The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Guide

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The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Guide

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Contributors: Alexis of SimsVIP.

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Table of Contents


Basic Info


New Game Options




Buy Mode







Game Cover

ts4orpc (1)


Game Summary

Take your Sims camping and explore the all-new destination of Granite Falls in The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat! Venture into the deep woods to discover new surprises, including dangerous and wondrous herbs, new species of fish, creepy insects and…Sims dressed up in bear costumes? Hang out by the campfire before trying to find the hermit rumored to live in the deepest parts of the forest.



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New Game Achievements

There are four brand new Sims 4 Achievements available with The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat. When completing certain actions within your game, you can unlock special badges and collect gamer points. To learn more about achievements in The Sims 4, check out our full list of The Sims 4 Achievements.


achieCritter CatcherCollect all the insects and all the new fish in Granite Falls.
14Nature's CourseHave a Sim reach the maximum level in the Herbalism skill.
achiTastes Like BurningHave a Sim consume every type of toxic plant.
chieeeNo Longer Solitary

Bring a hermit back to society.



Create A Sim Fashions

Female Adult/Teen/Elder – 8 Hairstyles and Hats, 5 Tops, 5 Bottoms, 3 Outfits, 1 Pair of Socks, 10 Pairs of Shoes
Female Children – 4 Hairstyles and Hats, 7 Tops, 4 Bottoms, 1 Outfit, 2 Accessories, 3 Pair of Shoes
Male Adult/Teen/Elder – 4 Hairstyles and Hats, 6 Tops, 5 Bottoms, 1 Outfit, 9 Pairs of Shoes
Male Children – 2 Hats, 4 Tops, 2 Bottom, 1 Outfit, 6 Pairs of Shoes


Hairstyles and Hats

01-13-15_11-40 AM-6 01-13-15_11-41 AM 01-13-15_11-41 AM-2 01-13-15_11-41 AM-3 01-13-15_11-41 AM-4 01-13-15_11-51 AM 01-13-15_11-51 AM-2 01-13-15_11-57 AM 01-13-15_11-57 AM-2 01-13-15_11-41 AM-5 01-13-15_11-41 AM-6 01-13-15_11-41 AM-7 01-13-15_11-52 AM 01-13-15_11-52 AM-2 01-13-15_11-57 AM-3 01-13-15_11-57 AM-4 01-13-15_12-00 PM 01-13-15_12-00 PM-2



01-13-15_11-42 AM 01-13-15_11-42 AM-2 01-13-15_11-42 AM-3 01-13-15_11-43 AM 01-13-15_11-43 AM-2 01-13-15_11-43 AM-3 01-13-15_11-43 AM-4 01-13-15_11-43 AM-5 01-13-15_11-44 AM 01-13-15_11-44 AM-2 01-13-15_11-44 AM-3 01-13-15_11-44 AM-4 01-13-15_11-45 AM 01-13-15_11-52 AM-3 01-13-15_11-52 AM-4 01-13-15_11-52 AM-5 01-13-15_11-52 AM-6 01-13-15_11-52 AM-7 01-13-15_11-52 AM-8 01-13-15_11-53 AM 01-13-15_11-53 AM-2 01-13-15_11-53 AM-3 01-13-15_11-53 AM-4 01-13-15_11-53 AM-5 01-13-15_11-53 AM-6 01-13-15_11-58 AM 01-13-15_11-58 AM-2 01-13-15_11-58 AM-3 01-13-15_11-58 AM-4 01-13-15_11-58 AM-5 01-13-15_11-58 AM-6 01-13-15_11-58 AM-7 01-13-15_11-58 AM-8 01-13-15_11-58 AM-9 01-13-15_11-58 AM-10 01-13-15_11-58 AM-11 01-13-15_11-58 AM-12 01-13-15_12-00 PM-3 01-13-15_12-01 PM 01-13-15_12-01 PM-2 01-13-15_12-01 PM-3 01-13-15_12-01 PM-4 01-13-15_12-01 PM-5 01-13-15_12-01 PM-6



