Katy Perry Sweet Treats Stuff Pack (SP #6)


Mod The Sims member Frankie, has discovered the Sixth Stuff Pack for The Sims 3! Introducing The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats Stuff Pack! (That’s a mouth full!) :P

Thanks to Pacimfic_Wiki for the tip!


SP 6


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  1. Illiana says:

    …You have got to be kidding me? Another Katy Perry thing? I’ll probably get it, anyways. :D

  2. Sims420 says:

    Wonder what’s gonna be included in this pack? Hope it’s something different

  3. susie says:

    you’ve got to be kidding me! Please be some weird glitch due to the showtime limited edition content or something. I love the sims, and have loved every single EP and SP before but this sounds terrible.

  4. Trufan1 says:

    I’m really curious about this EP! I loooove the hair that comes with her edition of Showtime, so I’d love to see more things like that.

  5. Dany Reesha says:

    Yeah, I hope they give more Perry than the Showtime’s edition.

  6. stojance says:

    do y know when is comming i mean what date?

  7. miklc says:

    I love the sound of this and can’t wait to hear more about it, though it seems like we’ve only just got Master Suite Stuff!

  8. Julia says:

    Not that I use to buy SP, I do only have one, but this is just horrible! Who cares about Katy Perry in sims anyway?? It’s great liking her, but that is just dull. I’ll not be buying it!

  9. Lee12321 says:

    Can’t wait for this :D

  10. Anastashia says:

    Wow! I’m soooooo….dissappointed. A double dose of disappointment since i’m not looking forward to a Magic EP7 either. Not a big fan of weird obscure furniture and clothing. I prefer to keep my worlds relatively normal. I guess I might finally be growing out of The Sims… boo me

  11. Kevz says:

    Sims 3: SpellBound
    Sims 3: Seasonal
    Sims 3: Actionalist


    Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats Stuff
    Sims 3: Sport Style Stuff
    Sims 3: High Fasionist Stuff

    i check the wikipedia of Sims 3 and those eps and sps are available in the site


    Spell Bound was a fake but really??

    1. Are you sure about this? Plus wtf is sims 3 actionalist? :L

      1. Kevz says:

        Actionalist is all about going to mall, business and etc. which is like Sims 2: Open for Business. It also includes fighting aliens and etc. That’s what the Sims 3: Actionalist is all about according to the “WIKI”


        1. Bf143 says:

          Ambitions was the remake of Open for Business, which was tweeted by SimGuruGrant.

    2. Sims VIP says:

      Wiki’s are not reliable, and information from them should never be considered “real”. :)

    3. Destiny says:

      Never trust “Wiki” information, it can be edited by players. A week ago they were estimating the 7th EP as “climates”.

      1. Kevz says:

        yeah right but the ideas are cool


    4. SimmyGurl says:

      I don’t think there is Actionalist expansion pack and yeah, Ambitions is the remake for Open for bussiness and if that is true, I think it will be just a stuff pack, Spellbound is also my favourite even through it was announce that it is fake, EA is still quite about Seasons but there is a big chance they’ll create it as they’re remaking the expansions of The Sims 2, Plus, One of the workers of EA says that Seasons is really included in Late Night but was remove as they thought that it would be a great idea to create an expansion pack for it..High Fashionist? I bet it’s like a remake of H&M fashion Stuff of The Sims 2? Sports Stuff? I think some hobbies were featured in Ambition too and awhile ago, I read the Speculations/Rumors about the 7th expansion pack and it’s said to be Magical or fantasy-like and it is said that there will be a sport included in that, I think it’s Football..I hope that the seventh ep will be Spellbound-like theme..

  12. MCSESSY says:

    Please don’t judge The Sims! They make that for us and we should be happy about that. They spent their time working for us so please don’t judge! :)

    1. Pamela says:

      sure they work hard, but don’t mistake that this is business for them, and it’s about making money. Nothing wrong with that, but that’s really what it is.

  13. Lime says:

    @MCSessy But we pay for it, so we should judge even more! :evil: Muahahahahaa!!!

    1. evolFORDMC says:

      I think MCSESSY is right, We can’t judge them..If you really don’t like this stuff, It’s so easy, Don’t buy it..No one is forcing you, Lime. They made this stuff pack for those who wants it..and why don’t you reserve all your comments about this and when the review is out, Try to watch it, There is not so much information about this and I think they’ll release more…If the informations are complete, Tell me your opinion! I’m trying to be nice, Lime..

  14. JCsS1MS says:

    I’m actually super excited about this. I think there is a lot more to offer. Just because its Katy Perry doesn’t mean we’re going to end up with Banana beds and cherry swings. Have you ever seen pics of her home on TV? She has amazing taste/style. Personally, I think KP is awesome and as far as the EP really enjoyed the hair/clothing they gave us.

    1. Berryvox says:

      Actually, I’d like banana beds and cherry swings! :) But, yeah, the celebrity endorsements bother me.

