Seasons Prima Guide: No Printed Guide To Be Released
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Over the weekend, many players reported the disappearance and cancellation of the printed Sims 3 Seasons Prima Guide from Amazon and other retailers. Our reader Vicki reached out and contacted Prima Games regarding this issue, and it is confirmed that Prima Games will only be releasing a digital guide on their site for $14.99.


:!: Please note that according to Prima forums, eGuides CANNOT be downloaded.




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  1. cynthia says:

    So they want me to pay $15 bucks for an online guide? No thanks! I’ll wait for your FREE better quality guide.

  2. adventfear says:

    Bullcrap! Grrrr! Why does everything have to be digital only now?

  3. hugh says:

    I guess ill be stalking SimsVIP for info cause im definitely not spending money on a guide I can get free lol

  4. catloverplayer says:

    I bet their going to release a box set and include a printed guide of seasons in it like they did with generations. Looks like I’ll be downloading the online version then. I can always print it out.

    I think Prima needs to give the sims 3 rights to bradygames. They would do a lot better anyway. Their guides have much more info.

  5. catloverplayer says:

    By the way with the online version can I use it on multiple pc’s?

  6. catloverplayer says:

    Alex you will be making a guide won’t you? I can’t wait to see yours.

    • SimsVIP says:

      Of course I will! :mrgreen: I have also scheduled my week off during the release of seasons, so that means the guide will be done by that same weekend. :)

      • catloverplayer says:

        Yes I’ve got me a vacation scheduled that week myself. I’ll need it as I’m going to be doing lots of testing and taking lots of pictures which you’ll be able to see in the sims 3 seasons forum once I get them up.

        And by the way the patch should be out the day before am I correct or is it the Friday before? At any rate I’m going to download it before I get the game so I can play around with swimming in the ocean and the new filter in cas.

  7. catloverplayer says:

    Oh and by the way if you need someone to read it and tell you what they think before it’s finished just let me know on the sims 3 site. I can’t get to facebook right now because my password has been comprimised and changing it didn’t work.

  8. Linda says:

    Ok this bugs me. I have been a collector of the printed guides for a long time. I will not pay $15 for an “eGuide” that i will never physically own.

  9. Sock Puppet says:

    I have not paid for a strategy guide since Dreamcast’s Shenmue. Nowadays you can get free guides on the internet so it’s no loss on my end if they go digital-only.

  10. Charlie says:

    I don’t buy digital guides. I can look at a fan website for a guide for free. I wasn’t going to buy the guide for Seasons, but I did buy the guide to Supernatural. I have a Kindle and many digital books BUT I want my guides IN MY HANDS. I like to put post it notes throughout my guides.

    • Jenn says:

      Me too! I usually have the little post-it flags marking each “section” and then tons of post-its throughout w/ my own game play notes. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could at least download and print the guide!

  11. catloverplayer says:

    I still think their going to pull the boxset scam like they did with generations.

    And Alex thanks. I’ll be glad to proof read it for you and tell you what I think.

  12. penny says:

    People still buy prima guides? Lol

  13. Mychro5 says:

    thats a bummer :/ I like to have the guide with me everywhere and read it in class. :/

  14. Jacqpinks says:

    I am over it, I have the iPad app and it is buggy I also have all the other guides the set cannot be read at all it is to small :(

    the eguide can be opened on any computer :)

    I have the supernatural guide online as it was a freebie with the printed guide

    I think with Seasons there prob isn’t going to be a guide b/c it is more about the weather rather than other things to do :(

  15. Lucas says:

    As someone who has worked for Brady Games, there are only two reasons that this guide never made it to the printer. One is that the person authoring the guide could not finish in time, or two they did not get enough pre orders to be worth the money of printing.

    Either way, prima has become just as shitty as EA is with their games. I woudlnt be surprised if prima falls out all together in a few years.

  16. jacksims says:

    I have been using the Simsvip guides since generations and plan on doing the same this time. Who cares if I have to wait a few days. That gives me time to explore and get a feel of the game. Who would pay $15 (REAL MONEY!!!) for an ONLINE ONLY GUIDE?

  17. blueplumbbob says:

    I hate all of this “digital” stuff! Hard copies will always be superior! Data is so easily lost and erased. I am one to speak; my hard drive died last month and I lost all my Sims stuff. Thank God for my disc copies of the game and the computer diagnostics place!

  18. lolajust says:

    This sucks for us collectors, but at least I know i will have the info I need for free anyway….