01-13-15_11-45 AM-3 01-13-15_11-45 AM-4 01-13-15_11-45 AM-5 01-13-15_11-45 AM-6 01-13-15_11-45 AM-7 01-13-15_11-45 AM-8 01-13-15_11-45 AM-9 01-13-15_11-45 AM-10 01-13-15_11-45 AM-11 01-13-15_11-45 AM-12 01-13-15_11-53 AM-7 01-13-15_11-54 AM 01-13-15_11-54 AM-2 01-13-15_11-54 AM-3 01-13-15_11-54 AM-4 01-13-15_11-54 AM-5 01-13-15_11-54 AM-6 01-13-15_11-54 AM-7 01-13-15_11-54 AM-8 01-13-15_11-58 AM-13 01-13-15_11-58 AM-14 01-13-15_11-58 AM-15 01-13-15_12-01 PM-7 01-13-15_12-01 PM-8 01-13-15_12-01 PM-9 01-13-15_11-45 AM-2 01-13-15_11-57 AM-5 01-13-15_11-57 AM-6



New Traits


Squeamish – Squeamish Sims are nauseated by the sight of creepy crawlies, vomiting, violence and death. These Sims become Uncomfortable near anything dirty.




Survivalist (Reward Trait) – Survivalists are happy roughin’ it and like living off the land. Sleeping under the stars or using camping equipment provides lots of enjoyment. This trait is earned by completing the “Outdoor Enthusiast” Aspiration.



Great Storyteller (Purchase) – Great Storytellers are more successful at telling bigger and better stories! This trait can be purchased in the Aspiration Reward Store for 500 Satisfaction Points.



Stoves and Grills Master (Purchase) – Stoves and Grills Masters have a chance to create Impeccable quality consumables that use stoves and grills! This trait can be purchased in the Aspiration Reward Store for 1,500 Satisfaction Points.




Incredibly Friendly (Purchase) – Incredibly Friendly Sims are immediately liked when met with a nice introduction! This trait can be purchased in the Aspiration Reward Store for 2,000 Satisfaction Points.





Outdoor Enthusiast – Outdoor Enthusiasts want to experience everything nature has to offer! To complete this Aspiration, Sims will have to complete a series of milestones like leveling up in the Herbalism Skill, identifying plants, and more. Check the Aspiration panel for more information.

(Reward For Completion: Survivalist Trait)



New Game Options & Interactions

This section includes details of all the new game options available with The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat. Images have been sized down in most cases, so click the images for a larger view.



Going on Vacation

With Granite Falls being a destination world, Sims can now schedule a vacation with friends and family. To begin your adventure in Granite Falls, use the computer or phone to “Go on Vacation“. Once you enter map view, select the destination and the number of days you would like to stay for. Once you arrive at your destination, you can extend or shorten your vacation at any time using the phone.

❗ Note: Sims who accumulate vacation time from work and school will be allowed to vacation without performance hits for the duration of their paid time off. Extending the vacation beyond the allowed time off will result in decreased performance. Click here to learn more about Vacation Days.

TS4 2015-01-15 03-42-51-78




Whether it’s day or night, Sims can now “Cloudgaze” and “Stargaze” on their own, or with other Sims. These interactions will push your Sims into the Inspired moodlet for up to six hours.


01-15-15_1-32 AM



Take Deep Breaths

Sims who have the new “Squeamish Trait” become nauseated from slimy icky things, like catching bugs and fishing. Squeamish Sims who receive the “Nauseated” moodlet will be pushed into the “Uncomfortable” emotion. To relieve this temporary moodlet, use the “Take Deep Breaths” interaction on the target Sim.

