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Concept Art: Sims 3 Limited Edition Pet Shop

  SimGuruGraham shared some Pet Shop Concept Art today! I'm quite happy with the final version (middle) that was in game. :)    

Sims 3 Pets Concept Art

  SimGuruGraham shared concept art of the City Hall building for Pets. I personally like the first one. :)    

Sims 3 Store – New Concept Art

  The Sims 3 Spain posted new concept art for The Sims 3 Store!  No idea if this is upcoming clothing, but have a look...

Sims 3 Store – Concept Art

  Once again, Emily Su has posted some Sims 3  Concept Art! This time around it is for The Sims 3 Store! These items...

Sims 3 Town Life – Concept Art

  Emily Su has posted some Sims 3 Town Life Concept Art! Check it out!    

Sims 3 Late Night – Concept Art

  This was shared a while back. Better Late than never right? SimGuruShannon also shared this Late Night Concept Art.  Too bad we never got...

Sims 3 Fast Lane – Concept Art

  Once again Freezer Bunny shared a whole bunch of concept art! This time for Fast Lane!   ...

Sims 3 High End Loft – Concept Art

  Freezer Bunny took over SimGuruShannon's Twitter, and posted a bunch of concept art from High End Loft! ...