The Sims 4: Aspirations & Traits (List)

Below is a compiled list of Aspirations and Traits that were shown during an E3 CAS demo. It seems that some of the aspirations have more than one subcategory to choose from. For example, I chose the “Deviance” aspiration which gave me the Dastardly bonus trait, and then selected the “Public Enemy” aspiration option, which if completed, would give me the “Mastermind” reward trait.
SimGuruGraham confirmed to me that Aspirations can be changed out at any time. If you decide you don’t like the aspiration you’ve chosen for your Sim, you are allowed to change it. I have listed the bonus & reward traits and descriptions for select traits I was able to view.

:!: Please note this is an E3 list of Aspirations and Traits. The final in game list may vary.





• Athletic

NEWCreativity (Aspiration) - Bonus Trait: Muser – Musers get better boosts to their skills when they’re inspired.


Aspiration Option #1: Painter ExtraordinaireThis Sim wants her life to be all about art and painting!
Reward Trait: Paintbrush RevolutionaryPaintbrush Revolutionaries can see the world in a new, inspiring way.

painter extra


Deviance (Aspiration) - Bonus Trait: Dastardly – Dastardly Sims perform stronger and more successful mean interactions


Aspiration Option #1: Public EnemyThis Sim wants to make enemies and be a famous criminal
Reward Trait: MastermindMasterminds know just the right things to say to cause anger, sadness, and jealousy in their opponents.

public enemy

Aspiration Option #2: Chief of MischiefThis Sim is all about pranks and mayhem!
Reward Trait: TormentorTormentors can sabotage almost anything, be it an object, or another Sim’s best efforts.



Family (Aspiration) - Bonus Trait: Domestic – Domestic Sims will see their familiar relationships grow stronger faster



Food (Aspiration) - Bonus Trait: Essence of Flavor – Sims with Essence of Flavor make higher quality food and drink



Fortune (Aspiration) - Bonus Trait: Business Savvy – Business Savvy Sims earn more money from their careers



• Knowledge

Love (Aspiration) - Bonus Trait: Alluring – Alluring Sims are more successful at romance than others



Nature (Aspiration) - Bonus Trait: Collector – Collectors can find rare collectibles more often!



• Popularity



• Active
NEW • Ambitious These Sims gain powerful moodlets from career success, gain negative moodlets from career failure, and may become upset if not promoted.
NEW • Art LoverThese Sims gain powerful moodlets from viewing works of art and can Admire Art and Discuss Art in unique ways.
• Bookworm
• Bro
• Cheerful
• Childish – These Sims gain powerful moodlets from watching Kids’ Channel, become Playful when playing with children, and become Happy when playing with Children’s toys.
• Clumsy
• Creative
• Evil
• Family Oriented
FoodieThese Sims become Happy and have Fun when eating good food, become Uncomfortable when eating bad food, and can Watch cooking shows for ideas.
• Geek
• Genius
• Gloomy
• Glutton
• Good
• Goofball
• Hates Children
• Hotheaded
• Insane
• Lazy
• Loner
• Loves OutdoorsThese Sims can enthuse about nature to other Sims, and become Happy when outdoors.
• Materialistic
• Mean Spirited
• Music Lover
• Neat
• Noncommittal
• Outgoing
• Perfectionist
• Romantic
NEW • Self AssuredThese Sims tend to be Confident
• Slob
NEW • Snob These Sims can critique work on low quality items, are bored by “low brow” television, and gain confidence around other Snob Sims.

trait trait 4

trait 3 trait 2

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  1. Melody says:

    I’m really loving this so far! Thanks for working so hard for us!

  2. Irishsong says:

    I’m hoping they’ll ad more.

  3. Mistletoe143 says:

    Someone commented on Twitter on this and I agree. I would love to have “fears” come back in this game. It made the game more interesting in Sims 2.

    Although I wouldn’t mind if they left out the fear of using the public restroom. I always got that one in Sims 2. :D

    1. Ade says:

      I suppose it would be easier to implement if I understand the new whim system, instead of just things sims want at the time they could also show what they don’t want.

      1. GranMarquee says:

        Yeah I don’t understand that either. They say whims are the thought bubbles but I’m just like…our sims have different thought every 5 seconds, how are we supposed to complete those?

  4. Jackie says:



    I wonder what all Gloomy entails?

    (Is it anything like my forum post?!)



    1. Jackie says:

      Here is my forum post about the Gloomy trait, in case anyone was interested:

      I wonder how much the actual game trait will be like it?

  5. SimsVIP says:

    Added descriptions to a some more items above. New info contacins a red “NEW” in front of the bullet point.

  6. Elianelyn says:

    I would’ve loved to have the other descriptions of the aspirations since they’re already available…. Is there any way you can do that please ?

  7. Isabella says:

    What’s the “Bro” trait?

    1. Bob says:

      Bro : the short way to say brothers in the meaning of close friends. Probably the friendly trait of the Sims 3 with some modification to adapt the trait to closer friendships.

  8. boolprop says:

    so these aspirations work like the ones in ts2?

  9. Bob says:

    I see mostly good news here. 10 aspirations (5 in TS2 base game + 2 in Nightlife for a total of 7 in TS2). The aspiration system is more complex with the bonus traits, the options and their reward traits, their different goal… In the base game, a big familly of 8 Sims with different aspirations will have at least 2 differents traits from each other. Less clones.

    And I’m not worried that we will have more aspirations with their bonus and rewards traits in the add-on. Same for the basic traits.

  10. So what will gonna happen after my sims can archive the Aspiration? They said we can choose a new one for them. Then what’s about the reward traits? It’ll be gone? And how many traits for one sim can get?

    1. .based. says:

      you get to pic a new aspiration

  11. Star says:

    do sims only get 3 traits now?

    1. SimsVIP says:

      The way I understood it was like this:

      • Pick 3 traits
      • Pick an Aspiration – Trait #4
      • Complete said aspiration – Trait #5 as a reward

      Of course, it could change before the game releases?

      1. Gledis says:

        I think it is better like this because we have another reason to complete aspirations…

  12. Chris says:

    I don’t see vegetarian on that list. It wasn’t a game changer but It was one of the little gems in The Sims 3 for me. I hope to see it included in the final game in some way or another.

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