Fraizesaux Sims: Seasons Online Dating


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Online Dating


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  1. adventfear says:

    That looks awesome, though I wonder if you can choose a fake picture/they can choose one. You go to meet someone in town and it turns out they’re an alien lol

    1. Hermione says:

      Oh my gosh that would be awesome! :-D I bet EA won’t do that though :-(


    lol probably not but that would be so comedic xD very excited for this, im tired of having to find someone for my sim lol

  3. Erika says:

    OMG!! yay cant wait to try it out!! Exacly wat i wanted! i bet when u meet it will be awkward just like all blind dates xDD

  4. SimmerDown says:

    In one of the screenshot, there’s a sim that messaged back saying:

    “Oops, sorry. Actually, I’m married now. I definitely should have deleted this profile…”

    Oh, the humor of The Sims :lol:

    1. Erika says:

      lol! priceless, cant wait for online dating!!

  5. catloverplayer says:

    Yea why is Doriie Hart on there? She’s married to Gus.

    1. CimaraNyx says:

      Isn’t Dorie insane? Probably why she’s made an online profile while married.

  6. Timothy says:

    Haha that looks awesome ,no my sim won’t be lonely anymore hehehe :D

  7. Timothy says:

    Haha that looks awesome ,now my sim won’t be lonely anymore hehehe :D

  8. CimaraNyx says:

    Has anyone confirmed yet whether or not teens can use this?

    1. Erika says:

      Most online dating sites require you to be 18+ (at least thats what i hear from commercials xDD )

      So i am pretty sure this will be adult only but u never know

  9. Amanda says:

    I’m really excited for this feature. It’s hard to get my SIMS out of the house to meet potential romatic intrests. They’re always at work or stuck at home trying to level up skills for work. lol

  10. Amy says:

    This is really cute and will make it easier for single Sims to find a potential partner! : )

  11. Rachael says:

    Really hope this will be included in the patch as my Dad will not allow me to have any more expansion & stuff packs.

    1. SimmerDown says:

      I doubt it will, it’s too big of a feature to be included in a patch. It’s a whole new system. It’s like saying “Hope they include Alchemy in the patch” But one can only hope! :mrgreen:

    2. DustyDog says:

      My dad’s the same but I managed to change his mind XD

  12. liz says:

    Does anyone know what the information means? I would translate it but the FAS sticker is in the way of some of the text.

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