The Sims 4: Postcards (Collectibles)


The Sims 4 Collectibles: Postcards

To collect postcards, Sims will have to meet and write to online pen pals. Sims will need to “Find a Pen Pal” using the “Socialize” interaction on the computer. Once a request has been sent, wait a few hours for a response. Check for responses using the same socialize interaction on the computer.

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Once your Sim has successfully met a pen pal, send at least one letter to your pen pal using the Socialize > Write Letter To > Location interactions on the computer. This unlocks the ability to ask for postcards.
Considering the rarity of a few of the postcards, don’t expect to receive them in the mail just because you asked for one. The rare postcards may take a few extra letters, and a lot more asking. Once you have postcards to display, purchase the “Bunchapals Postcard Corkboard” to hang them up.


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Enable Emotional Aura: Postcards will give off an “Inspired” Aura if you choose to enable it. This automatically guarantees the specified emotional state of all Sims who are near the postcards.

1Isla ParadisoRare§40Fun in the Sun and Under the Sea! Relaxing at Tropical Isla Paradiso!
2Dragon ValleyRare§25Huzzah! Come tarry a while in Dragon Valley. Here be Dragons!
3Barnacle BayUncommon§25Ahoy! There be a fine breeze 'n plenty 'o plunder here in Barnacle Bay!
4Midnight HollowUncommon§40Eerie Greetings from Midnight Hollow, a Uniquely Eccentric Town.
5Lunar LakesUncommon§40Come experience Lunar Lakes! A place like nowhere else!
6Champs Les SimsUncommon§25Bonjour! Enjoying find juice and frog legs in Champs Les Sims!
7LittlehavenCommon§10Having a lovely holiday in Littlehaven. Wish you were here!
8BridgeportCommon§40Touring the bright lights of Bridgeport!
9RiverviewCommon§10Gone Fishin' in Riverview! Havin' a Reel Good Time!
10Sunset ValleyCommon§40Admiring the skies of Sunset Valley, where it all began!
11Appaloosa PlainsCommon§40Horsing around with furry friends! Come visit Appaloosa Plains!
12Moonlight FallsCommon§25Moonlight Falls, home of all things Magical and Supernatural!
13Lucky PalmsCommon§10What happens in Lucky Palms, stays in Lucky Palms!
14TwinbrookCommon§40Thinking of you from Twinbrook, where style is invented!
postsMy Penpal PalPlaque§0Awarded to household when completing the "Postcards" Collection.