GamePro – Sims 3 Generations Review 3/5 ★’s

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GamePro has reviewed The Sims 3 Generations, and gave it an overall score of 3/5 stars.


In many ways, The Sims 3: Generations is the perfect expansion pack, in that it integrates so beautifully into the existing game that you barely notice it’s there. Unfortunately, this also works against Generations– unlike past expansions World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night, it’s difficult to know exactly what the expansion has improved.

Generations is designed to bring a greater level of depth to typically under-explored life stages in Sims’ lives — particularly childhood and adolescence. The base game is also updated with the ability to automatically capture “memories” — photographs of significant moments in Sims’ lives which can be shared on and/or Facebook — and the option to customize the length of individual sections of Sims’ lives, rather than just their overall life expectancy. Interestingly, these new mechanics have been patched in for all The Sims 3 players, not just those who purchase Generations.

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