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Thanks to everyone for all of the great questions you submitted prior to, during and after the Maxis Live Broadcast earlier this month. We all wanted to answer another round of your questions that we weren’t able to get to during the live broadcast to try and give you the information you’re looking for about The Sims 3 Seasons.
While we’re really focused on making all the great games we have coming up, we’ll still always try and find time to answer the things that are important to you!
Thanks again, let’s get to them!

1. Do you have to purchase both Supernatural and Seasons at the exact same time in order to have access to the Weather Stone?
No. As long as you have both games and have each one installed, you will have access to the Weather Stone. It unlocks within the game when you have both installed! More details can be found here:
2. Will aliens be available in CAS in The Sims 3 Seasons?
You can’t create an alien in CAS, but you will be able to do things like changing their clothes or their hairstyle once you add an alien to your household.
3. Will there be new potions in The Sims 3 Seasons if we have The Sims 3 Supernatural?
There aren’t any new potions as Seasons really focuses on weather, festivals, and brand new holidays. However, players with Supernatural will be able to have their characters interact with the Weather Stone to alter the weather in unique ways.
4. Will NPC’s visit your house on spooky day?
Trick-or-treating is one of the best parts of Spooky Day! Other Sims from around the neighborhood will show up in costumes looking for candy, so be sure to hang out near the door.

