Sims 3 Seasons Twitter Q&A


SimGuruGraham has taken over the Sims 3 Twitter account!

♦ There are some new open windows that come with #TS3Seasons; they can’t be closed, but they’re perfect for summer.
♦ When aliens abduct a male Sim, there will be a chance of them returning “pregnant”. Watch out for those alien experiments!
♦ Sims do have an internal body temperature; they’ll let you know if they’re too hot or cold through their moodlets.
♦ Each season is one week long by default, and you’ll see all sorts of weather like thunderstorms, blizzards, hail, fog, and more!
♦ All sorts of new food, from pulled pork sandwiches in the summer, to eggnog in the winter. You can even bake pumpkin pie!
♦ There is a tanning booth! Not only can you get a natural tan, but you’ll be able to get a quick spray tan anytime you like.
♦ Outerwear is a brand new outfit category in CAS. It’s packed with all sorts of warm clothes for the winter season!
♦ Holiday lights are placed by clicking on your home’s front door. Homes around the neighborhood will decorate with them as well!
♦ There are tons new control options! You can turn individual seasons off, set their length, and disable types of weather.

♦ There isn’t a garderner in Seasons; if you’re interested in gardening, Supernatural added lots of new plants to harvest
♦ There’s a new job that only aliens can apply for called the Test Subject career – it’s a rough job but someone has to do it
♦ The new traits are more about making your Sims happy when they’re in the weather they enjoy rather than punishing them.
♦ Swimming in the ocean IS returning to The Sims! All players will be able to swim in the oceans when #TS3Seasons launches.
♦ New ways for Sims to die include freezing to death (brrr!) and getting struck by lightning – watch out for those storms!
♦ Watch out for extreme colds or brutal heat waves. You wouldn’t want your Sim to spontaneously combust
♦ Not only can you stay home sick from work or school, you can fake being sick to your boss – just don’t let them catch you!
♦ Much of gardening that was in Sims 2 Seasons was already part of the Sims 3, so we’re not focusing on gardening for this EP.
♦ There’s a new lifetime reward object called the Climatron Control Unit which will let you have full power over the weather!
♦ It’s really cute when tiny pets run through the snow, they’re so small that you just see a tunnel of snow get pushed up.
♦ There’s a fun new pool lounge object that Sims can use while swimming in pools or the ocean – so relaxing!
♦ Sims won’t autonomously use the weather stone – it’s for the Supernatural Sims in your household to enjoy
♦ There are multiple new parties in Seasons; we showed the Feast (potluck) Party last week, and we’ll be revealing more soon!
♦ You’ll see all of the deciduous trees in your world regrowing the leaves that they lost when springtime rolls around
♦ The water inside fountains (or pools) won’t freeze, but you will see all the outdoor fountains turn off when it’s freezing.
♦ The temperature inside your home is naturally adjusted to be comfortable for your Sims – head inside when it’s nasty out!
♦ They’ll definitely get sunburned if you leave your Sims outside too long – it’s very unpleasant (and they turn bright red!)
♦ Once an alien joins your household you’ll have full control over their clothes and hair. No need for the space suit on earth!
♦ The game always starts in Summer by default. The starting season can be changed by individual players in their own games though.
♦ There isn’t a new world in Seasons; we worked very hard to ensure that seasons and weather would work in every home world.
♦ Definitely – there’s a new object that lets advanced builders decorate and save their lots for every season.
♦ Snow doesn’t gather on top of the Sims themselves – we wouldn’t want them to freeze solid too quickly
♦ Definitely! You’ll now be able to swim in any body of water that your Sim can get to that’s not on a lot.
♦ Holidays are a really important part of Seasons. Sims have their own unique holidays that they celebrate – one for each season!
♦ You’ll have full control over the length of each season. You can set them individually to last anywhere from 3-28 days.
♦ There absolutely are snow days for children. Nothing better than getting to skip school AND play in the snow!
♦ When you earn festival tickets you’ll be able to buy cool objects like the Snow Cone Machine, Apple Bobbing Tank, and more!
♦ Woohooing in the leaf pile is one of our new spots… there is another which we haven’t announced just yet, stay tuned
♦ New activities include the egg hunt, a spring dancing competition, eating contests with hot dogs and pies, and more year round.
♦ Sorry, you’ll still have to go to school during the summer (booo – hisss!). Rough life, I know
♦ Blueprints won’t be on the exchange – think of them as a pre-fab room that you plop down. We’ll keep providing more over time.
♦ Treehouses are considered evergreen trees, but you will see them covered in snow in the winter.
♦ Why… it just so happens that you CAN destroy snowmen; pumpkins too! Don’t get into too much trouble
♦ Lots of types of blueprints are provided by us for people to stamp down in their homes; you won’t be able to build your own.
♦ Outerwear is a new type of clothing – we included lots of warm looking clothing; that means no shorts
♦ The drainpipes and AC units in Supernatural are purely decorative; they definitely help make a complete home though
♦ We aren’t increasing the min spec with Seasons; the weather effects will scale with your hardware. Be sure to check the box!
♦ With your Sim being sneezy and generally unhappy, you’ll definitely want to keep them indoors and warm when they catch a cold.
♦ Rain will put out fires that are outdoors, it’ll even water your plants! Weather is nifty like that
♦ Sorry no sun roofs, but I love putting the Supernatural rocking chair out on the porch in summer to relax.
♦ Weather isn’t tied to any particular season, although you will see more rain in the spring than the summer.
♦ There will be a 5 day weather forecast so you can plan ahead, along with everyone’s favorite amusing weatherman on the TV.
♦ Aliens can appear throughout the year. They’re mostly passive; they just like to come down in their UFO and explore at night.
♦ Snow won’t fall underneath the biodomes that are placed on lots. #science
♦ No new toddler objects, but they do have their own selection of new outerwear to put on when it gets chilly outside.
♦ There are 5 new gnomes! It’s Oct. so I’ll reveal our Fall gnome… Her name is Cracklin’ Nackerbell, she’s a broom riding witch
♦ Sims can die from spontaneously combusting, yes. It’s an… unpleasant… way to go. Don’t stay out too long in those heat waves.
♦ All home worlds will have seasons and weather! Yes, that definitely includes the amazing custom worlds all of you make
♦ No skiing, but snowboarding on the half-pipe is an awesome winter sport. The Sims can pull off some pretty impressive tricks
♦ No woohooing IN the UFO, sorry :) You can certainly woohoo with an alien though… green babies!
♦ Bridgeport is gorgeous in the winter, when the city streets are blanketed in snow it’s even more incentive to hit the clubs!
♦ Sims may look out the window when weather starts; kids in particular love to see when it snows!



