Official Icon for Sims 3 Stuff Pack #5!


Back in August, BTGames had a listing (rumor), for the 5th Sims 3 Stuff Pack named “Sims 3 Master Suite”.  Today, the official Icon for the 5th Stuff Pack is up on the Sims 3 Website. At least it’s creative compared to the last 3 icons! :P Hopefully we will be hearing some announcements soon on what this game is!

Special Thanks to Martys15 for the email! :)



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  1. jacqpinks says:

    Looks good, I am intrigued now lol

  2. duckeggpie says:

    ooooo……pretty :) Looks like petals in the background of it :)

    1. Sims VIP says:

      I noticed this as well! :) When I clicked the facebook share buttom at the top of the post, it enlarged the icon and I think it’s rose petals :P

  3. Annadenise says:

    I was just checking out their game release page and the stuff pack is not listed now.. theres another game there…Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Looks like they pulled it off

    1. Sims VIP says:

      Within hours of all the fansites reporting it, the website took it down. It’s safe to say EA made them ;)

  4. Martys15 says:

    Thanks for using my information:) The icon is true:)

    1. Annadenise says:

      I love the color. Trust me not doubting the stuff pack, just they must have pulled it off their list for some reason.

  5. karen says:

    looks like some kind of mountain in the backgroud lol

  6. Jeff says:

    It looks like the Late Night one with designs. I wish they would reveal the title.

  7. dang says:

    I’ve not yey bought any stuff packs.. but i hope that they make like a really nice mansion set or something… for my wealthy sims!!

  8. Zoey says:

    and when i can buy this stuff pack?
    i heard rumours that it will be sold on 10 february but i think its too late.
    for example: generations was available at june and one month later there was this city stuff pack. can someone answer this quention?

    sry for my english. im tired and im still learning it ;)

  9. Trufan1 says:

    So clearly we cannot make judgements just yet based on an icon…but based on that and the name…this stuff pack may be very elegant and pretty. I wouldn’t mind that if it was.

  10. Russell says:

    Can you show us some behind the scene about “Master Suite” maybe some art works or what is “Master Suite” is like maybe luxurious maybe modern maybe Country.

  11. lizy says:

    what does it mean what will the EP be abuot?

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