    • Erika says:

      DEFINITLY! most of my games i have are in their boxes and sometime i have both box and digital, I love collecting games and i love filling my fiances apartment with them! I loved displaying my prima guides as i recently just purchased my last sims 2 one i missed out on sad i wont be able to finish my collection,

  19. Starwind says:

    I have only one computer why would I want a guide that I can’t read while I’m playing the game. Prima=Fail.

  20. KokaKola says:

    This is just getting annoying, especially for those of us that have collected these guides since 2000. I am so sick of it just getting worse and worse and EA cutting corners. I would NEVER pay $14 for a guide that I can only read when on the internet. The fact that I can’t even download something that I own to print it or read it offline is just wrong. It basically means you don’t TECHNICALLY own the guide (just like with anything else digital, read the Eula for other digital content)and that is just not worth it especially for the heft price tag of $14.99. They are charging the same price as the printed version which is $14.99 at Walmart. How is an e-guide the same as print when you have to pay much more to send it to print and publish it….grrrr, it just makes me upset, what the heck am I suppose to read on the pooper now? Lol ;-).

  21. Carla says:

    Mine is pre-ordered and hasn’t been cancelled – from The Book Depository. ANd it’s still possible to pre-order from – I just checked.

  22. Carla says:

    Here’s where you can post your opinion about this:

    • catloverplayer says:

      I just did post mine there.

      Does anyone know if this guide can be viewed on a tablet? I hope so. I could use my tablet while I was in the game.

  23. Cynthia says:

    Catloverplayer I saw your comment on prima forums. You are right, what interactive map will they have when we don’t get a new world? LOLOLOL

  24. Moodbeam says:

    Well that’s a disappointment. I only buy the paper guide so I can sit and flick through it whilst I play my game, without having to keep minimising the game every two minutes trying to remember what it is I have just read. I certainly won’t be paying for a digital guide; I may aswell just come here or go to Carl’s. Oh well, that’s ten quid they’ve lost from me.

  25. Amy says:

    I’ve had all the Prima Guides up to Showtime and, honestly, their quality (in my opinion) has really gone downhill over time. I find the guides put out by Sims VIP to be so, so much better and they are free! I’m still mad at myself for buying the Showtime guide, because I’ve looked at it maybe twice – total waste.

  26. Plutonic says:

    Primas eGuides are terrible. The layout sucks, the photos are small and you cant even make them bigger. Made that terrible mistake once with Showtime. You cant download it and you cant print it. Excuse me but what is there to pay for Prima? No thanks. They just lost $15 bucks from me. Simsvip you just got another guide user! (me)

  27. SimsVIP says:

    As usual, I will be creating a Sims 3 Seasons Guide (that will come in PDF form as well) that you CAN download, print and view online for your convenience. Oh and it’s FREE! < – happy face! ;)

    I have also scheduled time off of work for the week of Seasons’ release, which means the guide will be completed earlier than usual. So no worries simmers! You will have a free quality guide for you to use! :)

  28. catloverplayer says:

    Isn’t it funny though that the only guide they cancel is the sims 3 guide. None of the other game guides are getting cancelled.

  29. johnston says:

    This is absolute crap. The first time i decide to buy a prima guide was to use my $10 amazon credit and they cancel the book. I wouldnt suggest anyone buy the eguides because they are terrible. I hope you read this prima! FUUU!

  30. Sims SnowJackal says:

    *Sighs* I really wanted my printed guide. The worst part is this ‘digital’ guide can’t even be used on my iPad. :( I bought one ages ago hoping I could view it through iTunes books or Kindle or Goodreader … Nope! Webpage only. Puh!

    • LJ says:

      The Prima Sims 3 Seasons Guide seems to work on iPads if you use the downloadable Chrome browser from the App Store instead of the native iPad Safari browser.

  31. Katie says:

    *WARNING* to anyone wanting to buy this. simsvip you should probably put this in a post.

    Prima eguides can only be viewed in a webpage. no ipad or tablet or anything else. only on the internet page. Dont buy it!

  32. SimsVIP says:

    @Katie & Sims Snowjackal – Just FYI about *my* guides: You can download (and print) the PDF’s to view them on any tablet or smartphone :)

    • Sims SnowJackal says:

      Now THAT is fantastic news! I hadn’t looked at them prior, I admit. *head-hangs with guilt* because I had the printed copy. But I am going to have to look at the priors because I’d love to have a PDF format on the tablet!

  33. MufeeL says:

    *SIGH* I hate this internet-only crap the game manual people are doing nowadays.

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