The Sims 3 Roaring Heights: DIY Roller Coaster!

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The Sims 3 Roaring Heights comes out NEXT Thursday, December 12, 2013 along with the Boardwalk Venue and the much anticipated Sky High Roller Coaster! As some of you may know already, this is a one of a kind, DIY Rollercoaster! Designer Alan Copeland, @SimGuruCopeland, is here to walk you through how to build your own roller coaster! Be sure to follow him on Twitter @SimGuruCopeland and give him a big thanks for such an amazing blog!
Hi everybody! Are you excited about Roaring Heights and the new Boardwalk Venue? Aren’t those Roller Coasters something else?

venue_1_ry (1) venue_2_ey_blog (1)


Today’s blog is going to be a little different from some of the other blogs I’ve done in the past. With the new Boardwalk Venue coming out with Roaring Heights there have been plenty of cool screenshots and information about the Sky High Roller Coaster, so instead of just giving more of those, I thought you might enjoy a tutorial on how to assemble a roller coaster of your own.
This example uses all of the new track pieces and most of the columns and other goodness that come with the set.

venue_3_ey_blog_hex (1)

First, let’s take a look at what we hope to build.

venue_4_hex_ey (1)

You’ll notice that this is very similar to the big roller coaster in the venue if you remove all of the buildings and other venue stuff.
One of the biggest challenges to making a roller coaster is space, so after a few tries you may find yourself counting out the squares the way I do. (NOTE: All track pieces are divisible by 6.)
I started out with a simple box midway up the side of the lot for my loading and unloading pad. (Although you could easily just have it start on the ground.)

venue_5_blog_ey_nj (2)

Then I placed the starting piece. You’ll want to make sure it has enough space on both sides so that the Sims can load and unload. As long as the ride isn’t in use, Sims can walk behind the cart on this piece only.

venue_5_blog_ey_nj (2)

I put single story “stacked” columns under each side just to make it look better.

venue_6_ac_blog (1)

Then let’s grab a cart and place it. This is a really easy way to see which direction your coaster will be going but you’ll also notice that some of the pieces have arrows on the end of them if they only go in one direction.

venue_8_note_ac (1)

(NOTE: Some pieces, like straight pieces, up/down pieces and curves can be placed in either direction and they work just fine.)


Right away I want to do a level transition, so let’s place a two story single column about 6 spaces away.


Then we add an up/down piece on top of it.


Let’s grab a two story curved stacked column and place it right next to this. (NOTE: you can also use individual columns if you don’t like the stacked look.)


This makes it super easy to both lay out where you’re turn will be and give you support of placing your curve.


Now let’s do a straight piece. We can grab a stacked straight column and place a straight piece on top of it so it looks like this:

venue_15_h_blog venue_14_hi_there

Let’s go up another floor. Just like before we want to go with a column that’s one story higher than we are at right now (so in this case 3 story) and place it 6 squares away. The grab an up/down piece and place it on top so it connects with our track.


Next we want to do the loop. So we want to put a couple of supports down. Loops are pretty big, so I usually put a bunch down and then delete those that I don’t need.


Then just grab the loop and put it on top. This is a “one way” piece, so make sure you have the arrows going in the right direction.


Now let’s go up another floor. Since columns can only go up three floors this time we’re going to stack a one story column on top of a three story column, six squares away. Then place your up/down piece.


We are getting close to the edge of the lot, so let’s do the same thing with the curved columns and put a turn on top.


Rinse and repeat so you get something like this:


Now for the big hump. Like the loop this is pretty big, so if you’d like you can put a bunch of columns down in a straight line and we will just delete what we don’t want once we have the hump in place.

venue_22_rc_blog_ye venue_23_how_blog

That’s looking super impressive, but I think it’s about time for some of the really cool theme pieces. We are going to need a lot of room for those, so let’s use the techniques we’ve already learned to put in another turn and an up/down piece so it looks a little something like this:


Great! Now let’s give the Sims a real thrill with the 3 story Dead Man’s Drop. You’re going to place this on the ground and line it up so it attaches to the end of the track, like so.


Next, place a Geyser Run. Make sure you’re track arrow is going in the right direction.


Now put in a Broken Track piece.


