Sims 3 Seasons: Festival Locations in All Worlds


Via SimGuruGraham

I just wanted people to know there’s no need to panic and rush out to save existing lots. Any lot that we’re replacing with a festival lot will have the original version of the lot also available in the edit town lot bin.
That being said, if you’ve customized the lot that we intend to replace with a festival I would recommend saving that lot in advance should you want to continue using it somewhere. Further, the game will ask you if you want to replace any customized lot; it won’t automatically overwrite one of your lots.


  • Sunset Valley = Central Park
  • Twinbrook = Town Center
  • Bridgeport = Bridgeport Acres
  • Appaloosa Plains = The Lexington (home)
  • Starlight Shores = Verde Park
  • Moonlight Falls = Eerie Park
  • Riverview = “All the Rave” Warehouse
  • Barnacle Bay = Crowe’s Nest Campgrounds
  • Hidden Springs = Beryl Lane Picnic Spot
  • Lunar Lakes = Memories of Riverview
  • Lucky Palms = Civic Center
  • Sunlit Tides = Starfish Sands Playground



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  1. Sock Puppet says:

    How strange they’re knocking down a house in Appaloosa Plains to fit in the festival lot. I hope the sims living there can find a new home before they’re homeless.

    1. Criminal says:

      I was wondering the same. I mean there are big lots in Appaloosa Planes. Why would they replace an existing family?!

      1. Thetford says:

        They said it’s because the two existing parks are important for gameplay regarding the hood or something, and hangman’s park is too small.

        New worlds, the lot will automatically be replaced (though a copy of the original will exist in the lot library. While saved games will give the option to replace (or not, or add your own etc)

      2. Andrew says:

        That lot in uninhibited at the start of the game, it’s the big 4 bedroom home near the sea

        1. Damienf519 says:

          There is no sea near Appaloosa Plains.

          1. Andrew says:

            Near the beach

  2. MetaMorp says:

    Seems good, I’m glad of some of the locations because they are centrally located… But why on Earth such the strange location for the placement in Appaloosa Plains?

    1. Jen says:

      Good question since there’s an empty 50×50 lot opposite the Lexington.

      Maybe they just decided to do the odd swap because there’s a type of hay storage lot beside the Lexington and it would add the ambiance of the festival lot when switched out.

  3. Nikolaos says:

    That’s cool.

  4. PsychoChick966 says:

    Wait, so festivals will happen in WA locations too then?

    1. Nivaya says:

      Do you see any WA locations on that list?

      1. BooBoo says:


  5. amber says:

    FOr appaloosa plains i think i would just turn one of the big empty lots into a park. Since i actually have a family living at the house they would replace it with.

  6. ZeekSlider says:

    Awww, I’ve bulldozed a good number of those lots already and replaced them with my own creations.

    I guess that means I’ll have to re-assign new Festival Fields then or something…

  7. max says:

    you can choose to not put the festifal lot there. you can put it somewhere else. that’s the spot the game will put the lot when you start a new game. otherwise it will ask you if you want to put it there

  8. wzw1177 says:

    Isn’t Verde Park in SS should be pronounced as Berde? It looks like a Spanish name.

    1. Kait says:

      Uhh.. In Spanish it is pronounced Ver-day.

      1. Anon says:

        V is pronounced like a B in Spanish most of the time, if not all

    2. Anonymouse says:

      How is that relevant to the actual spelling of the name…?

  9. Nikolaos says:

    I think “All the Rave” Warehouse is perfect for a festival in Riverview!

    1. Peoinee says:

      agreed thats always been a “what do i do with this” type lot cant wait to see how the do it or if they bulldoze it.

    2. I don’t agree, It is good in some senses, but I always thought of it as more of a club building, or a place for parties?
      I think that long strip with the benches by the gazebo is perfect, although small, its just really nice :D

  10. Conz says:

    Is it just me, or whenever I start a New game in Twinbrook, the “All the Rave” Warehouse gets placed automatically opposite the Science Rabbithole and the Criminal Rabbithole?

  11. CakeChick says:

    How do I get The Lexington back after installing the sims 3 seasons? I installed pets after due to crashes with it when I first got it.

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