Tutorial: Building Diving Lots in Other Worlds

If you want a full blown, step by step tutorial for building Dive Lots in other worlds, Sims 3 player Weealbet has you covered! This 32 minute video will explain in full detail how to create your own diving lots in other worlds for your Sims to Scuba Dive in.

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  1. CodyIsInLove says:

    Well that is very nice of Weel :)! Thank you.

  2. Cloroxclean says:

    This looked extremely difficult, but this made it seem much simpler than I thought.

    1. Weealbet says:

      Once you get the hang of it, they are really easy and fun to do! I’m not a builder, but I enjoy making these lots! I have about 9 of them dotted around in Aurora Skies now haha!

      1. Jimmy says:

        Now if you can mod the game to allow fishing off of speedboats and boating in Twinbrook, I’d be one happy camper! But I guess that’s a tall order. Perhaps you know a modder that can help? I happen to use Twinbrook quite a bit, and am thoroughly disappointed with the lack of ability to go boating on the lake there!

        1. Weealbet says:

          I haven’t tried Twinbrook yet, I’ve been building lots in different Worlds based on requests over on my Twitter page lol. I’ve just done Bridgeport and have Lucky Palms and Appaloosa Plains to do after. I like Twinbrook too, it is my second favorite world to play in.

          I think that the problem regarding that lake is that it is classed as Fresh Water, not Ocean/Salt Water. By the games standards, if you have the Seasons EP installed, the lake will freeze over during cold temperatures. This would, of course, have created a lot of problems if your Sim had a houseboat there or were boating around on it. Worse, if they were scuba diving when the lake froze over, then they would eventually die as they wouldn’t be able to get back up to the surface.

  3. Seasons2808 says:

    I just tried to place a dive lot in Sunlit Tides but it won’t work!
    It looks alright but my sim can’t get there… She just swims around and has this bubble over her head that there’s no way to get there. She can’t reach the dive lot! Please help! :(
    Can someone just show how he or she placed a dive lot in Sunlit Tides?

    1. Vitani says:

      Try placing the dive lot in another area. I also can’t access some dive lots, probably due to a routing issue idk

      1. Weealbet says:

        When you say you can’t access them, how do you mean? Are you only clicking on the buoy or have you tried clicking on the surrounding sea or map tag?

        1. esperelda says:

          Hi Weealbet, I click on the map tag for my sim to “visit dive spot” then in left upper corner of screen it shows my sim is going to visit but then sim just stands there and that screen icon disappears. Same result with all household.

        2. esperelda says:

          Hi again, It worked this time! Thanks Loads!!!!

        3. esperelda says:

          And I’m playing Lucky Palms :) So mine works there

    2. Weealbet says:

      Where abouts are you trying to place it in Sunlit Tides? When testing in Sunlit Tides I placed a diving lot in the large lake type area in the middle, but towards the two mountain sides.

      1. Seasons2808 says:

        I tried different places within the dark blue water near the islands and of course in the large lake in the middle. But it’s always the same, I can’t visit the dive lot :( Could someone just show it in a video if he or she was successful?

        1. Weealbet says:

          Are you seeing a map tag? Also, make sure that you enabled the lot as a Diving Lot.

          It is entirely possible to have diving lots in Sunlit Tides. Here is a short gameplay video I made: http://youtu.be/uYJmjgQCtAI

          Others have also said that they have been able to get it to work in Sunlit Tides too :)

          1. Seasons2808 says:

            Yes, it is a diving lot. And I know that others were successful. So the problem has to be me :D
            Could you please explain step by step how you placed the dive lot in Sunlit Tides, maybe with pictures? I just don’t get it and it drives me crazy! :(
            And maybe I understood something wrong in your video… I’m from Germany :D

            First, I used the cheats testingcheatsenabled true, enablelotlocking on and buydebug on in the main menu. Then, I wenn to edit town and placed an empty lot in the dark blue water. I changed the lot type to dive lot and got into the build/buy mode. I flattened the lot, went back to edit town and demolished it once. After that, I changed the lot type to dive lot again and went back to the build/buy mode. I decorated the lot, placed the buoy, selected the level and finally locked it (where the lock is). I got back to the main menu and loaded Sunlit Tides once again to see if it worked. I know it’s not exactly the same way you described in your video but I tried both and this one seems to be successful too. At least, I read it :D

          2. Jimmy says:

            Do you have any of these lots available for download? I’m afraid I’m not too much of an artist, and find myself copying the lots in Isla Paradiso. Can you place a pre-saved dive lot down when you make an empty one, or will it wind up all borky? And, I find that it just sucks lemons that you can’t go boating (or diving) in the lake in Twinbrook! Why can’t they allow us to boat on that lake when we easily could do so in real life?

  4. Harrykotiej says:

    That’s the way, aha, aha! I like it! Aha, aha!

  5. venus says:

    Nice, thank you for sharing

  6. Weealbet says:

    Seasons2808, I think I know what is happening! You seem to be following a different method lol. If you are using my method you shouldn’t be demolishing the lot at any time :)

    Here’s a brief outline of what you should do:
    1) Enable the cheats in Edit Town,
    2) Place your desired size lot,
    3) Change the lot type to “Diving Area”
    4) Enter the lot in Build/Buy Mode and flatten the lot
    5) Place the Buoy and Surface Shark Spawner (if you want sharks)
    6) Go down a level and lower the terrain under the buoy and spawner
    7) Go back to the surface and move the two items a little, half a square will do, this should have caused them to drop in height a little. If not, try lowering the terrain some more and move them a little more until you get the correct height.
    8) Flatten Lot again
    9) Return to Edit Town, save your game, return to the Main Menu and load the game again.
    10) Go back to the lot and enter Build/Buy Mode

    From here you can now landsculpt and add items that you wish. Once you have finished, select a family and enjoy your new dive lot! :D

    1. Seasons2808 says:

      Aaah, I can’t believe it, it finally works!!! Thank you so much!!! :)

      1. Weealbet says:

        No worries at all! I’m glad that you have been able to get it to work! :D

  7. layla says:

    I love you talented simmers who makes simming a lot easier for us noobs (happy fance then gives out a cookie)

  8. Weealbet says:

    Jimmy, regarding the sharing of lots, I wouldn’t advise it at the moment. When I was first trying to get dive lots to work outside of Isla Paradiso, I was importing the Diving Area’s from Isla Paradiso to other worlds. I encountered a lot of problems when doing this. Sims, boats and sharks would hover about 3 stories above the sea while over the lot and eventually I was unable to select the lot to go diving in.

    I haven’t tried importing a custom build yet, but I will try it later on today at some point to see what problems I encounter, if any. I’ll keep you updated :D

  9. Jarron says:

    I built a dive lot using this video as a tutorial, and was very happy with it. Everything works as it should.

  10. Lou says:

    Hey everybody,

    I tried to place a diving lot in Appaloosa Plains but when I tried to set the lot type to Diving Area it didn’t show up in the pull down menu thingy. So why is that?

    1. Weealbet says:

      Did you enter the cheats at the beginning? Diving Area will not show in the Lot Type pull down without the cheats :)

  11. Elisa says:

    I can’t watch it anymore! Video says it’s private! :(

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