UPDATE: Woohoo Skill Removed From The Sims 4
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Mention of a Woohoo Skill in The Sims 4, first appeared in issue 4 of The Sims Official Mag. Even then we had doubts about the information coming out of the magazine, and I was able to get confirmation from SimGuruGraham that the skill was indeed real.

Today, SimGuruGrant confirmed that the skill has been removed from the game, and SimGuruGraham has give us an explanation for the change.



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  1. So if you have a video on this with over 100k views, now it’s outdated. wow… lol

  2. Scotty says:

    “The content just didn’t fit with the game we’re building.”

    Ooookay….considering woohoo has been in the Sim series since the beginning AND now you’ve added a romantic relationship bar JUST so sims that hate each other can woohoo on the side…yeah that doesn’t sound like a game your building at all…what is this woohoo you speak of?

    My sims spend as much time woohooing as they do anything else, why shouldn’t they have a skill meter that increases as you do it more to provide mood bonuses?

    Sounds like the development team has some very prudish minds on it. Probably should remove woohoo all together from the game now too!

    I know, when you want sims to have a baby you can just send a letter in your mailbox and have stork delivery it the next day ~ because thats how sims are made in the Sims 4 now!

    On a side note if the icon is still in the game like unused skill icons in the sims 3, or base code it would be fairly easy to mod back in.

    Otherwise I expect to see it in their next version of “night life” date night…whatever you call it.

    Don’t forget the didn’t have a breast slider in the original game either….too edgy at the time I guess BUT they did add it to the expansion later…

  3. Jolithia says:

    But woohoo is still in the game right????

    1. SimsVIP says:


  4. sticker scented candles says:

    I’m really disappointed right now, I mean, do you guys remember the makeout thing on sofas in ts2? If that was appropriate back then (the base game was rated 7+) then I don’t see a problem with having a woohoo skill on a game that’s rated T for TEEN. TEENS KNOW WHAT “WOOHOO” IS. I just wish I could appear in their rooms in the middle of the night and wake them up just to point my finger at them and tell them to get their shit together. If you’re “uncomfortable” with a woohoo skill you shouldn’t be playing the game in the first place, it’s as simple as that.

    1. SimsFan4Ever says:

      @sticker scented candles Yeah I agree with you on that. If you feel “uncomfortable” with having a WooHoo skill, then you shouldn’t be playing The Sims at all. WooHoo has been in The Sims since The Sims 1, and you feel uncomfortable with having a WooHoo skill in The Sims? Just don’t play The Sims then! Simple!

      1. simslover says:

        yes thats right its like in the sims 4 ea getting rid of everything instead of adding i want to buy it when it releases but now im not sure,and now theres loading screens which i dont like at all so im really not sure i hope the expansions are good and usefull and they add more careers and i hope you add beaches even add a swimming skill

  5. Antuan says:

    A WooHoo skill would add more life to the game and make it morr realistic. Why remove something like that? It’s true what the others say, if the the Sims has had WooHoo forever, then why not have the skill?

  6. TheSimsNewbie says:

    I’m mad because in the trailer it has a woohoo scene but they took it out and… Why complain now on the forth version! Why not the sims 2 or something like that but no they had to complain now! I mean, you only see some shaking in the bed and some love hearts go up in air. WHY!!!

    1. TheSimsNewbie says:


  7. Gio says:

    So if the option to “woohoo” is removed…how are sim family’s made? A sim needs to “woohoo” for a baby. No “woohoo” No babies?

  8. what i find wierd is games become more and more bloody you can actually see the bone structure of the victumes you shoot in some games or brain splatter. but people are still worryed about sex. yes i said sex…. if i had to chose what my child would come ask me about i’d prefer it to be about sex and not about blood gore or the likes…

    just make it a 18+ expantion or an account thing so you need to be 18 plus to purchase that expantion… or even ask for it to only be sold in the sim store or the origin store where you must use a creditcard…

    if people buy a game or expantion for there kids that has sex in it and clearly have a title or box that sorta tells people this games has 18+ Content in it….. then it is there own fault and should not fall back on the develepers…

    Just saying.. and yes i’d prefer that sort of skill being made by the sims develepor team so it can stay clean and classy… and not just some sex depraved Fan off a fan webpage that over sex’s the how thing :S….

  9. Shinae says:


  10. Miala says:

    You still get a mood boost from good woohoo and a negative mood for being unsatisfied so it’s a little unbalanced. why remove a hidden skill but still have the moodlets?

  11. Steven Richy says:

    Got My Sim To Woohoo Skill Level 9 And Sims Team Removes It !

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