Sims 2 Website Possibly Shut Down?
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The Sims 2 website has been down for almost a month now with the same old “Maintenance Screen”, but today SimGuruGraham tweeted that it may be one of the older game sites they have shut down.

I took a look over on their scheduled online service shut-downs and I do not see Sims 2 listed.  Hopefully it is not the case, but this statement did not give any reassurance that the site will be back.



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  1. Jay says:


  2. Madi says:

    CK ON TELL EVERYBODY ALL GOOD SIM MAKERS POSTS THIS ON ALL WEbsites thank you tell everybody post this message I and everbody needs custom content!THANK YOU !

  3. RawrKoryRawr says:

    Ahh Everyone it isn’t shut down! I found a way to get in! When you google, or what ever you do, type in the Sims 2 Exchange

    I hope the link works, its the exchange. Everything is working fine for me now on the site. Idk why this Maintenance thing pops up anymore.

  4. Abby says:

    They shouldn’t shut down sims 2 its so much better than sims 3. they will lose a lot of investors if they only run sims 3.

  5. Ryan says:

    It’s working again, but now I need to buy a new Sims 2 game…I guess I’ll just get the Deluxe or something.

  6. Cassie says:

    This is not fair at all. My sims 2 game stopped working, so this christmas I got a new one. And now I can’t download custom stuff to it because the site is down again. I saw it was up for a month or two but I didn’t have my game then. And now I’ve tried using other sites like modthesims and they never work. We need to make a petition or something to have them keep the site up.

  7. Cassie says:

    It seems to be going on and off.. I just need some custom stuff and I’m good. I really hope their plan is to like shut it down in 2012.. cause New Years is very soon.

    1. Riley says:

      Petition? Great idea!!

  8. Corinn says:

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in? I put the right username and password in but it just kind of loads but doesn’t change and stays on the login screen. It’s been like that for 4 days now? and whenever I try to see any cc (I can’t download because I can’t log in) it just comes up blank?

  9. Railey says:

    I just talked to someone via chat and they said that “there is no set time, but the issue should resolved in 24 hours.”

  10. doctorcookie says:

    I’ve been checking the website for the past 2 weeks and it still lags in loading time(even in chrome and firefox and they are fast) and it will not even let you log in or check the pages. And since im still on my break; it’s unfair that this is the only time to play sims 2 and the site is down!!! Why did they even shut the site down in the first place?!?!?!

  11. Megg says:

    I gave away my sims 2 and regretted it for years, i bought the sims 3 the day it came out and liked it for a few days. It’s just not the same there too fat and i ain’t a lesbian and i’m not saying theres anything wrong with them but there boobs are too small:-/ I’m 13 and mine are 36 double Deee and i can’t even make me to look like well me!! So i got the sims 2 for christmas and i go on it every day and night i love it some sites work on geting clothes and hair but you have to have monkeyhelper, winRar stuff like that and with the sims 2 website it just downloaded easy and you no what you wanted because it was there on a sim allready!! I hope they bring it back.. I want costum clothes and yeah we should start a riot!!!!! Not impressed:-/ xxxx

  12. Lacey says:

    I neeeed the sims upp! it comes up with no downloads :/ fix it soon, i want aCrAzYtHiNgS sims 2 cc

  13. Corinn says:

    It’s down AGAIN. No surprises there, really, what are they trying to achieve here?

  14. darknile says:

    I had to re-install my sims2 game since both my desktop and laptop HDD wiped out. I at least got some of the custom content back like the ford vehicles and the garage objects. I still want to re-DL the valentines day lingerie and some swimsuits for the women. I want to still run sims2 on my laptop and get sims 3 for my desktop so I can enjoy both depending on how I feel. Site won’t let me log in either from my game or the site itself.

  15. Trish5058 says:

    yup.. down again… for god sake…. what is wrong with EA…???? its up then down… your lucky to get in there and get any of your sims… its probably due to sims 3 showtime…. They do not want anyone using the sims 2………uhg……….:(

  16. Sims2Freak says:


  17. sims2freak says:

    I dont have a problem w/ sims 3 but i like sims 2 better. They have the website but you cant even log in, i wanted to recover my account, i remembered my username but i couldnt get my password after finding my username. They act like sims 2 is totally OUT of style and nobody plays it when plenty of people do! Maybe I will write a letter… Its also a pain to registar

  18. Simmer says:

    So, the site will officially be shut down in exactly a week (January 14th). I don’t think this is fair for those who prefer Sims 2 over Sims 3. We as Sims 2 gamers should at least be able to login for final downloads before the site expires. My username and password are correct, the site is “undergoing difficulties.” I’m just really frustrated because that was my favorite website for exchanges.

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