Game Informer Magazine: The Sims 3 “Cribs Edition”
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Game Informer Magazine’s July 2013 issue, features a special The Sims 3: Cribs Edition. The article features some pretty sweet “cribs”, built by Simmer’s around the world. You can check out the online magazine here (Subscription Required), or head into your local Gamestop for a physical copy of the magazine.




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    1. Nathanial says:

      For the love of god and all that is holy, please don’t start that crap here. I get enough of this on other video game sites I visit.

      1. Jen says:

        Aww, tell them off then.. Simmers are supposed to be kind to one another.

        1. CodyIsInLove says:

          What is you do not love God, or are a worshipper of numbers. All hail mighty one bless me numerically o great one. Something of that nature :).

      2. Akeel says:

        Well i am so very truly deeply sorry for saying 1……

        1. Georgette says:

          It’s just.. why do you have to say first? With nothing else relevant to the post? it’s just annoying…

          1. Awesomemarc says:


  1. Is there a direct link? Or is a magazine subscription required to view?

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Subscription required. (Sorry, forgot to add that!) The magazine (digital and physical) is available every month for free, with a $14.99 annual fee for gamestop Pro membership. See here for info on that:

      1. Toto Caca says:

        Yes, but it’s STILL not working, even after a [no adjective] subscribtion, they won’t let us download it as they promised. Even with their “one time account link” they force you to give a zip code, like everybody on Earth lives in USA.
        Somebody please upload the file on Rapidshare or something.

        1. Toto Caca says:


        2. jennthya says:

          I can’t get it to work either. I have a subscription AND a PowerUp card AND I live in the US. So…that seriously stinks! :(

  2. Vitani says:

    Oh well, that was a major bummer… I’m gonna go check out some houses on the exchange now…

  3. Tangie0906 says:

    If you have to have a subscription, then it’s certainly not “free”.

  4. becca_una83 says:

    on page 32.

    Ravensrock Manor By ruthless_kk

    Casa Di Archi by SimEve

    Cupcake Castle by Rflong7

    on page 33.

    The White House by EdHaught58

    Portofino Bay by Susanna827

    Brooklyn Loft by Joolster

    This was posted by godshelpio in the GG forum who has a copy of the magazine.

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