01-14-15_8-41 PM



Bear Roar

Sims who wear the “Bear Costume” have a unique “Roar” interaction when socializing with other Sims. Additionally, Sims interacting with bears can counter-reply with the “Imitate Roar” interaction.

01-15-15_3-30 AM 01-15-15_3-29 AM



Social Event: Weenie Roast

The Weenie Roast is a campfire exclusive social event. You can host the event either in Granite Falls, or any of the home worlds. Be sure to have the necessary campfire equipment when hosting the roast at home.


❗ Completing the Silver and Gold tier awards you two new buy mode objects.

TS4 2015-01-15 03-59-34-19



Woodworking Additions

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat adds some additional furniture and sculpture creations to the Woodworking Table for Sims who increase their Handiness Skill. The following items are now available:

• Garden Pot & Garden Planter (Level 2 Handiness)
• Mirror (Level 3 Handiness)
• Wall Shelf (Level 4 Handiness)
• Wall Hanging (Level 5 Handiness)
• Camping Mascot (Level 7 Handiness)
– This object unlocks when Sims with a level 7 in the Handiness Skill use the “Learn Woodworking Schematic” on the campground mascot.

TS4 2015-01-16 03-57-08-12



Death and the Campsite Ghost

There isn’t a brand new death type with The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat, but Sims can still die while on vacation in Granite Falls. To add fuel to the fire, interactive Fire Pits are also a source of death for Sims who have them too close to flammable objects like tents. Click here to learn about Death types and Ghosts.
Even without a new death type in the game, Sims can “Tell a Ghost Story” after 7pm to summon the Campsite Ghost. The Campsite Ghost is a randomly spawned townie that randomly appears after telling a scary story. Feel free to socialize with them as you would any other ghost.


01-15-15_6-49 PM



Woohoo in a Tent

Whether it’s in the great outdoors or in the comfort of their own backyard, Sims can now use a tent to Woohoo under the stars. There seems to be a current game bug with tents as Sims can only Woohoo in them if they are on an actual editable lot. Tents that are placed in public spaces are a hit or miss in this regard.

01-15-15_2-10 AM

(Click here for a Woohoo video)



New Recipes

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat includes some new “Quick Meal” options, as well as 10 brand new “Food Recipes”. Quick meal options are available via the brand new Camping Cooler and the all new interactive Fire Pit. Food recipes can be created on the Outdoor Grill or Stove, and require a specific Cooking Skill level to unlock. For more information about Cooking in The Sims 4, check out our Sims 4 Cooking Skill Guide.

Quick Meal Options

  • Granola (Requires Cooler)


Fire Pit Options

  • Beetles
  • Hot Dogs
  • Marshmallows
  • Roasted Fish
  • Veggie Dogs


01-14-15_9-37 PM-2

The following new recipes are available when leveling up in the Cooking Skill:

Fridge/Oven/Grill Recipes

  • Franks and Beans – (Level 1)
  • Grilled Fruit – (Level 1)
  • Baked Potato – (Level 2)
  • Fried Fish – (Level 3)
  • Shish Kebobs – (Level 4)
  • Breakfast Scramble – (Level 5)
  • Camper’s Stew – (Level 6)
  • Fruit Cobbler – (Level 7)
  • Gumbo – (Level 8)
  • Walleye Surprise – (Level 9)


01-14-15_10-34 PM-2




Herbalism Skill

The Sims 4 Herbalism Skill is a hands-on nature based Skill. In order to advance in this skill, Sims will need to increase their Gardening Skill as well. The two skills go together hand in hand as you unlock remedy recipes. You can begin learning the Herbalism Skill by reading the dedicated skill books, by collecting and identifying “Wild Plants”, and by “Brewing Herbal Remedies” on the Outdoor Grill.
Any herbs your Sim collects will need to be “Identified”. This action will inform you of the type of herb your Sim has collected, and also help your Sim gain experience in the Herbalism Skill. Not all herbs can be identified immediately as Sims need an increased Herbalism level Skill for continued identification success.


