Male – Child

Here you can find in-game screenshots of all the Male – Child Hairstyles available in the Sims 3 Store.  The title of each Picture contains the Link to the Store, and you may click the images for a larger view.

All hairstyles are in Alphabetical order. Use CTRL + F and type the hairstyle name in the box (upper right) for an easier find.



Baker Boy


Bold Bandana Wrap


Bucket Hat for Boys


Choppy Haircut


Granda Panda


Hawked Up Waves


Lil’ Terror


Monster Mash Beanie


Pint-Sized Bavarian Topper




Spikey and Suave


The Shaggy Look for Boys


The Straw Boater Hat with a Shaggy Hairstyle


The Straw Boater Hat with Choppy Hair


The Tiny Spike


Twisted Cap with Dreads


Wild Bed Head