Fog Emitter Codes Updated To Seasons

Another game, another batch of codes! Special thanks to Simified for passing on the updated Fog Emitter codes! Enjoy! :)

Download:  Fog Emitter Codes Updated to Seasons


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  1. max says:

    yep the igloo is the other new woohoo spot.

  2. YL49 says:

    what we need to do with these?

  3. SimsVIP says:

    These codes create special effects when using the Fog Emitter that came with Generations :)

  4. Arthur says:

    These effects are often used around the worlds or when Sims interact with certain objects. There are a lot of Seasons one in there and not all under EP8 like previous expansions or stuff packs are categorized. Still neat though!

  5. nez3 says:

    The Fog Emitter now comes with Base Game updated to 1.42

  6. Guest says:

    What is the fog emitter/what does it do?

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