The Sims 4: Aliens (Collectibles)


The Sims 4 Collectibles: Aliens

Aliens are rewarded to Sims who travel to space. Traveling to space requires you to purchase a Rocketship in buy mode, and have your Sims build it from scratch. Once you have a working rocketship, your Sims will need to explore space and complete text adventures. Collecting all aliens requires plenty of trips to space.

❗ Upgrading the Rocketship will help complete your Alien collection faster.

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1Live Space SquidRare§165A gelatinous, docile organism that communicates via patterned pulses in its bioluminescent skin.
2Live Blue SlugRare§165A parasite that inhabits the brains of larger organisms and effectively plays puppetmaster. Ostensibly extremophilic.
3Live Pink WhaleUncommon§165Vaguely reminiscent of our own cetacean mammals, this "space whale" manipulates the fabric of time and space in navigating its environment.
4Dead Space SquidUncommon§150With six appendages, partial transparency, and an unusually reflective outer membrane, this specimen likely evolved on a water-planet before arriving at the point of discovery.
5Live Red CoralUncommon§165Unlike its earthly counterparts, more than ninety percent of this coral-like structure is engaged in metabolic processes.
6Dead Red CoralCommon§150Preliminary readings suggest that this "skeleton" emits a constant stream of short-wave transmissions -- often involving what appear to be numerical tallies.
7Dead Blue SlugCommon§150Extracted from the body of its prior host, the specimen continues to move even after other life signs have long since faded.
8Dead Space Porcupine Common§150Anatomical analysis reveals that this specimen has both reptilian and mammalian reproductive features--perfectly fit for erratic meteorological patterns.
9Dead Pink WhaleCommon§150This organism's vital fluids contain traces of phosphorus, glowing for a short period of time when exposed to oxygen. The next "fossil" fuel?
10Live Space PorcupineCommon§165This "porcupine" exhibits shy, skittish behavior, expelling its "quills" to tranquilize would-be predators and making a hasty retreat thereafter.
TS4 2014-09-18 22-53-48-15Xenolife-Friend Wall-Mounted ReminderPlaque§0Awarded to household when completing the "Aliens" Collection.