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Holiday Daily Deal Blowout! (24 hours)

  Enjoy Saturday through Sunday Daily Deals in the Sims 3 Store!     

Sims 3 Store: February 2nd 2012 Sets!

  January 2012 Compilation (3500 SP) - (What the &$^#@%!?!!!)       Africa Inspiration Collection (1400 SP) - The vibrant colors, traditional textiles and must have hairstyles of our Africa...

Sims 3 Store: August Set Preview #7

  Via SimGuruCopeland  

Voodoo Doll To Be Release Thursday January 26th

  What the plumbob!? Why advertise in December for an item releasing on a specific day (today), and then change it? Well SimGuruTaterTot (Yum!) has...

Sims 3 Store: Another World in the Works

  While introducing some of the amazing work SimGuruSparkle has created, SimGuruSmitty also confirmed that another store world is in the works! SimGuruSparkle has worked on...

Sims 3 Store: June Set Preview #6

  Via SimGuruCopeland   It would seem that this carriage will enable Sims to change their clothes. If you need to change into a costume, this is...

Sims 3 Store: Sales Page Update

  Click Below! - Thanks Goodywood!  

Sims 3 Store: Happily Ever After Subsets

  Thanks Chris! :)    Happily Ever After (1,350 SP) - Evil step-sister’s keeping you down? Sneak away to this charming new set from the Fairy Tales Do...

In-Game Discounts & Free Content (2/16 – 2/17)

  Don’t miss the latest in-game store discounts and free content happening from Saturday, February 16th at 12am PST to Sunday, February 17th at 11:59...

Sims 3 Store: Mother Russia Concept Art

  Via SimGuruSarah  
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