5. Will costumes be a new style, like swimwear and every day?
Outerwear is the new clothing category that comes with Seasons. When selecting a costume for Spooky Day, you can choose from a wide variety of costumes for your Sim to instantly change into, or go into CAS and put together a costume from any of the categories for your Sims to wear.
6. Are there any new pool interactions like Marco Polo?
Marco Polo isn’t in Seasons, but we do have the new pool lounger that Sims love to relax on… not only in the pool, but out in the ocean as well!
7. What new music stations will be included?
There’s a great new soundtrack included with Seasons with songs that are being added to the existing radio stations in-game. There’s even the popular Mayzie Grobe song that was used in the announcement video for The Sims 3 Seasons. Check out the latest blog all about the music in the game here:
8. In the trailer I saw the tender kiss from The Sims 2. Did this make it into the game and any other new kisses?
Sims do a variety of new kisses when using the kissing booth. Your Sim’s traits affect which type of kiss they’ll try and pull off… watch out for the slobs!
9. Will evil Sims be able to steal candy from Sims and townies on spooky day? Kind of like how they steal candy from babies?
No stealing candy, but evil Sims (along with a few others) will be able to fulfill the “trick” part of trick-or-treating 
10. Can Sims use online dating to cheat on their partners, and if there is an interaction to ask another Sim to remove their dating profile. Also does the slow dance require level 1 of the hidden dancing skill, or can anyone do it?
Online dating is just another method within the game to meet Sims and get a date, so if your Sim wants to use it to cheat on someone they’re able to. Watch out though – if the Sim you message knows you’re in a relationship they might call you out on it. There isn’t a specific interaction to ask another Sim to remove their profile. As for dancing, you can slow dance together without any dancing skill, you just may be a bit clumsy at it. Sims increase their repertoire of slow dance moves as they get better!
11. How will Spooky Day affect Supernaturals? If you have Supernatural installed? Will Supernatural Sims from The Sims 3 Supernatural be able to interact with the weather in different ways than other Sims?
Supernatural characters enjoy Spooky Day as much as any other Sim – including trick-or-treating, throwing costume parties, visiting the haunted house, and more fun fall activities. Your Supernatural Sims will also be able to summon unique weather types in Seasons by using the new Weather Stone object. For example, a Fairy can cause a Reviving Sprinkle in the world that makes flower petals fall from the skies!
12. Will the penguins which randomly appeared in The Sims 2 Seasons be making a return in The Sims 3 Seasons?
Sorry, the penguin won’t be returning in Seasons for The Sims 3.
13. Will the SEASONAL lot marker thing that changes per season work on any lot?
Yes, the new seasonal lot marker can be placed on any lot, both community or residential, to make the lot look different with each season.
14. Could you wear the winter clothing during the summer and so on?
You could certainly wear the new outerwear during the summer if you really wanted to, but it will make your Sims overheat faster if you send them outside in it.
15. Will the weatherman be even more funny?
Everyone loves the weatherman! Expect more hilarious mishaps 
16. Will the farm windmill object from Riverview and Appaloosa Plains react to the wind?
The windmill doesn’t specifically react to the wind, but you will see trees sway back and forth, and flags in the world will wave when the wind kicks up.
17. Is there any new equipment for the gym?
18. There’s no new gym equipment, but lots of great activities for active Sims. Soccer, snowboarding, skating, and swimming out in the ocean are all fun to stay busy with!
19. Will the Sims automatically put on winter clothes in winter?
Yes, Sims will automatically change into their outerwear when going outside when it’s cold in the world.
20. Will deer and the other wildlife NPCs stick around during winter?
The various wildlife introduced in Pets do live in the world, they aren’t going anywhere just because there’s some snow on the ground.
21. Could you show us how the blueprints work in the game?
Blueprints are great for people who aren’t comfortable using all the various build mode tools to put their own house together. You’ll be able to select from many different types of rooms, plop the entire room down on a lot, and in less than 30 seconds you can easily have an entire house built.
22. Will random Sim couples on Love Day autonomously be romantic throughout the town?
Love day certainly gets Sims in the mood to be with a special someone. They’ll automatically perform romantic interactions more often, and you’ll find it easier to woo other Sims around town.
23. Will we get businesses that aren’t rabbit holes so our Sims can actually go on a family outing or date?
The festivals during each season are fantastic places to go for both a family outing or a date. There are tons of new objects and activities that groups can do together, including romantic objects such as the love tester for couples on dates.
24. Will there be a way to create curved walls with windows and doors that fit them? What new build/buy objects can builders look forward to in Seasons?
While there are no curved walls in Seasons, there’s lots of fun to be had for people who love to build. Naturally there are tons of new decoratives that fit perfectly with the different seasons, but advanced builders will also be able to decorate their lots to automatically change along with the seasons!
25. Will you guys add some kind of coding to the Game Update that launches with The Sims 3 Seasons that will enable Retirees to receive a percentage of their highest salaries?; rather than the non-existent amount they currently receive.
There aren’t any changes to retirement in Seasons, but your job will keep track of how long you’ve worked there and reward you with work anniversaries now!
26. Why isn’t there going to be a Santa Clause NPC in the game?
Each of the seasons in the game has a brand new holiday that takes place during it. Each of the holidays are unique to the Sims, and the ones they celebrate in the world we live in. We liked the flexibility of taking fun bits from a variety of real world holidays without excluding any of our fans around the world.
27. Why isn’t the gardener returning to The Sims franchise?
While gardening was a big part of Seasons in The Sims 2, for The Sims 3 we added lots of aspects of gardening and harvestable plants to the base game so that everyone could enjoy it. Because of that, gardening wasn’t something we decided to focus on for Seasons.
28. Would we need to upgrade our computers (graphics card) to play this immensely weather filled game?
We aren’t increasing the min spec for Seasons. The new weather effects will scale appropriately to work with your hardware if you meet the minimum requirements.
29. If you have more than one big park in your neighborhood, will a festival populate in each park?
Only one festival appears in each of the worlds. If you’d like to add a second one, you’re welcome to add another through Edit Town mode though!
30. Will there be new items and interactions for babies/toddlers/children? Will we get back the baby changing tables with the ability to change the baby’s diaper and bathe them, thus giving them a more fun and realistic game play?
Babies haven’t been changed in Seasons, but toddlers have a variety of new outerwear to select from to keep them warm when it’s chilly outside. Children have tons of new things they can do… everything from snowboarding and skating, to competing in eating contests, besting other Sims at the Apple Bobbing Tank, going trick-or-treating, and lots more!
31. Will there be any new harvestables such as strawberries or raspberries?
The new harvestable plant in Seasons is pumpkins! You can certainly grow your own, or even pick one from the pumpkin patch at the fall festival to take home. From there you can carve a variety of designs into them for a spooky jack-o-lantern, or make a delicious pumpkin pie.
32. Is there going to be a compost bin?
There isn’t a compost bin. When you rake up leaves in the fall, you’ll be able to dispose of them through the trash, or burn the pile up in a blaze of glory.
33. Will there be new facial slider options?
There are three new facial sliders in Seasons to give aliens a unique look. You’ll find one new ear slider, and two sliders for their eyes.
34. Will the Fall Leaves on the trees in Appaloosa Plains change color with the seasons update when a new season starts or will they always be orange?
For deciduous trees like the ones in Appaloosa Plains, the way they look right now is the same way their leaves will grow in the spring, and how they’ll appear in full bloom during the summer. Of course when fall rolls around you’ll see them change to even brighter yellows, oranges, and reds.
35. I swear I read somewhere that if you go to the beach in jeans and a sweatshirt on a hot summer day, you’ll overheat. So are all the clothes going to be coded? If you wear long sleeves and long pants, will it make you warmer than if you’re wearing shorts and a tank top?
If you wear outerwear in the summer you’ll definitely overheat quicker. If you just pick out any everyday outfit though you’ll be able to stay outside without getting too hot for a normal amount of time.
36. Can you tell me what Sims do on Love Day? I know there is the festival but can we expect our Sims will be doing other things and is there any new romantic outfits for Love Day?
Naturally, love day is filled with romantic moments for the Sims. They’ll actively want to be with their special someone, and everyone’s a little more receptive to romantic advances. Going to the festival even further enhances the spirit of the holiday, as you can kiss other Sims at the kissing booth, use the love tester machine to gauge your couple’s compatibility, and it’s the same day that the spring dance king and queen get crowned!
37. Will there be canning? I really miss that option from The Sims 2, where we could can and juice stuff… I think that would be the perfect opportunity to have a pantry to store items in or a cellar!
While there is no canning in Seasons, we have added some other different food related activities though, like the Feast Party. When you throw one with your friends and family, everyone brings their own dish that they cooked to the party – it’s a big fun potluck!