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  1. Siergiej says:

    Where’d you get all this? TheSims3 twitter is silent like a snake.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Twitter has a No Replies & With Replies section. :)

      1. Siergiej says:

        Thank you! :D

      2. KokaKola says:

        This has nothing to do with this article persay, but I just wanted to take the time to thank you for this amazing blog SimsVip :-). You guys are amazing and this is pretty much the only place I get my sims news. You guys do an amazing job and I just wanted to let you know that. I don’t think you guys get enough praise for your hard work and believe me, I know how hard it is to run a giant site ;-). Good job SimsVip team!!

  2. Rose P. says:

    I can’t wait for this to come out! It’ll be my early Christmas present!! lol

  3. Iron Seagull says:

    Interesting about putting up the holiday lights just by clicking on the front door, saves me a lot of work! Glad at least one new thing came out of this.

  4. Sock Puppet says:

    Woohoo-ing in a leaf pile sounds painful. Think of the sharp and crunchy leaves.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      It has to be better than the haystack! :lol:

  5. SimsVIP says:

    Oh the Q&A session is over and all answers are posted :)

    1. Iron Seagull says:

      Apparently the embargo for Spooky Day has been pushed to next week? Graham mentioned twice that’s it’s next week, I thought it was tomorrow.

      1. SimsVIP says:

        That is what fansites mentioned, so my guess is that it was changed. Unless it wasn’t? :P We’ll know for sure tomorrow. :)

        1. SimGuruGraham says:

          I don’t know of any change to the embargo, next week is just when I was told that we (EA) would be releasing Spooky Day info. Whatever embargo fansites currently have is when they’re allowed to release info.

          1. Iron Seagull says:

            Cool, thanks for confirming that Graham. I’d be surprised if fansites were allowed to reveal more about Spooky Day before EA does.

          2. SimsVIP says:

            That’s great! I thought maybe a last minute change was put into effect! :P Thanks for answering Graham :mrgreen:

          3. Cynthia says:

            OMG Sim Guru Graham visits here! :’D

          4. SimDzaky says:

            is that real SimGuruGraham ? o.O

  6. venus says:

    So no strawberries&blueberries and baking with seasons? :( …Oh well, maybe with some sort of farming/open for business EP :D… I can’t hardy wait until Seasons verything looks and sound FANTASTIC!