01-16-15_4-34 PM

The quickest way to increase the Herbalism Skill is to Brew Remedies on the Outdoor Grill!


Herbal Remedies

As your Sim identifies herbs and increases their Herbalism Skill, they can begin to create more and more Herbal Remedies. Herbal Remedies are elixir type potions that can be a great help to Sims who are out in the wilderness. Herbal Remedies can be brewed on the outdoor grill in Granite Falls or in a home world. It is recommended that Sims collect at least one of every herb type so they can plant and produce more in the home world.
Each level of the Herbalism Skill unlocks a brand new recipe, however, the Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Recipe can only be unlocked by visit Hermit’s House. Once you become “Good Friends” with the hermit, you can select the “Learn Herbalism Recipe” interaction to acquire the recipe. Click here to learn about Hermit’s House.

❗ Some Herbal Remedies require additional plant collectibles you can find with ease in the home world. Ensure that your Sim increases their Gardening Skill along the way.


2Sadness Alleviation Lotion• Firefly (1)
• Elderberry (2)
Removes Sadness related moodlets.
1Insect Repellent Liniment• Basil (2)
• Noxious Elderberry (2)
Prevents bug bites when collecting insects in Granite Falls.
13Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Recipe• Blackberry (1)
• Dusk Spirit (1)
• False Morel (2)
• Morel Mushroom (3)
Excellent Fertilizer. Recipe can only be learned by visiting Hermit's House.
3Deodorizing Cream• Elderberry (1)
• Strawberry (1)
• Parsley (2)
Refills a Sim's Hygiene need.
4Soothing Skin Balm• Locust (1)
• Basil (2)
• Chamomile (2)
Relieves a Sim's bug bites and removed any related moodlets.
5De-Stressing Decoction• Walking Stick (1)
• Chamomile (2)
• Muckleberry (2)
Removes Tense related moodlets.
6Tummy Therapy• Termite (1)
• Huckleberry (2)
• Sage (2)
Relieves Nausea related moodlets. Ideal for Squeamish Sims.
8Fireleaf Extract• Fire Ant (1)
• Morel Mushroom (2)
• Poison Fireleaf (2)
Gives Sims the 8-hour Unrelenting Itch moodlet.
7Clear Mind Distillation• Toxic Chamomile (2)
• Huckleberry (2)
• Parsley (2)
Gives Sims the Focused moodlet.
9Natural Herbicide Oil• Stink Bug (1)
• Toxic Chamomile (2)
• Fireleaf (3)
Removes weeds from plants, and prevents them growing weeds for some time.
10Energizer Infusion• Dragonfly (1)
• Poison Fireleaf (2)
• Muckleberry (3)
Gives Sims the Energized moodlet.
11Rage Relieving Salve• Rainbow Firefly (1)
• Tomato (1)
• Fireleaf (2)
• Noxious Elderberry (3)
Removes Anger related moodlets.
12Elixir of Fertility• Will-o-the-Wisp (1)
• Bee (1)
• Sage (2)
• False Mushroom (4)
Increases a Sim's chances of having Twins and Triplets.




New World: Granite Falls

Granite Falls is a brand new Nature-themed Destination World for The Sims 4. Destination Worlds allow for vacation getaways, but not the ability for Sims to permanently reside in them. They can, however, extend their vacation in Granite Falls indefinitely. To begin your adventure in Granite Falls, use the computer or phone to “Go on Vacation“. Once you enter map view, select your destination and the number of days you would like to stay.

01-16-15_12-16 AM

Granite Falls has three brand new neighborhoods: The National Forest, The Campgrounds, and a Secret Neighborhood called “Hermit’s House”; more on that in a bit. Once you have selected a destination, you are free to travel to any other lots and neighborhoods. If your vacation is coming to an end, feel free to use the phone and extend your vacation up to seven days at a time.

