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Katy Perry Sweet Treats Fansite Interviews *Updated List*

  Fansites from around the world were given a chance to chat with SimGuruJenn and complete a Q&A on Sweet Treats! Below are links to...

New Sweet Treats Wall Decor Render

  Via The Sims 3 - Thanks Rincon Del Simmer!    

Reminder: Sweet Treats Chat Part 2 (5/24/12)

  Part 2 of the Sweet Treats Developers Chat is coming up this Thursday @10am PST! As usual, we will host the Live Chat right...

New Katy Perry Sweet Treats Hairstyle Revealed

  Remember the post I made about a week ago comparing the real life Katy Perry Outfits to the Sweet Treats ones? Well yesterday, MTV was given 3...

Sweet Treats vs. Real Life Katy Perry Outfits

  I'm a tad bored today, so I decided to search and hunt Katy Perry's real life outfits that will make an appearance in Sweet...

Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats Live Chat (Part 2 Info)

  The second Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats Chat, will be live on Thursday May 24th @10:00am PST. The web page has gone live...

New Sweet Treats Renders + Screenshots!

  Via SimCookie, & Rincon Del Simmer!    
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