  7. PsychoChick966 says:

    Graham said that there are two new deaths (freezing, lightning strike), but he also mentioned that Sims can spontaneously combust in the heat… Isn’t that a death too? How would spontaneously combusting NOT kill you?

    1. Thetford says:

      Lightning counts as an electrocution death and spontaneous combustion sets your sim on fire (so it’s a fire death)

  8. Steph says:

    spontaneously combust :shock: better get my gardner to stock up on death flowers :-)

  9. Mr X. says:

    Most of these things were already answered in previous chats and on on twitter. Why do people ask the same questions over and over again? better yet why does EA waste time answering the same questions over and over again.

    Thanks for taking the time to post it all though it isn’t your fault EA wastes time with the same questions.

    1. Sock Puppet says:

      I think I am more surprised that rain can water your plants. As if that wasn’t a duh statement.

      1. Godot. says:

        You say that….but when there’s a fire, I run out of the house. My sims scream at the fire. So ‘duh’ doesn’t necessarily work in the Sims world.

    2. SimGuruGraham says:

      Hey Mr X. I know this is a common critique when we do some of these events, but you have to realize – when I’m talking on our official twitter channel we’re reaching out to over 160,000 followers. That’s a group made up of lots of players who don’t follow the news surrounding the game hardcare day in and day out. Their questions are still important though, and I’m happy we have ways of reaching out to them and giving them a voice with the developers as well.

      For people who want to ask more detailed questions I don’t think I’m too difficult to get ahold of – I answer complex stuff all the time on twitter and our forums. Shoot me a message sometime; if it’s something I can discuss I’d be happy to have an exchange with you.

  10. venus says:

    Will our sims get grandma’s comfort soup like on the sims 2 to get better when they are sick.. i used to love that!!

  11. gngrsnp says:

    Blueprints won’t be on the exchange – think of them as a pre-fab room that you plop down. We’ll keep providing more over time.

    Lots of types of blueprints are provided by us for people to stamp down in their homes; you won’t be able to build your own.

    “YOU WONT DE ABLE TO BUILD YOUR OWN?” Sorry there was no under line . what does this mean exactly?

    Can some one ask?

    1. ibce says:

      I’m so worried now.. I hope it’s just a typo.

    2. Mythfreak says:

      They’re talking about being able to build your own blueprint, not changing the way we build homes.

      1. Guest says:

        took it Blueprint was a tool. And the rooms have pre-placed doors and windows and after you exit the tool, you can remodel as you sit fit.

  12. gngrsnp says:

    Need to know if they are altogether changing how we build homes or if this is another option?
    Thanks. I don’t tweet or Facebook

  13. SimsVIP says:

    @gngrsnp The blueprint mode is an added feature that let’s us plop down pre-made room layouts. These pre made layouts are added by EA, and cannot be created by us players. This will not change anything with how you can already build, it just adds an extra feature to make it easier.
    For example, someone like me who is a terrible builder, can use this option to make a house that looks better than a box. :mrgreen:
    Here is a screencap from the walkthrough

  14. GinaW1127 says:

    I asked @SimGuruGraham about the Blue Prints to make sure I understood it right

    Me: So we will have multiple blueprints for a room so we can choose what we want in it? Like different kitchen set ups, etc?

    This was his reply… :)
    Precisely, and we’ll add more over time!

  15. catloverplayer says:

    When will the next chat be taking place?

  16. Cyron43 says:

    @SimsVip: Important question: Graham mentioned spontaneous combustion. Well I can care for my active family but what about all those Sims who are currently NOT under my control? I hope they are “intelligent” enough to take care of themselves with that matter.

  17. venus says:

    I can see already sims in my neighborhood dropping dead in winter and blowing up in summer.. i mean they already starve to death. they forget to eat

  18. Jaline says:

    What a heroic effort by SimGuru Graham on Twitter! I’m really impressed – and a lot of great info. It will be so exciting experiencing all my neighborhoods with Seasons, and weather, and festivals, and . . . :)

  19. Theresa says:

    i bet the other woohoo spot they haven’t announced yet is in the igloo #countit

  20. nina97 says:

    I’m happy girl YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  21. Destiny says:

    Super excited. I cannot wait. My favorite season is Autumn. But the snow is so pretty I might start with Winter first! I’m very excited about the outdoor holiday lights.

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