CAP Dog Recreations by MamiiGood


Want to download better versions of EA’s Pre-Made Dogs? How about some that are not in the game? Well look no further than MamiiGood!  Their CAP Dog Recreation thread on forums has become a huge hit! I have to admit, I would never be able to touch CAP like this!

To see all of MamiiGood‘s Dog recreations, see the official thread here.  Photos are provided in the thread, along with links to their studio. Definitely worth a look if you want better looking breeds! ;)


 Check out a few of MamiiGood’s creations! 

Chinese Crested by MamiiGood Chihuahua by MamiiGood Tiger Dog by MamiiGood Catahoula Leopard Dog by MamiiGood


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  1. Victoria says:

    I know right? her creations are amazing! I made a thread for inspiritation fo her, and started recreating myself!
    heres the thread if you wanna check it out ^.^ :

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