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Is it too early to be listing pre orders? Maybe, maybe not. Although it is probably best to wait until more official game versions are confirmed (Collector’s and such) before pre-ordering, Aussies can do so now if they want!


Click Below! – Thanks Jacob!

The Sims 4 EB


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  1. Caffeine says:

    Wait Wait What?
    Is it just me or is The Sims 4 Release Date Announced -?-: March 28th, 2014 (estimated date)

    1. Jess1281 says:

      When it is this far out, that date is tentative and subject to change if the project doesn’t finish up in time for their estimated release.

  2. NoTime says:

    So I went to pre order and the cashier said don’t stress about the price, it’s not final.

    Also for those complaining about the price. A newly released game is between 70-100 dollars for just a basic edition. Most pc and console games are around 80-90 and since The Sims 4 is a new game, I wouldn’t be surprised if the final price moves down into that range, maybe 70 but I doubt it.

    1. Nole says:

      As others have mentioned already (just restating because it’s a new pages) In Australia, the games can be up to 2x the price than in America or Europe. This is a,common price for a base game in Australia (Sims 3 base was around 100-120 AUSD.

      1. NoTime says:

        Yeah I’m Australian I know, I picked the CE up for $120, worth it imo. I kind of had it written as “Here in Australia” at first but I figured it was 1) clich√© and 2) everyone else had been saying it so I didn’t want to be repetitive. Just clearing it up in case you got confused ^^

  3. Nole says:

    Just one more time for good measure, Australian game prices are much more than American prices, up to even 2 times more. The sims 3 base was around 100 AUSD so don’t freak out people.

    1. Jess1281 says:

      Give up it, Nole. The people who are freaking are just looking for something to freak out over Sims 4, anyways. Like with the UI mock up thing, most people just see one thing and don’t read/pay attention beyond that.

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