Sims 3 Pets – Household Limit Confirmed
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One of the FAQ’s & concerns around the Sims community is the household limit with Pets. Today we have our answer confirmed via  @BlackGarden who is hands on with Pets @Gamescom 2011.



The Sims 3 Pets Expansion has bumped the household limit by 2 totaling 10 members.  This means you can mix and match between 8 Sims and 6 Pets that do not exceed 10.  Pets will count as member of the household and take up a spot.

Note that only Playable Pets (Dogs, Horses & Cats) take up a spot in a household panel.  Lizards, Birds and other collectible pets can be acquired by the dozens. (assuming you have enough money) :P  Now this may not be the answer everyone wanted, but hey at least we have two extra spots to play with! :)



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  1. Nick says:

    Does this mean if we don’t want pets we can have two more Sims?

    • Damienf519 says:


      No, it just means that the number of Sims and Pets cannot add up to more than 10. You still won’t be able to have more than eight human sims.

  2. Nick says:

    NVM I just misread things :p

  3. Ellie says:

    damn! i wanted to make a crazy cat lady with 15 cats.

  4. Six says:

    Damn, that sucks. I like my big families.

  5. Kelsey Watters says:


  6. Simmer says:

    So that means if I wanted 4 humans I could have 6 pets? But if I wanted 8 sims I couldn’t have 6 pets because it exceeds the limit???

  7. Simmer says:

    Isn’t that a little short? Or whats your take on it.

  8. Cameonet1950 says:

    No more than 6 horses? That’s not much of a RANCH! I just KNEW the DrangonSlave/Victor deco horses would still come in handy! ;)

    Thanks for the info!

  9. RareRascal225 says:

    can you have 1 sim with 6 pets?

  10. Dee says:

    Six horses is not much of a ranch but I guess it will do… shoot I also wanted a ranch dog and maybe some barn cats. Ok… maybe i’ll have five horses and one dog, or four horses, one dog and one cat…? This is all so hard!!!!!

  11. Dee says:

    I would have liked a bit more pets… what your opinion?

    • Victoria says:

      I agree entirely! 6 pets is NOT enough for me. I’m so stoked about this game but I will have to say this is a bit disappointing…

  12. Chelsea says:

    So you can’t have 2 humans and 8 pets?

  13. Emma says:

    Its ok. I have a feeling someone will make a pet limit mod as soon as the game is released ;)

  14. Laura says:

    I am so excited although I though in total you could have a total of 14 :( Then I read this and was like darn it… Oh well. I will just have a mom and daughter with 2 horses a dog and a cat :D then have the horses Mate or something idk I have to rethink my plan now lol !

  15. Sarah says:

    I was watching that sims town hall thing and the guy said 8 sims 6 pets but said nothing about a limit of ten just you can mix and match the 6

  16. Angel says:

    this is so not cool all my plans are downsized considerably and some i wont even be able to do. I reckon if there has to be a pet limit it should be 20 or something. And why should there be a limit at all its not like its an online game that takes up theyre memory space.
    Ive been on the edge of my seat for this add on and thats a HUGE disappointment i hope someone comes up with a patch for it real quick.

  17. No Name says:

    Awww that sucks!!!! Rlly makes me sad. I wanted to make me an my husband an have kids plus have our 6 house cats and 3 outside dogs!

  18. Danielle says:

    Does anyone know if anyone has come out with a max to household limit yet? I want more pets :(

    • Sims VIP says:

      Twallans Mastercontroller takes care of that :)

      • cait says:

        I’ve got the Twallans Mastercontroller, but I can’t up my household limit of pets from more than six…is there a code I’m missing or something?

        • Honni-B says:

          With the mastercontroller you might be able to add more pets but if you already have 6 pets then you can’t make your dogs for instance have puppies cause your limit is already reached, right? Sucks so bad that you can only have 6 pets. i’ve looked all over internet to find a mod for the sims 3 that allows more sims/pets but i can’t find it anywhere. Only for the sims 2 =/

  19. Sakura says:

    no!!!! spmeone must make a mod to solve this probelm :(

  20. Marlin says:

    How do I get the mod that allows me to have 10 household members including pets?

  21. Bob says:

    my friend said she got 400 horses on sims and she had 10 people plus 150 people working for her looking after the horses. how do you get that many pets! she wont tell me!!!!

    • Laney says:

      you NEED to make her tell you and then tell all of us i want to have that many pets

    • dove says:

      Did you ever find out how to have more animals on the sims 3 for pc?????? please, Please tell me if you did find out how…


      • Aurora says:

        I read somewhere but i might be wrong -I have a bad memory. You can have as many as you want if you breed your pets or woohoo your sims

  22. Lola says:

    Thanks for the info!! I’m gonna have one sim and 9 horses!! -I love horses and i wwould like a ranch:)

  23. Riley says:

    That is a disapointment but at least if you have the expantion pack you dont have only 6 members of the family. But i think the best thing to do is to choose or create your members wisely so you dont have to deal with anyone you hate. I should be getting it through the mail in a few days but im really excited:) But still disapointed about how many family members you can have.

  24. Riley says:

    That is a disapointment but at least if you have the expantion pack you dont have only 6 members of the family. But i think the best thing to do is to choose or create your members wisely so you dont have to deal with anyone you hate.But still disapointed about how many family members you can have.

  25. Wiffer says:

    its really upsetting to have a pet limet and so small.. i wanted 2 cats 2 dogs 2 horses and to make them prego :( sims im not to fussed about hence why i bought sims 3 pets..
    having limets isnt really fair honestly the game is hard with tons of pets but it makes it so much fun!
    i heard a different company made sims 3.. sounds like they may be after money as the packs full of goodies are much smaller – up to 50 now instead of like 200 :[ EXTREAMLY DISAPOINTED

  26. Jewel says:

    So if I have 8 sims I can only have 2 pets is that correct

  27. Lucy says:

    So, if I have all of the pets like lizards snakes rodents and turtles, one cat two dogs two horses, how many sims can I have lol :-)

    • SimsVIP says:

      The minor pets (lizards, snakes, rodents etc) do not count toward the household count. Only Dogs, Cats & Horses do. You can have up to 6 Pets (horses, cats & dogs) and up to 8 Sims in one household. Combined, they cannot exceed 10.

  28. Sufyan says:

    Can you have two households in the same town,if yes, how?

  29. Drew says:

    Dangit, I wanted full house! >:(

  30. Kayleigh says:

    Think you should be allowed as many pets as you want as long as it doesn’t exceed 8. I have a woman and 6 unicorns and one more would be great :(

  31. djpuppy says:

    that suck!!!!! i wanted 4 dogs to cat and 2 horses!!!!!!!!!! o and 2 sims and make them go on adventuer with each other and fall in love and have kid’s i have good names for them to :( or can i have more pets is there a cheats for more pets i want a good story line and you can’t make a puppy in create a household or a foals or a kitty!! i wanted to make them grow up with each other and fall in love when they r baby i’m sorry for talking to much about want i want but if there a cheats tell me =0

  32. Kayla says:

    I really wanted at least 5 horses, at least 2 cats, maybe a dog and a 2/3 people family! I am really disappointed that there’s a limit, but if someone finds a way to have more, PLEASE tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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