❗ Note: Sims who accumulate vacation time from work and school will be allowed to vacation without performance hits for the duration of their paid time off. Extending the vacation beyond the allowed time off will result in decreased performance. Click here to learn more about Vacation Days.


TS4 2015-01-16 00-19-14-27


Each time you travel to Granite Falls, you’ll have to rent in the Campgrounds. This neighborhood has everything you need to begin your outdoor retreat, including Park Rangers with a plethora of information for first time campers, a Supply Store, and plenty of empty space for tents and fire pits. They also have cabin resorts to choose from if your Sims do not want to experience the wonders of nature.
As soon as you arrive in Granite Falls, you will be greeted by a Park Ranger. Park Rangers are new NPC service Sims that can provide you with information about the world. Sims have a special “Ask for Camping Info” interaction with Park Rangers, and is the best way to learn about the world you’re visiting. Rangers roam around in all parts of the world, so you need not worry about hunting them down.

❗ The Ranger Station is also very useful as they sell camping supplies and provide information about the campgrounds. If you’re ever in need of something, the ranger station surely has it.

01-16-15_1-16 AM


Now that you have the basics covered, it’s time to head out into the world and explore it. Granite Falls is home to brand new collectibles, beautiful landscapes, and a prankster bear who thrives off the fear of other Sims. Sims also have a special self-interaction that allows them to “Go Hiking” (walk the campgrounds) in the world. You can also use the phone to travel to another lot in the campgrounds, or head over to Granite Falls’ National Forest.



Secret Neighborhood: Hermit’s House

The National Forest is home to exclusive collectibles and a third secret neighborhood called Hermit’s House. Hermit’s House is home to the Hermit NPC, an exclusive Herbal Remedy Recipe, the rare Will-o-the-Wisp, and the rare Mountain Lionfish. To enter this neighborhood, locate the Bramble Patch in the dense part of the forest. Below is a map showing where the bramble patch can be found.

01-16-15_1-54 AM-2 01-13-15_3-04 PM


Once you find the bramble patch, click on it to “Explore”. This will prompt adventure like text on the screen, and as long as you select the right answers, you will unlock the hidden neighborhood.

(To unlock Hermit’s House: Step Forward, Keep Walking, Sally Forth/Ignore Object, and Travel Towards Sim)

01-16-15_2-15 AM

Now that you’ve made your way into this exclusive neighborhood, it is time to make use of your time. It is highly suggested you bring a tent and other camping supplies, as you’ll probably spend more than one day here.
Hermits will vary in gender on a game to game basis, but they are all fairly easy to befriend. Once you become “Good Friends” with the hermit, you can select the “Learn Herbalism Recipe” interaction to acquire the recipe for the Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy. This is the only way to learn the recipe.


01-16-15_2-25 AM

Aside from learning new recipes and befriending hermits, be sure to utilize your time in Hermit’s House by gathering some collectibles. Many of the rare collectibles make this place their home, including the Will-o-the-Wisp and Mountain Lionfish. You will not find these two collectibles anywhere else.


New Collectibles

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat includes a brand new “Insects” collection, and has added new items to the already available Fish and Plant Collections. All new collectibles are exclusively spawned in Granite Falls, but they can be taken back to your home world via a Sim’s inventory for planting, displaying, and eating.


Insects Collection

Insects are a brand new collectible added with The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat. Insects spawn in various places around Granite Falls, however, some are exclusively spawned in the deep dark forest areas of the world. Catching insects is an easy task for the most part. The hard part is tracking them down.
Insects spawn at all hours of the day, yet some only spawn after dark. Once you have successfully spotted creepy crawlies on the ground or in mid air, click the swarm to “Catch” them. Not every catch is successful though; watch out for bug bites! (3-hour Negative Moodlet)


01-14-15_7-23 PM

As mentioned above, all insects are exclusive to Granite Falls. They can generally be found anywhere in the world, however, the rare Will-o-the-Wisp is exclusive to Hermit’s House. You will not find this bug anywhere else. To learn more about unlocking this secret neighborhood, click here.