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  1. LadyKnuckles says:

    The lack of interaction in this game is making me sad. I’m just going to buy it for the snow and Christmas lights and ocean swimming.

    1. Andrew says:

      Ocean swimming is coming along with the seasons patch this November, so is the diving board

  2. n00biito says:

    I’m still amazed that still up to this point how many interactions we had in TS2 that we don’t have in TS3. It’s definitely baffling. Seasons is EP 8, you’d expect the game to feel more complete and rich than TS2 but it doesn’t unfortunately.

    Or maybe I’m being too pessimistic? I wonder why they simply refuse to add more interactions for babies and toddlers? I mean fans have been complaining about this since TS2 days. I expected them to address the problem in TS3 but it seems they decided to limit the little ones even further.

    I’m very excited for all the original stuff that is shipping with this EP still. I mean the festivals are a great idea and aliens have never been this awesome in the franchise so far.

    I do wish they would have given us more options. I mean for TS2 they gave us objects to celebrate kwanza and they gave us a menorah also for free. So people had the CHOICE of celebrating the holidays how they wanted. Also, WTF? Katy Perry is now more mainstream than Christmas? Both the original Sims and TS2 had Santa Claus, why would they get rid of it? It was completely optional and not in an “in your face” kinda way. You had to buy the tree, bake the cookies and make sure the entire household’s a sleep.

    I love that we can decorate the lots with lights with one click but I do hope we’ll get separate decorations we can use ourselves to create a unique look for our our lots.

    I’m also still disappointed they’re not giving us greenhouses it seems that the two careers from the survey also didn’t make it into the EP. All in all, I’m still looking forward to this EP and I really hope they’ll keep on steeping up their game. It seems as though they want to keep on releasing stuff for TS3 so I still hope that eventually all those things I’m missing atm, will eventually make it into the game.

    1. Karen says:

      I do agree with you. We really need more interactions for babies and toddlers. Even the lack of clothing for toddlers, kids and elders.
      I think Seasons will be amazing they have added a lot more to the game. I just want more interactions to do with babies and toddlers.

    2. Guest says:

      I’ve thought this for a long time about infants and toddlers. Hence my utter disdain and aggravation with GEN, because dummy me thought, oh Generations, it’ll be about family and we’ll finally get a balance to all the life stages…Nope, we got an SP pretending to be an EP in a Godzilla costume, awesome. I hate how little babies, toddlers and Elderly have. Have the people designing these aspects never been around these age groups?

      I have a Great Uncle in Alaska who up until 6 years ago would sail in a sail boat around the coat from Kodiak up towards Canada and back, 2 years ago he finally had to give up the ATV after he flipped over the handles and broke 2 ribs. Elderly people aren’t dead yet, give them some life dang it! BTW, He’s 92 this year and recovering from a mild stroke he had in the first part of Sept.

      As to babies, ok some babies don’t do much…Sadly, but most the babies I’ve been around. My youngest has been 2 months ahead of herself since she was born. My son asked me the other day why sim babies were so dull compared to real ones. I didn’t have an answer.

      And yes where are all the things for toddlers, this is sims 3 and toddlers can’t hug each other or take baths??? WTF? They could in S2, they had changing tables, they had bottles, they just had more baby/toddler things in general, but seeing some of the people that work on the game, fresh faced college kids who haven’t lived much, or were a family of 1, I stopped wondering about the lack of infant/toddler/kid/elder/family oriented gameplay I’d come to expect from Sims games.

      Am I upset none of this is in Seasons? No, but it’d be nice to get a Mia Coppa from them for the oversight. An SP for family sims, an EP , heck even a store set. A nod to the major gameplay gap there would be nice.

