Sims 3 Store: New Pumpkin Simpoint Bundle *Icons*
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To celebrate the upcoming “Spooktacular” holiday, the Sims 3 team has updated the Simpoint bundle icons. Please note that they did not update any of the bonus content, so don’t go splurging on simpoints! Thanks to SimGuruTaterTot for the confirmation.



Sims 3 Seasons: Festival Locations in All Worlds


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I just wanted people to know there’s no need to panic and rush out to save existing lots. Any lot that we’re replacing with a festival lot will have the original version of the lot also available in the edit town lot bin.
That being said, if you’ve customized the lot that we intend to replace with a festival I would recommend saving that lot in advance should you want to continue using it somewhere. Further, the game will ask you if you want to replace any customized lot; it won’t automatically overwrite one of your lots.


  • Sunset Valley = Central Park
  • Twinbrook = Town Center
  • Bridgeport = Bridgeport Acres
  • Appaloosa Plains = The Lexington (home)
  • Starlight Shores = Verde Park
  • Moonlight Falls = Eerie Park
  • Riverview = “All the Rave” Warehouse
  • Barnacle Bay = Crowe’s Nest Campgrounds
  • Hidden Springs = Beryl Lane Picnic Spot
  • Lunar Lakes = Memories of Riverview
  • Lucky Palms = Civic Center
  • Sunlit Tides = Starfish Sands Playground



Sims 3 Seasons: Cow Plant Costumes


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Cow Plant


Sims 3 Seasons Soundtrack List


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In light of the music theme of this community spotlight, we thought it would be appropriate today to reveal the full list of new Simlish songs that will appear in The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack.
Indie Station
Avalanche City – Love Love Love

JJ – Big Hearts, Big Dreams

Lord Huron –- Time To Run

Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks

The Shoaks – Mayzie Grobe
Pop Station
Rita Ora – Shine Ya Light

Sissie Marie – Paralyzed

Not Piloting – Soma Terra Loon

Becky G – Teen In the City

Erin McCarley – Elevator
As we mentioned, we’re always looking to see the creativity of our fans and will continue to do community spotlights. Keep on posting, sharing and telling us about your experiences with The Sims 3 and we could be interviewing you next!


Walmart: Purchase Sims 3 Diesel for $15


Purchase The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff at Walmart for only $15! Buy online and pick up in store, or just have it shipped to you. Whichever you prefer! If you want to check out the content included with Diesel, click here for our Game Manual.

Thanks to TwilitePryncess for the info!


diesel walmart


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New Seasons Screenshot!


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Seasons New pic


SimGuruGraham’s Seasons Twitter Session


This Thursday at 10am Pacific, SimGuruGraham will be taking over The Sims 3 Twitter account for a live Seasons Q&A session. If you have any Seasons questions, Thursday is the day to ask them!