Insect Type
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95BeesCommon§3Busy as a bee. Bees are the hardest workers in the insect world. Fact: Plants rely on bees to reproduce.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Blue Morpho ButterflyCommon§3These blue winged fliers are one of the largest butterflies in the world. They often rest on forest floors and hide from predators.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Fire AntCommon§3Watch out for these little guys. They can deliver a powerful sting and love to use it. Their mounds can reach 40 cm. high and can be as deep as 5 meters.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Jezebel ButterflyCommon§3This butterfly cannot be mistaken due to its bright colors and unique wing design. These colors serve as a warning to predators because it is quite toxic to eat.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95KatydidCommon§3Katydids love to sing and rub their wings together to make their sounds. Did you know that their ears are in their front legs?
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95LadybugCommon§3Great garden helpers. These lovely critters actually prey on other bugs and can protect crops from other insects.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Luna MothCommon§3These beautiful moths primarily fly around at night. This is how they received their name “Luna”, which means moon.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95MosquitoCommon§3These little blood suckers are considered the most deadly insects on the planet. Better keep your distance!
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95TermiteCommon§3Beware these insects. They love to chew through the finest of woods. Make sure the lid is closed at all times.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95FireflyCommon§4Nothing is more magical than a firefly at night. These bioluminescent critters create their own light through chemical reactions in their bodies.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Stink BugCommon§4What’s that smell? Stink bugs use their unpleasant odor to deter predators when squashed. Better handle them with care.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95DragonflyUncommon§12Dragonflies are said to be the first flying insects some 300 million years ago. They are expert fliers and can fly up, down and hover like a helicopter.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Jewel BeetleUncommon§12Well known for their beautiful iridescent colors. These beetles are one of the world’s most collected insects.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95LocustUncommon§12The bringers of catastrophic disasters. These insects swarm together in clouds that can cover 100 square kilometers and contain billions of locusts.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95MantisUncommon§12A very cool insect that can turn its head 180 degrees. The females are well known for eating their mates. Yikes!
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Monarch ButterflyUncommon§12One of the most beautiful and majestic butterflies but they start their lives as much less attractive caterpillars. They flap their wings about 300 to 700 times a minute.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Walking StickUncommon§12These awkward insects move very slowly but their ability to blend into environment makes them masters of camouflage.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Rainbow FireflyRare§60The more exotic firefly. These insects shine bright with a variety of colors. Turn off the lights and watch their amazing glow.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Will-o-the-WispRare§150A majestical insect rumored to lead travelers astray. Their blueish ghostly glow can be seen on the darkest of nights. This insect is found exclusively in Hermit's House.
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Dust SpiritRare§160These fun critters love to hop and bounce around. They usually travel around in packs. More the merrier!
TS4 2015-01-13 22-21-30-95Dragon DragonflyRare§480An ultra rare insect can be found in forests. They have been seen breathing fire. Better not get too close or lose an eyebrow!
TS4 2015-01-13 21-20-23-31Entomologist DelightPlaque§0Awarded to household when completing the "Insects" Collection.



Herb Collection

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat has added 10 brand new herbs to the Plant Collection originally introduced with The Sims 4 Base Game. All new herb types are exclusive to Granite Falls, but can be taken back to the home world for planting, brewing, and cooking. Each herb has two versions: Toxic & Non-Toxic.
The new Granite Falls exclusive herbs can be found around town as “Wild Plants”. Once collected, your Sim can attempt to “Identify” the harvest via their inventory. This action will inform you of the type of herb your Sim has collected, and also help your Sim gain experience in the Herbalism Skill. Not all herbs can be identified immediately as Sims need an increased Herbalism level Skill for continued identification success.


