The Sims 3 Into the Future Release Date (10/22/13)


The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack - 11th Expansion Pack for the Series - has been issued an official release date of October 22, 2013 in the US. Press Release to follow.



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  1. SimDzk says:

    Fast enough since Movie Stuff release at September 10.. :/

  2. Michael says:

    October? TS4 will be out sometimes during 2014 in Spring or even Summer?

    1. Goldysch says:

      yes, first quarter of 2014 they say

      1. Michael says:


      2. peno says:

        That seems a little shorter time then there were between the last Sims 2 title (Mansion and Garden Stuff) which was released in middle of November 2008 and Sims 3 which came out in beginning o July 2009. But The Sims 2 was originally scheduled to the end of February 2009, so who knows what will happen now with The Sims 4.

  3. NoTime says:

    Shit, I’m gonna have no cash left ahahahaha. This, Pokemon X and Y, AC4. Not to mention KH1.5 and GTAV with the new stuff pack as well dropping in the previous month. Like OMG

    1. BigDreamer says:

      I know, right I am super excited about Pokemon X and Y.

  4. Megan says:

    It comes out on my birthday! lol ironic.

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      That is exciting :). A perfect excuse to employ to get yourself it lol. I would love if a expansion pack fell on my birthday because then I would feel as if they just made it for me and my birthday.

    2. SIMplyTheBest says:

      Island Paradise missed my Bday by one day, And I AM a beach freak, so I loved it for that (but NOT the lag or routing, etc).
      But Since I am now in my 40’s I tell my family to stop with the cake. I told them if there’s no cake, there’s no Bday, freezing my age! (yep, crazy woman logic!)
      Last year I got away with it, this past summer I didn’t…because they will use ANY excuse to buy/eat cake! :D

  5. BigDreamer says:

    Hopefully this is not like IP where my interest fizzles out before it gets here. IP has many great features and EA should be applauded for them but at the same time beyond house boats and a few examples it did not have much to do which was apparent for IP was even released.

  6. Lauzwtp says:

    When is it released in the UK? I really want this expansion pack!

    1. Hasan says:

      25 of October ;)

  7. RachelSunshine90 says:

    I really want to purchase this but with Sims 4 on the way, I won’t be able to afford both on release! I guess it depends on the month on Sims 4 release, since my birthday is in May. I dunno, it is really annoying!

  8. Orbit says:

    I’m so excited! This is the last one and then my collection will be complete! I’m not getting the stuff packs, mind you! I hated the look of the Katy Perry one anyway!

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