In Other News: inZoi, Life by You, Vivaland and more

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Welcome to In Other News, where you can discover what’s new within the life simulation genre, as well as building, management, or even cozy games. These are titles you’ll definitely want to check out if you enjoy playing The Sims.

Here’s what you should know today and the games you should be paying attention to.


If you haven’t heard of inZoi yet, it’s a brand new life simulation game by Korean developer Krafton. It aims on a more realistic approach to life than The Sims, which can be seen not only on its gameplay, but especially on its graphics.


The first gameplay trailer came out in November 2023 and we haven’t gotten much more new info since then. That changed today, with the release of the first video for the Zoi n Talk series, with behind the scenes details from the producers themselves.

On this video, we learn more about how dreams affect the lives of Zois on the following day, sleepwalking, and cars gameplay (including driving and car accidents). It’s in Korean, but YouTube auto generated subtitles work well.

Life by You

The new open world life simulatr from Paradox, developed by Rod Humble (The Sims 3), is set to come out (after much delay) on June 4th.


For the past few months, the Life by You team has been releasing videos showing not only improvements to the game, but also many gameplay details.

More recently, they’ve teamed up with youtuber @_fakegamergirl for a series of videos showing the game. The latest one is all about personality traits and how they impact conversations.


This brand new life simulator is set to be released some time this year and already has a demo out on Steam for its building tools.


This week, they shared a before and after post on Twitter showing improvements made for their characters.

Planet Zoo

The popular building and management simulation from Frontier has a new DLC out today: Barnyard Animal Pack. As its name suggests, it brings seven new species from all over the world that can interact with humans.

Alongside the DLC, there’s also a new free update to the base game, adding a new Animal Encounter Habitat where visitors can interact with previous species that were already in game, like the llamas.


Manor Lords

In case you missed it, this game was released last week after seven years in development. The medieval city builder sold over a million copies and had 170k simultaneous players on Steam last Saturday, a record for the city building genre.

Watch the trailer below.

What other games have you been playing lately? Are there any other titles in development you’re excited to play? Leave a comment below.