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Box Cover

Diesel 001


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Game Summary

Dress to impress! The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack includes over three dozen clothing items like dresses, jackets and the brand’s iconic denim collection that allows Sims to be who they want to be whether they are cool, chic, modern or casual. Complete the look at home and give the Sims a fabulous lifestyle with over a dozen objects including coffee tables, a bed and a sofa from Diesel home collection.






Female Adults – 7 Tops, 7 Bottoms, 5 Outfits, 1 Bra, 1 Pair of Undies, 1 Bikini

Male Adults – 16 Tops, 6 Bottoms, 1 Pair of Undies


Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom
Bottom Undies Undies Bikini


Build/Buy Objects

The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff includes 14 Buy Mode items for your Sims’ homes.


Xraydio 2 Disc Xraydio 1 Razza Side Table Total Flightcase F36 Total Flightcase F35 Suspension Rock Ceiling Lamp Rock Chair Pylon Chain Glam Table Nebula Nine Nebula Five Platform Bed Fork Table Lamp Fork Floor Lamp Ego Stud Mirror DUII Cloudscape Chair


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