The Sims 4 Frog Types (Collectibles)


The Sims 4 Collectibles: Frog Types

Frogs can be acquired by searching for them around town. Common locations for frogs are in Ponds, Wells, and Logs. Each location spawns random frogs at any given time. Even though you may find a specific frog the first time, doesn’t mean it will still be there when you go back.

Selecting a “Nature” Aspiration for your Sims will give them the Collector Reward Trait. This trait can is very helpful for finding rare collectibles quickly. Sims who have this trait can complete the entire frog collection with ease by spending time at the ponds of Magnolia Blossom and Dessert Bloom Parks. Sims without this trait will have to complete their collection by searching in wells and logs.


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Another way to acquire frogs is through Breeding. Breeding is done in a Sim’s inventory when you have at least two frogs. Frogs are composed of two types of genes: Elements (type) and Attributes (pattern).

Elements: Dirt, Leaf, Eggplant, Heart Sunflower
Attributes: None, Striped, Spotted, Whirl, Surf

The genes of most frogs can be identified directly from their name. Use this method to determine which two frogs were required to create it. All frogs can be bred, but the results will vary. Breeding frogs will either result in one of the two “parents”, or a brand new frog breed. Not all breeding produces new breeds.

❗ Breeding requires a 4 hour cool down period

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Frog Type
1Heartsurfer FrogRare§25Love keeps this little red guy riding the waves.
2Whirlyflower FrogRare§160Also called the Daisy Frog, this specimen is well known for its bright voice and sunny disposition.
3Eggplant Whirl FrogRare§100Eggplant Whirl Frogs are known for being fickle and sarcastic.
4Surfer Eggplant FrogRare§30The Surfer Eggplant Frog is well known in warm climates with gnarly beaches.
5Bullseye FrogRare§100Named for its slight resemblance to a bull's eye, this frog is known to have a natural fear of bows and arrows.
6Sunsurfer FrogRare§125The Sunsurfer Frog is not only yellow but also evokes the visual waves of heat rising on a hot day.
7Tiger FrogUncommon§35Unlike its namesake, the Tiger Frog does not have teeth. Or fur.
8Dirtwhirl FrogUncommon§120The Dirtwhirl Frog is often found in circles in mud puddles.
9Dirtsurfer FrogUncommon§100This frog's name comes not from its rippling earth-tone skin, but from a love for sand-boarding.
10Leopard FrogUncommon§100The Leopard Frog is dotted with mustard-colored specks. It aspires to a career in politics.
11Sunflower FrogUncommon§30Long, sunny days sipping lemonade gives this frog its brilliant golden color.
12Spotted Heart FrogUncommon§30The Spotted Heart Frog is adorned with pimple-like red dots. It can hula hoop with bent reeds.
13Striped Eggplant FrogUncommon§10The Striped Eggplant Frog is prone to violent outbursts. No one's sure why.
14Striped Heart FrogUncommon§10Traditionally, this frog has been kept as a pet by barbers.
15Surfer Leaf FrogUncommon§10This frog is proud of its green colors and skill hangin' ten.
16Hypno FrogUncommon§25Ancient tribes people in the jungle are known for licking the HypnoFrog. Apparently it tasted like apples.
Spotted Eggplant FrogUncommon§10The majestic Spotted Eggplant Frog flaunts plum-colored speckles and ironically dislikes veggies.
18Spotted Dirt FrogCommon§30The mud-colored speckling of this amphibian provides excellent camouflage in chocolate pudding.
19Leaf FrogCommon§10This frog is notorious for its ability to camouflage itself in more verdant environs.
20Striped Dirt FrogCommon§30The Striped Dirt Frog, despite its homely looks, is actually considered the be at the top of the Dirt Frog hierarchy.
21Eggplant FrogCommon§10The deep purple of this amphibian has contributed to its popularity among collectors and royal families the world over.
22Dirt FrogCommon§10The solid brown Dirt Frog is an unassuming fellow, but has a great sense of humor.
23Heart FrogCommon§10Thanks to its brilliant coloring, the Heart Frog has been given as a token of affection for years.
24Spotted Leaf FrogCommon§10The Spotted Leaf Frog is mottled with cute, green freckles. In high school, it was voted "Most likely to be a Rockstar".
25Striped Leaf FrogCommon§10Its skin is the height of camouflage as this frog feeds on the Striped Leaf Insect.
frogForlong Frog FriendPlaque§0Awarded to household when completing the "Frogs" Collection.