We want to loop this back into the start piece, so place two curve tracks so it looks like this:


To finish the coaster you can put in a straight piece and an up/down piece in any order.

venue_29_ac_rc_b venue_30_30

In LIVE mode you can check to make sure the track is valid, which should highlight all of the pieces that are attached to each other. Hopefully the whole thing should light up as green for a few seconds. Any part that isn’t lit up isn’t lined up correctly.
You can garnish the track with lots of cool things like balloons and flags.
In LIVE mode you can also set the theme between Thrill, Haunted or Wonder. This will change the color of the lights on the side of the track, the animation and effects on some of the pieces, and the type of moodlet Sims get from riding the coaster. You can set your own texture style on all of the pieces as well.

venue_31_how_l venue_32_image venue_33_howto

I’m super excited to see all of the incredibly cool coasters you all come up with. A couple of team members should be posting some of their more over-the-top coasters on the Exchange. SimGuruKelly has a pretty awesome floating coaster I’ll try and get him to share.
The Sky High Roller Coaster comes exclusively with the Boardwalk venue, releasing December 12, 2013!


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  1. Lawrence says:

    Seems cool!! but still disappointed for not having more than 1 floor tracks in order not to have only the dead man’s drop…

  2. benji says:

    I am positively sure I will have a huge amount of problem trying to build those hehe

  3. Pumba says:

    They seem to release better and better stuff… I love the store stuff. Bravo!

  4. Pumba says:

    WAAAAIIIIIT a moment! How can Sims access to THIS roller coaster since there are tracks all around the stairs leading to the start? Ahaaaaa! Gotcha.

    1. Wee Albet says:

      They can go under it where there aren’t any of the track columns. Ahaaaaaa!! Gotcha! Tee hee hee.

      1. Pumba says:

        Better be working! lol

    2. SimLover says:

      Lol you are right!

    3. Chris says:

      It’s just a tutorial, if you look at the actual lot, it’s different. ;)

  5. Paisley says:

    They should have just made a fair type pack or something.

  6. ThunderDweller says:

    …. I suddenly realized I can build abandoned coal mine tracks with these. Even just the pieces alone…. Sweet deal.

    Or pretend/miniature train tracks.
    I really want to build this on top of a building. And place a dining area under a loop >.<
    I have a week+ to come up with a billion ideas!

    I have just been absolutely waiting for the ability to build boardwalks. And although I don't much like cities, Art Deco is one of my favorite architectural styles, so the theme of this world is looking like a pretty sweet deal.

  7. CodyIsInLove says:

    See, many of you thought it would be complicated! Thanks for the tute :)! Now all can go forth and build their own roller coasters. I know it is not logical to have roller coasters in most of my worlds but I feel like I am going to have a coaster melt down and build right after another. It is also great to hear that the team may be releasing more coasters!

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      Also praise the lord that the pieces are consistently divisible by a number (6) across the board. Once one gets into the swing of building a roller coaster it will be much easier and faster simply for the fact that the pieces are consistent.

  8. powerhouse says:

    wow thats all i have to say end of

  9. Alex says:

    It looks absolutely amazing! :D One question though- how can the coaster go straight through a loop without first gaining any momentum? I’m guessing the tracks will rapidly boost speed just before a steep piece of track.

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      See what they failed to say that each rollercoaster cart has a rocket booster attached on the back.

      1. catloverplayer says:

        I wondered how it went past the broken track.

    2. Blondie says:

      Thank god it’s only a tutorial. The thing with the loop was my first idea also. I play RCT and this thing wouldn’t work fine in this. Missing some speed tracks and some for decelerate the coasters.

  10. Bo Na Na says:

    Kay now DDR Arcade Machine for our Sims Arcades! Something like from the Sims Social! With a competition/VS. match so you can play two-player (stack DDR’s next to each other). With up to at least 5 different songs to dance to. :D

  11. sErindeppity says:

    I will be failing so much at making these xD but I still can’t wait.

  12. Amy says:

    THIS IS AMAZEBALLS sims team … you’re getting better…

  13. Goldysch says:

    Hi Alexis! Can I make you a petition? Today MissGerbit (a mexican simmer and youtuber) died, she was one of the most popular simmers in latin community (almost 50k) Can you published that she passed away in your website? thanks :)

  14. Conclue says:

    **stands up and claps**

  15. catloverplayer says:

    Live Broadcast is Tuesday ask your questions at this thread

  16. MidnightPearl says:

    sweet! can’t wait! :)

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Yea I’m on vacation so I’ll get to see it but it’s on twitch. That could mean freezing issues for me. They should show it on youtube.

  17. catloverplayer says:

    I wonder when someone is going to create a festival lot with a roller coaster on it.

  18. sal says:

    can anyone tell me which one has the roller coaster {{standard or gold}}. I’m not buying until I know which one thanks.

  19. sexyreptar says:

    Was wondering how can u get the tracks to go through each other, like one track going through a loop?

  20. Katz Simmer says:

    um…. I just purchased,downloaded and installed roaring heights and everything works… but I don’t have any roller coasters. I have searched high and low and am not very happy that it didn’t come with roller coasters….

    1. Katz Simmer says:

      please help

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