❗ Eating herbs (both toxic and non-toxic) is also a good way to identify the type of herb. Be aware though that some of the toxic herbs may give your Sim some temporary discomfort which only herbal remedies can alleviate.

01-14-15_8-03 PM

Herbs will spawn anywhere in Granite Falls, at any hour of the day. Sometimes you’ll find the non-toxic version of a herb, other times that same spot will have the toxic version, and many times the same type of herb will spawn in the exact same spot. It all depends on the randomizer, which is usually very consistent.
Finally, the new herbs found in Granite Falls are also used as ingredients in Herbal Remedies. Herbal Remedies are elixir type drinks that can benefit Sims in many ways. To learn more about Herbal Remedies and their uses in the game, click here.

Herbal Remedy Ingredient For..
11ChamomileCommon§2A daisy-like flower commonly used to make herbal remedies.• De-stressing Decoction

• Soothing Skin Balm
44Toxic ChamomileCommon§3Not to be confused with its non-toxic cousin, this toxic flower causes tension when eaten.• Clear Mind Distillation

• Natural Herbicide Oil
22ElderberryCommon§1This royal purple berry has a sweet taste when cooked.• Deodorizing Cream

• Sadness Alleviation Lotion
33Noxious ElderberryCommon§2This pale purple berry is poisonous when uncooked, and slightly less poisonous when cooked.• Insect Repellent Liniment

•Rage-Relieving Salve
55FireleafUncommon§3This plant gets its name from the dark red tint of its leaves.• Natural Herbicide Oil

• Rage-Relieving Salve
88Poison FireleafUncommon§3This infamous plant causes increased itchiness the longer you’re exposed to it.• Energizer Infusion

•Fireleaf Extract
66HuckleberryUncommon§2This tiny berry is commonly used in fruit cobbler and pancakes.• Clear Mind Distillation

• Tummy Therapy
77MuckleberryUncommon§2If you’re looking to keep a clear head, this is not your muckleberry.• De-stressing Decoction

• Energizer Infusion
99Morel MushroomRare§4This edible fungus has a honeycomb-like appearance.• Fireleaf Extract

• Fungal Infusion Fertilizer
00False Morel MushroomRare§4This slightly green mushroom can have an adverse effect on a Sim’s bladder when consumed.• Elixir of Fertility

• Fungal Infusion Fertilizer




Fish Collection

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat has added 5 brand new fish to the Fish Collection, originally introduced with The Sims 4 Base Game. All new fish types are exclusive to Granite Falls, but can be taken back to the home world for cooking, roasting, and mounting. Fishing for new fish is still gated by location and skill level.

01-14-15_8-34 PM

The new fish types can be caught in almost all areas of Granite Falls, however, the rare Mountain Lionfish is exclusive to Hermit’s House with a level 9 in Fishing. You will not find this fish anywhere else. You can catch the other new fish there as well. To learn more about unlocking this secret neighborhood, click here.

Reel It In!
1WalleyeCommon§32These huge marble eyed fish are color blind. They cannot see blue or yellow. Good eatin’ though.Unlocked at Level 4 of the Fishing Skill. Found in almost all of Granite Falls' fishing spots.
2Yellow PerchCommon§44Kin to Walleyes. Best known for their black tiger stripes and growling when they’re hungry.Unlocked at Level 2 of the Fishing Skill. Found in almost all of Granite Falls' fishing spots.
3Red CrawdadUncommon§14Kissing cousins to lobsters. But don’t tell them that, they want to be unique.Unlocked at Level 4 of the Fishing Skill. Found in almost all of Granite Falls' fishing spots.
4Blue CrawdadRare§80The mysterious blue crawdad is rumored to received its color from an industrial blueberry accident.Unlocked at Level 7 of the Fishing Skill. Found in the waters of Granite Falls National Forest Lot and Hermit's House.
5Mountain LionfishRare§170An exotic fish only found in rare mountainous regions. Beware their spines, they can do serious damage!Unlocked at Level 3 of the Fishing Skill. Found exclusively in Hermit's House.




