Target Sale: University Life $19.99 (3/24 – 3/30)


Starting tomorrow, Target is offering the Base Game, The Sims 3 University Life, and other select titles for only $19.99! This sale is valid for one week only!


Thanks Dani!

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  1. CodyIsInLove says:

    I am curious with the constant sales on Sims expansion packs for I believe at least a solid six months is a indicator of how well the expansion packs are selling. As in do most people actually feel that forty dollars is over priced for a expansion pack that overall does not add much in the long run hence they are trying to raise their sales by having places like Target, Origin, etc. run specials. I am not talking about the occasionally sale either, it is CONSTANT as of late.

    1. David says:

      If the expansion packs are overpriced then what’s the store?

      1. Dakota says:


        1. Amy says:

          The store’s prices are one big joke. :P

          1. CodyIsInLove says:

            The store prices are a huge joke. In the matters of inflation I think EA would charge fifty dollars for expansion packs if they thought they could get by with it. How the store is still chugging along is beyond me.

          2. CodyIsInLove says:

            Looking in a narrow point of view I believe forty dollars is not bad for a expansion pack if it feels full and like a stand along game. Large majority of expansion packs do not fall under this guide line however. Looking at it in a long point of view paying even twenty five dollars for a expansion pack is very expensive because of how fast it adds up when they throw out eleven expansion packs lol.

  2. CodyIsInLove says:

    It will be interesting to see how the future for Sims turns out. EA has hit a rather peculiar rut. When Sims 1 was created the expansion packs were thirty dollars. The amount of time required to make a expansion for Sims 1 compared to that of say Sims 3 was a lot less. The expansion packs were more simple but it was ok because Sims 1 itself was simple. By this I mean getting a new chair was exciting for there was not CAS, the maps were not a actual living world, and it was a fresh start anything added was invigorating for there was nothing like it. Now with Sims 3 it is considerably more complex. Adding a couple of objects is not acceptable like it was in Sims 1. People want new gameplay that goes beyond objects that have new interactions while having to make sure it simultaneously functions within a entire town that has a actual flow. Hence more man hours are needed. I wonder how EA will tackle this issue. It seems they have been doing a lot of experimenting, I think we will so a more solid tangible result by how Sims 4 is made.

  3. Leni says:

    Wow, University Life is practically on sale everywhere! With all the prerelease hype it got you’d think more people would have bought it. It’s not even a month old yet!! Does UL have some major glitches or something?

    1. K Girl says:

      UL has been having a bunch of glitches since I’ve been playing.

      1. CodyIsInLove says:

        I have not had any problems but then again I have not been really playing it. I have been building in sheer joy that the crashing after building seems to have stopped. I can say I am a super happy camper and am sorry for all those who are having problems.

  4. K Girl says:

    Awww I’m so mad!!! I just bought it on Origin for the sale price. And this is way cheaper! Darn It! :(

  5. Sarrie Jo says:

    If you don’t have a Target near you, you can take the ad (or app) to Walmart and they’ll match the price. I got mine this morning. :)

    1. Brett says:

      Yeah, Target only had the standard edition. I found a walmart with the limited edition and got them to price match (Target is actually advertising the limited edition).

      1. Rose says:

        I got a limited edition from Target from the sale. They didn’t only have the standard edition

        1. Sarrie Jo says:

          I think Brett means that the specific Target they went to only had the standard edition, meaning they had sold out of the limited.

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