      Sorry, I’m ranting…It just really irks me.

  3. Stephen says:

    I really wish they would give a straight answer for once. They never leave at at just a yes or a no; they always redirect it to one of the new features

    1. SimmerDown says:

      Oh my god. You read my mind! I totally agree with you! It’s really annoying… That’s the appropriate thing for him to do though! He’s supposed to get people to like the game and stuff… So yeah :mrgreen:

      1. Nichelle says:

        I know right! I was ok with it before but now it is just annoying me.

  4. Kraven says:

    I just want to know will the weather affect my outdoor dog?

  5. Iron Seagull says:

    I’m actually glad they’re not including the penguin, as much as I liked it in TS2. I’m not sure if they could make the penguin look right within the more realistic atmosphere of TS3. It probably wouldn’t be as cute, it could have ended up looking creepy.

    1. Evan says:

      Yeah… And the geniuses at ea would probably screw something up and the penguin would end up stalking you, like the ice cream man… Lol

      1. Iron Seagull says:

        LOL, that probably would have happened, and all year round too. I remember seeing the penguin during summer, it was very rare but it was weird that it was even possible in the first place. I don’t think anyone would have thought the ice cream truck would be so stalkerish.

        1. Guest says:

          I’ve grown to hate the Ice Cream Man, they are creepy enough in real life. A guy who sells ice cream out of a truck or van to little kids….nope nothing creepy there. but it is even better in the sims 3, you can be into your game, minding your sims and then you realize it…there it is, outside your house, waiting and watching…all night, all day, he doesn’t eat or sleep, just watching….waiting for your sim…

          Pity your sims can’t sic the police on the ice cream truck driver. That would be creepy if the Ice Cream Man turned out to be a stalker…Anywho…

          1. Perry Elizabeth says:

            I laughed, because that is so true. Forget controls letting us chose what Supes we want… we need one that choses if we want the ice cream man. lol

  6. Mario says:

    I still dont understand: Can Sims do the tender kiss out of the Kissing Booth?

    1. TheSims3Boy says:


  7. Sdw4 says:

    I want the penguin back.. He made my Christmases :<

  8. Sock Puppet says:

    The more I read about Seasons, the more I’m getting disappointed?

    Instead of adding on top of TS2 Season’s features they’re just replacing them with something else.

    1. SimmerDown says:

      That’s why they did a new Sims game? Remember, new? The Sims 3 is not Sims 2. Just because they brought back a few things from previous Sims 2 games, doesn’t mean everything needs to be brought back. Why not have something new for a change? If you love Sims 2 so much, the go play that, not Sims 3…

  9. Darrell says:

    Happy that we can control what our Sims wear for Spooky Day, and that it is NOT limited to the costumes. That’s good news.
    Although the pack has some disappointments – Toddlers have ZERO new interactions, no greenhouse parts returning, no Santa, and no Afro as suggested by the Bob Ross-esque Sim pictured on the Face painting booth, to name my biggest – it still looks like it’s going to be a fantastic EP which fleshes out the series nicely. First Supernatural, and now this. Keep it coming, Maxis!

  10. catloverplayer says:

    Kind of bummed the tender kiss can only be done at the kissing booth but other then that this ep looks great.

  11. pilouuuu says:

    Haha it’s amazing how they answer all the questions while marketing the game at the same time. Maybe they’re Servos programmed to promote the game. XD

    I like the fact that this is not a rehash of The Sims 2 Seasons, but has new unique features.

    I don’t mind the lack of toddlers’ and elders’ stuff and interactions, because I’m sure there will be a few more EPs for The Sims 3. They will remember other ages at some point, right? Right?…

    Well, overall I think this will be the best EP for TS3. I especially like festivals and the ability to costumize lots for each season.

    1. Guest says:

      …I dunno what to make of it yet, they did add alot that is weather related, and hence the focus of the EP. It is nice Adults, teens and kids all have a few more things to. It should, SHOULD, make the open world feel more alive, and entertaining.

  12. sims4life says:

    He confirmed costume parties. Read this on the forums.

  13. Bo Na Na says:

    I am alittle upset. No Marco Pollo, no raspberries or strawberries, no new gym equipment,windmill doesn’t move in the wind, no baby changing table…ugh…but its okay, cuz EA has worked really hard to make Seasons happen for us.

  14. nina97 says:

    Oh u people so picky get over it

    1. Perry Elizabeth says:

      I have to agree. No greenhouses? So? Make one using the planters. No strawberries/raspberries? Oh Noes! But we are getting pumpkins…? No thank you for those. lol

      So many things people pick over.