Build/Buy Mode Objects

TS4 2015-01-13 22-20-07-33 TS4 2015-01-13 22-20-08-65 TS4 2015-01-13 22-20-09-95 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-56-43 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-54-55 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-53-17 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-51-76 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-50-29 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-48-80 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-47-15 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-45-68 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-44-19 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-42-58 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-41-07 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-35-20 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-33-41 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-31-84 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-29-94 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-28-48 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-26-17 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-24-73 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-23-28 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-21-85 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-20-38 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-18-80 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-03-77 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-02-14 TS4 2015-01-13 17-11-00-43 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-58-52 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-56-28 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-51-32 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-49-46 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-47-58 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-45-64 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-43-55 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-42-11 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-39-62 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-26-77 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-25-30 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-23-96 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-22-52 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-21-09 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-19-51 TS4 2015-01-13 17-10-00-69 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-59-04 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-57-30 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-54-34 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-52-70 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-50-95 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-49-07 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-30-25 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-28-44 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-26-64 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-24-91 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-23-16 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-21-41 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-19-91 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-18-00 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-06-89 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-05-24 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-03-62 TS4 2015-01-13 17-09-02-07 TS4 2015-01-13 17-08-58-70 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-53-50 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-44-87 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-43-43 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-42-03 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-30-15 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-24-84 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-23-40 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-21-78 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-20-20 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-17-50 TS4 2015-01-13 17-14-15-70 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-32-14 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-30-76 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-27-28 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-25-75 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-24-26 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-22-22 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-20-64 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-19-25 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-17-73 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-14-29 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-12-74 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-11-42 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-10-07 TS4 2015-01-13 17-12-08-50 TS4 2015-01-13 18-26-59-57 TS4 2015-01-13 18-27-01-00 TS4 2015-01-13 18-27-11-71 TS4 2015-01-13 18-27-13-02 TS4 2015-01-13 18-27-14-16 TS4 2015-01-13 18-27-59-54 TS4 2015-01-13 18-28-00-89 TS4 2015-01-13 18-28-02-41 TS4 2015-01-13 18-28-04-22 TS4 2015-01-13 18-28-05-92 TS4 2015-01-13 18-28-07-31 TS4 2015-01-13 18-28-08-94 TS4 2015-01-13 18-28-10-87



Styled Rooms

TS4 2015-01-13 18-38-26-77 TS4 2015-01-13 18-38-29-17 TS4 2015-01-13 18-38-31-52 TS4 2015-01-13 18-38-34-07 TS4 2015-01-13 18-38-36-92 TS4 2015-01-13 18-38-39-29



Interactive Objects

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat adds a variety of new interactive objects that gives Sims a mood boost. These objects allow for new interactions that were not previously available in game, and can be purchased in buy mode.


Fire Pit

The Fire Pit is a brand new object that allows Sims to do the following: Light a Fire, Add Logs, Roast Food, Tell Group Stories, Hang Out, Sing Songs (requires Guitar), Play, and Extinguish. This object is particularly useful when Sims are living on the public campgrounds.

01-16-15_5-18 PM-2




Horseshoes is a brand new entertainment object that allows Sims to Practice and Play against other Sims. This activity increases the Motor Skill in Children, and gives winners of the tournament a 2 hour Confident Boost.


01-16-15_5-46 PM




Tents are a brand new object that allows Sims to do the following: Sleep, Nap, Relax, Plan Outfits, Play (Children), Read Wilderness Digest, and Tell Ghost Story (After 7pm). This object is particularly useful when Sims need to sleep on the public campgrounds.

01-16-15_5-35 PM



Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Showers are convenient new way to replenish a Sim’s hygiene need, while eliminating their need for “privacy”. This object is particularly useful when Sims need to sleep on the public campgrounds.

02-28-15_2-31 PM