentially is cloning the alien parent and raising the clone as the sims’ child.

      So yes, they are the parent, but not genetically in that instance.

      1. n00biito says:

        In TS2 the women wouldn’t return pregnant like the males did but instead they would carry alien DNA which they would pass on to their progeny if you’re lucky.

        I’m glad both male and female return pregnant in TS3. I’d just like to clarify that playable sims who mate with aliens won’t have different rules for the passing on of DNA. Graham himself said that the more normal sims go down the generations without any more alien DNA input they will breed out the alien DNA completely.

        The above rules only apply to those sims that got ABDUCTED.

        1. Jay says:

          I believe that is why the poster placed quotation marks around ‘alien pregnant’ instead of leaving them off. They were specifically referring to abductions.

        2. Conclue says:

          Like Nina & Dina Caliente ;) It’s the first thing I thought about when I read Grahams description about how it will fade out through generations. They had sctructure to their faces but were very much Sims.

          I can’t wait for Aliens. It’s gonna be so awesome. Worth the wait. I’d rather have what we’re getting rather than what we had in Sims 2. These are waaaaaay cooler.

  9. YAY :D Have to love it when producers share extra info that doesn’t make it into the game (male’s not actually pregnant, just a host during incubation)

  10. Dan says:

    I’m really glad they made hybrids it just shows that EA listens to what we want sometimes

  11. Samantha says:

    If a human and a alien had a baby, would the baby be born with energy and when it becomes older starts having brain power? Or it would always have energy?

  12. Jenna says:

    My human sim married an alien and their daughter has the Supernatural Fan trait. She just made friends with a supernatural kid in school now she has a wish to become a supernatural, is that even possible? Elixirs won’t work on her.

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