  15. Abbie says:

    I’m all for backing up SP’s and EP’s people are attacking on, but this is truly un-needed.
    More Katy Perry?
    So first, people paid £35 for a poster, a dress, some props, and some hair, when the sim of her wasn’t even in it. I highly doubt I’ll get this one.

  16. Chelsea says:

    Are kidding me!!! come on we might as well have a Rick Santorum sp!! KATY PERRY I mean come on stop lick her ass EA come up with something better then this!! They are just reusing stuff from a old project i rather them sale this on the store then make it a sp!EA is just getting out of control. I bet this is gonna come with more glitches i mean i can’t even play my game barely

  17. Cath says:

    Katy Perry has a line of cupcakes. I’m crossing my fingers for cooking/ baking Stuff.

    1. Amy says:

      Now that would be awesome! I didn’t know she did cupcakes!

      I am not opposed to Katy Perry as a rule, per se, but since EA makes a rule of not tying an Expansion Pack to a Stuff Pack, I’m quite curious what this will entail. I don’t see how it could be stage props, because then you would have to have Showtime.

      Should be interesting. I would not be opposed to more clothes or hairstyles. But this baking/cooking idea has me intrigued!

    2. Pamela says:

      O that would be awesome! I’d love new recipes, especially baking/dessert ones!

  18. Darrell says:

    I’ll reserve judgment until I see what’s actually offered. But my initial reaction is much the same as everyone’s else’s. I am hoping I am pleasantly surprised, instead.

  19. MrHawk says:

    Oh holy steaming pile of…..meh I got nothing.

    *walks away*

  20. shadowx1110 says:

    OK I am a Katy Perry fan, and even I was like whaaaa….? O.o It’s a little overkill considering I just got the collectors edition.

  21. Jeff says:

    When is the release date going to be announced?

  22. MetallicJunior says:

    Ahahaha, guys! Stop being so harsh! Sims 3 Showtime Katy Perry Edition sold extremely well, even though it didn’t come with many Katy Perry themed items! So I’m sure that EA has decided that having a stuff pack that more-so revolves around Katy Perry rather than just including a few items, will bring us the enjoyment the small amount of items brought us. Honestly, I havent gotten my copy of Showtime Katy Perry yet, but I’m honestly getting it just for the hair, clothes and props. You guys can’t just freak out..for all we know it could be all false, though it mostlikely isn’t, but I’m sure the stuff pack will be AWESOME! I mean, I sure would like to see a few more Katy Perry themed hairstyles and clothes, and some really interesting furniture to go with those awesome stage props. We could make the most weird and wacky houses with Cherry sofa’s and Banana Bed’s and whatnot! P:

    You guys should all not be negative, I bet this stuff pack will knock your socks off!

  23. Andrew says:

    You guys shouldn’t be so negative about this SP, alot of people said that Showtime was a rip off of Late Night before more information was released and it has ended up to be my (and others) favorite expansion to date. STOP ALL THE NEGATIVITY AND WAIT FOR MORE INFORMATION FOOLS!!!!!!

  24. catloverplayer says:

    I”m going to guess this is coming out in July or early August. That’s about right since that will be when the next ep is getting close to getting released.

    An ep about magic not that I’m not glad but I would have rather had a dating or seasons ep. I have to admit I am happy about fairies though.

  25. Sk8rBlaze says:

    I’m hoping this will be the last time we see Katy Perry in the game. If this will be her last appearance, then I have no problem with this SP. The only thing I would be ok with is if she just sang songs for us in Simlish.

    With the Magic “EP” I’m expecting it to be just from the store. If they DO make it an EP unlike EA Russia said they wouldn’t (EA Russia doesn’t know crap about the game, anyway) I hope we see a dark, Halloween themed world with plenty of werewolves and the other life states living in the town. It has the potential to do good but so did the other EPs which didn’t live to their potentials.

  26. Sam says:

    When they said that they had collaborated with Katy Perry, they did say they would be creating more eps/sps for the sims 3 based on Katy Perry, so it really doesn’t come as a surprise to me..

  27. Victor says:

    YAY, I love Katy Perry, lets hope this is true :D

  28. MurfeeL says:

    Now, I’m a big fan of banana beds and cherry swings, but I think EA would be catching a LOT less flack if they left Katy’s name OFF the title and just sold the SP as The Sims 3 Sweet Treats Stuff Pack.

    I don’t like the fact that EA has joined forces with a celebrity, as if riding on her fame in order to sell copies. That’s just manipulating us purchasers into buying the SP more for Katy’s sake and being a fan of HER rather than the actual product, and that’s not cool, EA–it’s sneaky. >_<

    1. MurfeeL says:

      I hope this SP does have something to do with Baking and a Bakery. All of the other SPs put waaaay too much emphasis on decor rather than interactions and more gameplay. I wonder if this is related to that community poll at the EA forums where we were asked what kind of dessert TS3 reminded us of….? In any event, EA could have given us a junkfood-inspired SP without the celebrity gimick–wth!? As if Katy Perry is the ONLY reason we could have confectionary goodies in our game *rolls eyes*

  29. Fred says:

    Okay, not sure what to think of this.

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