Poll Results & New Poll (10/24/12)
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The last poll asked readers their opinion on which game content was of better quality. Was it the game content, store content or both? With 1,196 votes, “Both the store and game content” were winners. Which did you choose and why? I personally think the store has produced several pieces of content that outshines the game content at times, but overall, I think they both have something great to offer.
The newest poll asks you to choose your favorite spells from both Supernatural’s Fairies & Witches. (I chose 5 from each) The poll is multiple choice, so vote away! :)



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  1. Jasson says:

    I want to post picture, but it fails :(

    1. SimsVIP says:

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      If you are trying to upload a huge photo, it will not post. Try re-sizing it :)

  2. Trufan1 says:

    I chose both. There are some CAS and build mode objects that are the only reason why I’ve not uninstalled certain EPs because they’re so awesome. And the store has changed my game, couldn’t imagine playing without that content. They both add lots of fun and lovely colors to my crayon box :P

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