  15. SpottedSixam says:

    I’m absolutely astonished at the range of things EA’s coming out with lately. I don’t even know what to say. I never played TS2, just TS1 and jumped right into TS3, so maybe I just don’t know what I was missing. But wow, this all sounds really, really cool to me. I’m really looking forward to Seasons.

  16. peter says:

    This ep looks really good so far. It captures some of the essence that made the sims 2 seasons so loveable (the activities). It’s to bad that they have less Christmas stuff, because that went really well with seasons in the sims 2. Oh well maybe someone will make a Santa mod (doubtful).

  17. amberindia says:

    It’s sad they do not want “Christmas,” yet endorse the sexual innuendos of Ms. Perry!

    Mr. Graham in his earlier interview said that The Sims Team does not favor one group. Well, Christmas is not a bad word!!! Christian simmers should refrain from getting this EP, I am. =(

    1. Joanna says:

      Really? That’s rediculous. So because supernatural didn’t mention Wicca, should wiccans have boycotted it? It’s the sims. Not the American school system. Go complain about somethig that matters.

      1. amberindia says:

        Here the key word is refraining from talking about delicate matters haphazardly. Christmas and Santa were featured heavily on the prequels, so it is only a normal expectation. If they are okay with $lutty Perry’s shenanigans but Christmas, that says a lot. It’s not like they talk about Level 10 horse stutter gallop f@#K, excavation bug, etc. So why now? Next time you comment learn some manners. Your lack of manners doesn’t tarnish the legacy of the American school system, it just highlights your lack of formal education and speaks a good deal about your Momma.

        1. Joanna says:

          Lol, well I’ll be sure to take advice on manners from someone who decided to drag my “momma” into the situation.

          Plus, you expect perfect manners on the internet, and Christians to boycott something because it didn’t include your religious preferences? I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’re a rather fussy and discontent person about 98% of the time…

          1. amberindia says:

            Since this site is not made for bickering and name calling, I refrain from further comments. I was just stating my view in a comment. It’s really none of -your- business.

          2. Alphonse says:

            ‘It’s none of your business’ is a bit of a silly thing to say when you comment on a public forum. I, for one, am glad that there’s no Christmas, so I don’t have to have my Sims reflect a culture I’m not a part of.

            Personally I prefer The Sims 3 series to the Sims 2, because I an actually leave the house. I would trade every inane little feature of Sims 2 that I didn’t enjoy for the ability to leave the house without being smacked in the face by loading screens.

          3. Joanna says:

            That’s what I was thinking. With a generic gift giving holiday it could become any number of winter time religious holiday you want, without alienating anyone because of religion. I think it’s a much more elegant way to handle it, than to just throw a bunch of Christmas stuff in there. And Christmas is my favorite holiday!

  18. Evanesims says:

    They need more social interactions… :/

  19. AnonnyNonNon says:

    It’s funny, basically all of the answers are, “There isn’t ___, but you will have ___!”

    This is the first EP I’ve been excited for since Pets, I hope it turns out well. I think it’s great they didn’t make a world so they can focus on actual gameplay, I just hope it doesn’t turn out like Generations, which to me felt like the leanest EP in the series. I’m not bothered about not having things like Santa or windmills, but penguins and Marco Polo would’ve been cool. I never played Sims but some of the things people mention from it sounds like they would go really well in Sims 3.

  20. venus says:

    Let’s not shoot the messenger!! lol

  21. Danny says:

    Well crap, its like they’re totally ignoring us. We say we want Santa Claus they give us tanning booths. We say we want more interactions for other ages, they gives us canes and strollers. I mean what the heck?
    World Adventures-Good
    Late Night-Amazing and original
    Generations-Major step down (Wheres all the toddler and babies interactions?)
    Pets-Could have been better…
    Showtime-A bunch of new junk….
    Supernatural-This makes me want to go play making magic. Especially with how the werewolfs are. Go hunt items and bite people…..(Dogs could already do that…) I only like the fairy’s in this pack. I was very sad about the witches….
    Seasons- Freeze to death, explode from the heat, and get impregnated by aliens…..

  22. Kalah says:

    To be honest I don’t understand why some of you are complaining so much. I mean sure there’s some things that we miss from sims 2 but for all we know these may be added in later EPs? Also I doubt any of you know how to make a game as goor as this ,all the extra content you want in season may make it take up much more space on others pc’s.
    Also im a Christian and don’t mind It being not being called Christmas in the game ..Think about those that are easily offended.

    P.S – Have you heard of mods or CC ? Stop complaining and go download one im pretty sure it one is made to fix your problem :/

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